Siva Sahasranama from Lingapurana chanting


Inspired by a post that came earlier this year, one of our devotees, Shri Ganesh, had created a multimedia on Siva Sahasranamam. He spent past several months practicing these and he wants to dedicate to HH Shanthanandha Swamiji (a.k.a Vasishta Guha swamiji).

Thank you Shri Ganesh for this great work….

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  1. Maha Periyava Charanam. Where can i get this book in Tamil version probably with numbering for pronouciaton. I’m living overseas. I can ask someone in India to buy this book for me so that i can get it from them when i come there next month. Thank you.

  2. The link to read the shlokas in Sanskrit can be found at

    It starts from Shlokam number 27 on page 8.

  3. the Sanskrit text has mistakes in it that needs immediate correction… for example it is vaag devi it is g and not gh.. please have these corrected immediately

    • Dear Sri Seshadri I would appreciate if you can let me know any more lapses like that so that I can correct the text. I am not well verse with Sanskrit and I made it with my Hindi knowledge from Tamil version I got

  4. very great effort. very useful for the posterity..

  5. Wonderful effort and clear chanting. This would help people to learn this rare sahasranamam very easily

  6. Great work and visuals! Is it Vasishta Guhai Swamiji’s Voice chanting? Om Nama Shivaaya! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Thanks a lot!


    • I don’t know how to write Kannada I can Try Telugu if you can Read I english It will be difficult to bring stress of words as in Hindi or sanskrit I f you wish I can try But it may take time Ganesh

  8. in some form or the other, i have reading and listening to this the last few days and spoke to somebody in chennai to get the book written by swamiji. today i get to see this… a way a blessing. am no expert in sanskrit, but there is a lot of similarity between vishnu sahasranamam and this…..

    • mr siridhar sir, please send the siva sahasranamam book of lingapuranam if you have in sankrit pdf inorder to recite with out any mistake. please help me to get that book i will pray for it sir.

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