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High Fever @ 103 degree Celsius for PuduPeriyava. Guruvayur camp. Vyasa Pooja by PuduPeriyava. It’s 10am but PuduPeriyava couldn’t get up at all for the Pooja. Periyava is at Pandarpur.

Earlier, Sri Balu Mama (now Swamigal) has conveyed to Triplicane Periyava (Angarai Sri Kalyanarama Bagavathar) to perform his annual Saptaakam of Srimad Bagavatham at Guruvayur instead of Periyava’s camp @ Pandaripur, stating that Triplicane Periyava needn’t come all the way & it may be difficult for them too. This he has stated a Periyava’s wish.

“That is how these people say, but you ask Periyava directly. Periyava would approve to do it at Pandaripur”, others around advised. Triplicane Periyava haven’t uttered a word as reply.

Later, he has said that “It is not correct to check what Periyava has said, “In Srimad Ramayana, the moment Kaikeyi Devi says, Sri Rama is ready to go to forest. He didn’t check with the King. That is what pithru-bhakthi is.” He continued, “it incorrect to go and verify. You should trust and do it”. Like how Sri Rama said, “if anyone who’s is with Periyava asked me to jump in fire, I will jump into fire!”. That is his Guru-Bhakthi. “Don’t think Periyava is in Pandarpur. Wherever he is, Periyava does listen what you say!” With such strongly assurance to Sri VJR Mama, Triplicane Periyava & went to Guruvayur for his annual ‘Saptaagam’.

Now, PuduPeriyava is running high on fever in Guruvayur. Triplicane Periyava was conducting his ‘Saptaakam’ at Kanchi matam, Guruvayur. By 11am Sri Anjan Namboodhri, who use to say ‘Hare! Hare!’& pay homage & hug Triplicane Periyava, has requested him to recite ‘Jwara Stotram’ for PuduPeriyava. Triplicane Periyava has replied, “You have learnt so much…you can do it too”. Sri. Anjan Namboodhri replied, “i already ate.nobly if you chant while fasting, the benefit is high”.

Triplicane Periyava & Sri VJR Mama went to PuduPeriyava who was having 103 deg & couldn’t get up at all. At the side of PuduPeriyava’s head Triplicane Periyava recited the ‘Jwara Stotram’ thrice. In next five minutes, PuduPeriyava got up & finished his snanam for the pooja!

In the next day or so, Triplicane Periyava has got the fever of the same 103 deg. He also has the sraadham of his mother the next day (He didn’t got his sanyasa at that time). Everyone was worried. ‘Somehow’ it got over suddenly & everything was completed successfully and came back to Triplicane.

Nathan Cafe Viswanatha Mama came in searching of Triplicane Periyava…
He said he had been to Pandaripur to have Periyava’s darshan. Suddenly, Periyava called him & said, “He is doing sapthaham for me in Guruvayur with high fever..” Periyava continued, “so, you do kozhakkattai and do neiveidhyam to Pillayar”.

Nathan Cafe was so surprised. He thought all of us have been thinking of Periyava but Periyava has been thinking of someone. How great his devotion must be…

On his return, Sri Viswanathan Mama has searched for his address in mutt but it wasn’t available. Heard Triplicane. So searched around for few days & finally got him. That’s when everyone knew that Periyava knows everything and what Triplicane Periyava said was true: “how does it matter where Periyava is physically…he is listening to us in some roopam “…

It is true even at this second!

Ram. Ram.

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  1. Shri Ramansbt –
    Please see this interview of Shri VJR mama (V Janakiraman mama) around 5:00 mins. The Jwara stotram is in Srimad Bhagavatam in the context of Bansura where it would seem that Lora Paramasiva and Lord Vishnu are fighting with each other.
    Based on what I was able to find out by googling Banasura and Srimad Bhagavatam, the Jwara stotram would be in Srimad Bhagavatam Skandam 10, Adhyayam 63.
    Thanks for asking the question that prompted me to look through the Srimad Bhagavatam book.

