Amma’s Shraadham

Thanks to Shri Suresh Panchanathan, who went on a self-created vanavaasam for about an year with complete detachment with social media etc and made a come-back recently. This time the intensity of his postings are beating the past records (pun intended!).. I am barely able to catch up with his speed…..This is one of his recent postings! Thanks Suresh…Welcome back and hope to see you soon here at the blog too!!!periava with mettur.

Sri Matam’s Kainkaryam person stood before Swamigal, hesitatingly.

“What?”, gestured Swamigal to him.

“Amma’s shraadham (ceremony for the departed soul)…”, replied he.

“Ok, go and complete the shraadham”, said Swamigal. And as per custom, the person was given Rs 5000 as advance for 1 month’s salary.

After he left, the very next day his mother showed up for darshan of Swamigal! And it became obvious that the person had lied about his mother.

Not knowing this, the person came to have darshan of Swamigal after 2 days. The other people told him that his mother had come. Ashamed to meet Swamigal, that person returned back without seeing Him.

He came back to see Swamigal after 30 long years! “How is your mother?”, asked Swamigal out of His infinite kindness.

“She had passed away”, replied he.

“Did you do the final rites for her?”, said He.

“No, I was hiding in a place in North India out of shame. I got the news late. It was my brother who did the final rites”, said he.

The infinitely Compassionate One, without asking him any more questions, summoned the Parishadhar (the Matam Manager) and asked him to send a Sastrigal and do that person’s mother’s ceremony in a detailed manner. And also give this man Rs 5000 from the Sri Matam for his expenses!

“Finish the ceremony and then come for Darshan!”, said He, bading Him goodbye.

And after that day, the person returned to Sri Matam and had the bhagyam to do kainkaryam for many years, before reaching His Lotus Feet at the age of 80!

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  1. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLee CharaNam! The person who cheated Him by lying about his mother, could not do properly her final rites. Yet Maha Periyava takes sympathy on him and arranges for Sri Matha SasthrigaL and money to do the rites. The fortunate soul now is absolved of sin and did his penance by serving Maha SwamigaL till his death! What compassion! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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  3. Dear Mr Mahesh, Periyava Charanam.

    Shall you send your email id to



  4. The infinite compassion brought tears to the eyes.

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