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I have received so far 100+ requests to share the english version of Dheivathin Kural in English (digitally). I continue to get emails on a daily basis. I thought I could end this everlasting confusion.

The english version is fully copy protected and there is no pdf available. I do not think it will ever become free. If anyone attempts to create pdf versions, they will definitely face lawsuits from the publishers – please do not attempt to do that. As you all are aware, the hard copy version is available in all bookstores. So, please do not send me emails asking me for PDF version of English!

On the Tamil version, as you may remember, through the reader network of this blog, there was a spell-check process happened and the most corrected version (upto volume 4) is available at http://dheivathinkural.wordpress.com. Hopefully in another 1 month, rest of the volumes would be loaded. I am working with Sri Matam to update their site (http://www.kamakoti.org/kamakoti/newTamil/newtamil.html) with this updated content. So far, volume 1 & 2 has been synchronized…Soon all versions will be updated too…

Also I want to clarify that I do not have the pdf version of updated Tamil content. I do not have plans to create one as well. If anyone is interested in doing this, I suggest all to wait till all contents are loaded on both these sites.

I hope this clarifies.



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  1. I have completed all 7 parts of Deivathin Kural in ebook form.

    Thease are available in this link..


  2. Mahesh, I read somewhere an incident where Mahaperiava advised one male devotee to cook his(devotee’s) own food after some age. I wish to have full details of this incident. If I am wrong please correct me. My email ID is rangabalank@gmail.com.

  3. Where can I buy the book on the ovation Kursk?

  4. Mahesh, I’d like to create a kindle version of Deivathin Kural (tamil) and put it up on archive.org. Do you have the editable text? I can get it from wordpress but that will take a lot more time… Thanks!

  5. English Translation of various parts of the Deivathin Kural volumes is available for online reading at http://advaitham.blogspot.in/2006/07/. However neither could I find an Index or whether the translation is complete.

  6. Where can I find a English version copy of Devathin Kural in Chennai? Have searched Higginbothams and GIri traders, Mylapore.
    Thank you

  7. I recently purchased the book at Higinbothams Chennai Rs 700/- .. The book is very heavy and hence is not convenient o take around on travel…what many of us would find convenient is an audio book of this ,which would solve the issue. Are copy right applicable for such versions also ? May be some one with a good accent and diction could do this which will benefit many … just loud thinking

  8. Dear Mahesh, I guess people ask the English version because you have it in the important links section on the right. You may also want to link the new blog for the Tamil version.


  9. I would expect that even English version should be freed from copyright . Such valuable books should be available for a nominal price of Rs 100 or so. I am sure there will be enough devotees who will financially support such a subsidized price to compensate for higher cost of printing etc
    Why should some private publisher use this as an opportunity to make profits?

    Or is it the case that the publisher has paid any big amount to buy the copyright?
    Does anyone know the details?

    • sir, The availability of spiritual books and scriptures should not be on chargeable basis..even maha periyava will be ashamed on hearing his talks doing business making money.. we all think about money… if needed they should have given at nominal rate or free of cost… then only the aim of our great gurus will be realised.. But what to do ..in the name of bhagavan (periyava) business is done.. this is how we lose most of our valued texts and scripts and in that our values also.. there are many sites maintained by advaita gurus who give the lectures and teachings in advaita, upanishad , bhagavatham and bhagavad gita (site of guruparananda and talks by ramanabhagavan) which are purely free of cost with a sole motive of enlightenment of the people.. i hv downloaded many audio classes and lectures and listening them frequently .. But unfortunately in mahaperiyava site we could not find his teachings and scriptures freely available…sorry.. this is kaliyuga hence every thing is on money terms..this cannot spare maha periyava also.(. ..these i write with high respects to maha periyava..

  10. Thanks for clarifying. Also it is better to buy the books as by doing this we are indirectly contributing for a good cause rather than getting in PDF Format.

  11. Thank you very much for the cautioning, Anna.

  12. All 7 volumes of Deivathin Kural have been translated into English and some other Indian languages. You can purchase the books here:

    Here are the instructions for ordering the books per the web site:

  13. To my knowledge only the first two books of Deivathin Kural have been translated into English. This has been put up on the kanchikamakoti .org site. The book of the same is available at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

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