  2. Respected Sir,


    I have been reading your Sage of Kanchi’s programme daily and I request you to please send me the JWARA STOTRAM’ which Triplicane Periya chanted when our Puduperiya had high fever. Pl. upload this stotram for all our devotees.

    With pranams and seeking blessings from you and Shri Maha Periyava


  3. Dear Sri. Gopalakrishnan & Sri. Mahesh,

    I am also in the lineage of Appaya Dikshitar and all the other information (Gothram, etc.,)
    same as Mr. Gopalakrishnan. I have seen the Viswaroopa Darshan murthy in a place called
    Nagamangala (an ancient temple), where they do pujas for naga dosha nivarthi. The directions for the temple is via Mandya (from Bangalore, before reaching Mysore in the inside road need to travel 30 – 40 kms approx.). May be this might be of any help, I will give further details of
    the archakar, the person who referred me this temple. It has main deity as Viswaroopam
    Mahavishnu, Goddess Rukmini, Satyabama samedha Sri Krishnar and I also remember sannidhis for Sri. Narasimhar and Goddess Aandal. Another famous place near this
    location is a Kala Bhairava pradishtai by Adi Chunchanagiri mutt run by Sri. Bala Gangadhara

    Whatever little knowledge I have on this I have shared. If any further questions I shall
    answer after inquiring proper person from the Temple.

    Thanks for providing an opportunity,

    with Best & Warm Regards,

    R. Chidambaram
    my email id. is

  4. There is also a temple called the ‘Pandava Dhootha Perumal’ close to the Mutt in Kanchipuram where Lord Krishna is showing sitting majestically. The murthy is over 20 feet tall I think. Sri Gopallkrishnan can check this too.

  5. To answer the querey posted by Mr.Gopalakrishnan, there is a temple called ulagalandaperumal kovil in Thirukoviloor, near Thiruvannamalai. Here , the god is known as Thrivikraman. Seeing this temple, he may get an idea.

  6. Dear Mahesh,

    Thanks for posting this. Can I voice a suggestion?

    The write up style is in such a way that only those who are associated with the Mutt can understand the sequence. Can the writing style be changed before posting that if even one were to share this with someone who is not associated with the Mutt, the understanding will be perfect?

    I hope this is not taken as a criticism.


    B Ramkumar

    • That is ok to share your opinion….To give you a background, Shri Rathnam literally types the whole thing and this is shared via mobile phones (via whatsapp messenger tool)…Hence it is condensed / targeted for mobile users. But still i dont understand the link to matam people’s language…. I do not have time to change the writing style to fit the web users etc….Nor I can ask Rathnam to do this also….As long as you are able to read and understand, this should be fine….


  7. Dear Sri Mahesh,

    This mail is unconnected to the Kanchi Mutt although we belong to the Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt followers. Additionally we come in the Appayya Dikshithar lineage, ie Bharadwaja Gothram, Sama Vedam and Drahyayana Suthram. I now come to the point and I need some enlightened soul from the Mutt or more importantly our revered Swamigal to help me.

    Towards end July this year at virtually Brahma Muhurthan time in the early hours , I had a dream where Bhagawan Mahavishnu woke me up and told me that there is no temple anywhere showing HIM in the Vishwaroopam form. The Lord also said that I should take steps to build a temple by installing HIM in such a form. I asked the Lord to help me decide what and how the Vishwaroopa form looked like. However He just told me that I should find it for myself.

    I am struggling to find what the Vishwaroopa form would be like. All we know is the form which is shown in th Mahabharatha by B R Chopra. I have tried to do immense networking on this, also talked to some shilpis, contacted very emancipated friends, but sadly drawn a blank.

    Can I request that my mail be posted on the Sage of Kanchi blog so that some of our friends could comment and advise. Our revered Paramacharya although not physically alive will see through my need and guide somebody to guide me . I am getting on 80 and hence I am in a hurry to do Lord Mahavishnus bidding.


    R Gopalakrishnan

  8. Correction? Not Celsius. Fahrenheit.

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