What, Munusaamiyaa?


Periyava’s camp is in Kalahasthi. Periyava has ordered Gemini Studio/ Anantha Vikatan Vasan from Chennai. Gemini Ramamurthy, son of Vazhuthur Rajagopala Sastrigal, was preparing to go in a car to Periyava’s camp in Kalahasthi, to find out when would it be convenient for Periyava for Vasan to come.

A brahmin-writer friend (BWF) from Vikatan group wanted to join. He has agreed.

While talking, another very famous writer also wanted to join. He got success in his field because of his strong atheist-like views. But he is not an atheist. He has attracted the literary-readers in large numbers. He was considered in line with the writer of yesteryears ‘Pudumai Piththan’. He said he has some set of serious questions. He is a Non-brahmin-Writer-Friend (NBWF) of Gemini Ramamurthy mama who has again agreed. All 3 friendly men went on an exciting trip.

On reaching Periyava’s camp, the BWF (brahmin-writer-friend) preceded & introduced Gemini Mama & told that son of Vazhuthur Rajagopala Sastrigal has come. Gemini Mama was taken back but maintained silence. He also went to introduce the NBWF (non-brahmin-Writer-friend) by saying his popular name.

Periyava put the hand behind the ear, classically but gave an unimpressive response, “”What, Munusaamiyaa?”

“Oh! Periyava has hearing problem” everyone thought & felt sorry for the NBWF.

The BWF, “No Periyava, his name is …(Popular literary-circle name has been told)”

Again Periyava, “What, Munusaamiyaa?”

He came closer & repeated again in louder voice. For the 3rd time, Periyava also repeated, “What, Munusaamiyaa?”

Everyone was bit tired & don’t know what’s next.

By that time, someone came & Periyava was talking to them & few minutes have gone.

Now, Periyava turned back & gave a shock to the BWF, “That’s ok! You’ve told who is he & who Is that…but haven’t told about you…”

That’s it! The BWF became jittery & his language also went out of gears, “It’s me! It’s me! Anantha Vikatan! (His name)….! (His name again)! Anantha Vikatan…”) He’s stuck!

No more words were necessary. Damages were already rectified.

“Never ever his ego will come in Periyava’s sannidhi, again!” says Sri Ramamurthy Mama…

Again someone came & Periyava began talking to them. Nearly for one hour all 3, Gemini Ramamurthy Mama, his BWF & NBWF. It was bit uncomfortable because these 2 friends were thinking of their NBWF.

Somehow it was over. At that time, Gemini Mama hinted in a murmuring tone, “This is the right time to ask all your questions…” to his NBWF. He in turn murmured, “What Periyava was talking to an unknown person for the past one hour are exactly the answers I came seeking for”. Both were awed with such soft blessings. All took the prasad & left.

Next day, about 10 am, the NBWF called Sri Ramamurthy Mama by phone, seeking 2 minutes of his time as he has come to Vikatan office to meet Mama. Mama readily agreed. After all, he is a famous celebrated writer & also quite known friend.

NBWF, “I told my amma about the darshan & all that happened. For which she has responded,   ‘Dei! Your real name is munusamy only! Your father has given that name only’…”)

NBWF has lost father when he was a child. She has also said “Your uncle has given a different name in the school… You’ve kept another name for writing… So the name ‘munusamy’ is known only to me & your father and nobody else (except the Eswara)!”)

Both were stunned &  realized that it is that Nadamadum Dheivam, they have had darshan.

Not only the original name of this janma, Periyava knows of every janma…pundits say.

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  1. jayajayasankara
    padithale kangalil neer
    paramacharya padham panivoom

  2. It is an unimaginable. Superb prediction. Guruve bless all.

  3. Iam very much proud & happy that my relatives son Gemini Ramamurthy hadsuch a closeness with Perriyava, my soninlaw Sriram Krishnamurthy(ofVallam,Tanjore,his perriappa Late G.Ramachandran IAS iformer secy to Indira priyadharsini, Morrajee,Anna etc)he is shifted to Texas, fm N.Jerrsy recently may help u to be in touch with Gemini Ramamurthy( who freely donates Kumbam for several reconstructed fm ruin/delipated temple like Ezhichur (near oragadam),Nelveli Agniswarar(Sri.Vadapalani Ramamurthy,B/o Murgasram jiTNagar etc) I had the oppurtunity to work with them , in which now I am trying to rebuild 1050 years old 2nd Rajendra chola built temple @ Pennalur behind Rajeev memorial and some near by village shivalayam & fighting with Tn govt HR&CE to get the lands as per the epigraphy of Rajendra chola, I dont know how far I will suceed. Thank u for bringing the name of Vazhuthur Rajagopalasharmas name in this about him long back I wrote in this space.Thanks a lot.

  4. I wonder if the persons involved are Manian and Jayakanthan! (Kannadaasan’s original name is Muthaiah!) Maha Periyava is Sarvagnar, Sarvavyapi, Nadamaadum Dheivam! Great Experience for the three friends and Great Sathya Dharshan for all of us! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. What a thrilling experience all 3 would have had. Blessed people, indeed!

  6. this NBWF is none other than Kannadasan

  7. Extremly superb and beyond imagination.Jaya jaya Sankara Hara hara Sankara

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