Day Camp for learning Pitru Tharpana Mantras in Chennai

Thanks to Sri Sarma Sastrigal in doing this day camp to educate all on how to do pitru tharpanams properly. As Mahaperiyava said pitru kaaryams are extremely important and we often do not understand the importance of this. Many of our sufferings are due to not doing them properly.

It is never late to start if you have not been doing this properly. Take this as a great opportunity to learn.


Pitru_Karyam2 Pitru_karyam3

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  1. The suggestion to record the programme and make it available in a video format to all those interested, is noteworthy. Kindly try to do it.

  2. what about aswalayana sutram -( rig vedam) -telugu smarthas

  3. Yes I am in Uk and wish to learn it systematically please put in a CD format so we can utilise it but all of us have to do Guru (Vaadhiyar sambhavanai) please request you to provide bank details

  4. Yes correct, for Global audience it is a must.Please try to do this.

  5. If these proceedings could be recorded and posted here in a video format, that would benefit a larger global audience. Thanks.

  6. Any such camp to be held in Bangalore? That would benefit many Tambrams in this place.


    B Ramkumar

    • You can organise a similar event at your place, and I am there to render any assistance if required from my end.

      Sarma Sastrigal

  7. Can you hold a camp to learn Sandhya Vandanam?

    Rgds Subramaniam

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    • You can organise a similar event at your place, and I am there to render any assistance if required from my end.

      Sarma Sastrigal

    • very good suggestion. However, i would request you, please purchase a book and an audio CD (tuitor). otherwise, your mind will change any moment. Initially, it takes a long time. need not to worry. slowly day by day, by doing this in practice, you will pick up very fast. After a month, it will be in your memory. But do not give up that, by loosing patience, in between. This nithyakarmas (including brahma yagyam) is so effective and it is connected to athma-karmas. this is the 1st step for doing other pithru and deiva poojas. in day today life, we are liable to many persons and animals. Because of others (including animal) effort, we get groceries, milk, vegetable, fruits, water, electricity, cloth etc. By doing Nithyakarmas, Devergals get more power (Panchapoothangal will get required power) and Asurargals loose power. As a result, you are helping everyone to get food (including animals) & indirectly to get Shanthi. this is equal to doing Dharmam to others. Your accumulated bad karmas will reduce & you will get Gynam, then Yogam (connection of Jeeva athma and paramathma Brahmam). That is the reason, those days, Rajas are asking Brahimns to do the nithyakarmas and poojas regularly and gave house, agriculture lands, houses etc. No other work for them. As result the place (town) will be happy. All the best.

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