Why am I here?

A beautiful painting by Shri BN Mama and a fantastic translation of an incident of Periyava……Thanks mama for both! You always delight with us double treat !!!


Many  of  you  eulogize  me  saying  that  there  is  nothing  that  I  don’t  know,  that  I  am  ‘all-knowing.  But  in  reality,  what  we  learnt  is  only  a  miniscule. Even the  song  says  that  Goddess  Saraswathi  Herself  thinks  that  what  She  knows  is  only a  miniscule,  is  it  not?  Then  what  can  you  say  about  others? 

But  in  one  subject,  no  one  knows  as  much  as  I  know.  I  can  say  that   In  that  subject  I  am  ‘all—knowing’!  What  is  that  subject?  In  this  world,  how  many  kinds  of  worries  and  difficulties,  people  undergo!—that  is  the  subject!

“The  son  will  not  disclose  it  to  his  mother;  the  loving  wife  will  not  disclose  to  her  husband——people  get  some  peace  of  mind  and  relief,  when  they  come  here  and  pour  here,  such  of  those  confidential  matters  which  they  cannot  share  with  anybody  and  which  they  have  to  bury  in  their  hearts  and  suffer  silently.

It  is  a  satisfaction  created  by  them  for  their  own  sake.  I  have  not  done  anything;  except  hearing  them  with  my  ears,  I  have  not  done  anything.;  yet,  they  are  satisfied  as  they  have  opened   and  poured  out  what  they  have  locked  up  for  long.  “ Oh!  At  last,  I  have  put  down  my  burden”—is  their  satisfied  feeling.  Whether  I  do  something  for  them,  whether  I  can  do  something,  whether  I  have  the  wherewithal  for  that,  is  totally  a  different  matter.  Without  my  doing  anything  for  them,  by  narrating   to   me  their  problems  ,   they  remove  their  burden  from  their  mind—that  is  what  matters.

The  attendants  and  others  who  are  with  me  in  the  Matam,   are  upset  with  them  and  tell  them  that  they  should  not  trouble  ‘Swamikal’  like  this  night  after  day  after  night.  ‘Doesn’t  Swamikal  have  a  body?  Will  not  that  body  be  put  to  suffering ?’—they  ask   and  stop  those  who  come  to  me  for  revealing  their  difficulties  to  me;   they  even  chase  them  out.

Is  this  right?  Just  because  one  single  man (me)  will  be  put  to  some  suffering  ,  is  it  correct  to  prevent  them  from  expressing  their  worries,  which  are  boiling  inside  them?

Why  am  I  here?  For  what  purpose    this  (my)  life  has  been  created?  It  has  been  created  for  the  purpose  of  listening  to  their  problems  and  giving  them  some  solace,  some  peace!  It  is  for  the  purpose  of  lightening  their  burden  of  worries,  that  this  body  has  to  help  them  night  and  day.

It  is  not  that  I  really  lighten  their  burden,  or  do  something for  that  purpose,  or  I  have  that  power  with  me  to  do  so!  What  I  am  saying  is  that  I have  been  kept  as  an  instrument  for  those  people  to  lighten  their  worries  by  themselves.

Whether  I  render  any  help   to  them ,  or  give  them  any  remedy,  those  in  difficulty,  get  some  relief  if  I  tell  them  a  few   kind  words  by  way  of  comforting  them.

Even  if  I  do  not  speak  but  keep  silent,  people  are  at  peace  by  the  mere  fact  that  they  have  put  their  worries  in  my  ears.  I  only  render  a  small  help  by  merely  listening  to  their  problems.—if  I  observe  silent  meditation,  even  that  is  denied—-Even  if  they  are  not  sure  that  I  have  listened  to  them,  they  get  peace  of  mind  by  the  mere  fact  that  they  have  put   in  my  ears,  what  they  wanted  to  express.  Then,  is  it  justified  if  I  deny   them  the  help   and    opportunity  to  vent  their  feelings  and  worries    to  me?

If     this  mortal  body  of  mine, which  is  born  to  render  this  duty,  suffers    by  meeting  these  people  for  hours  on  end   and  giving  them  a  few  words  of  comfort ,  it  is  nothing  to  me.

Even  If  any  harm  comes  to  this  body  (of  mine)  by  doing    this,    this  is  the  strength  for  my  heart  and  mind.

It  is  a  sin  for  a  Sanyasi,  to  worry  about  his  body.  Practically  whether  it  is  possible  to  be  that  way, is  itself  a  big  question.  Even  then,  while  some  harm  may  come  to  the  mortal  body,   deep  inside  the  mind,  a  strength  is  developed;  so  I  should  not  mind  what  happens  to  the  body.

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  1. Namaskarams Mama!!

    Very nice painting. The smile of Periyava is realistic!!


  2. This article is the translation of a wonderful chapter from a wonderful book in Tamil, titled ‘MAITHREEM BAJATHA’, written by that great inimitable soul Ra.Ganapathy anna. It forms a part of a chapter titled ‘MY STRENGTH’ (என் பலம் ), where Periava speaks, in length, about what gives HIM the mental strength, and consequently the physical strength which in turn helps HIM go through the 21 hour–daily routine, day in and day out.

  3. DEar Mahesh ji this article shows THE COMPASSION of an amma to all of his\her children what a benevolent MAHA PERYAVA WAS HE!!!!!!!!!

  4. We go to temple and know that it is a stone 💎 but consecrated and we will not get any reply in words but in deeds. It’s like that and strangely I dared to say this to my periavva in pandarpur when I returned without going to temple after seeing Hh annd HH askd me why i have not gone to after seeing periava and I asked him why should I go

  5. We go to temple and know that it is a stone 💎 but consecrated and we will not get any reply in words but in deeds. It’s like that and strangely I dared to say this to my periavva in pandarpur when I returned without going to temple after periavva askd me why i have not gone to templeseeing periava

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