HH Bala Periyava sketch by Shri TGV

I have already shared few paintings of my father-in-law (Shri TGV)….Here is the latest – his attempt on Bala Periyava. Bala Periyava’s beautiful smile is well-brought out here!!

Looks like all artists are kindled here!!! Rest of us are enjoying great work from them….


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  1. Mahesh,
    Please tell your father in law and Mother in Law that Mala’s cousin sundar saw the sketch and appreciated it

  2. Mother’s affection can be seen in his eyes.
    Sri gurobhyom nama:

  3. HH Balaperiva’s personality and the spirit are well brought out. Eyes and smile convey a lot. Thanks and Regards to the artist who is blessed to have a very committed son in law in Chi Mahesh.

  4. Thank u it’s as if I am having his holiness darshan

  5. sakshtaath parameswaran.

  6. excellent, sri tgv is blessed

  7. excellent painting. looks natural and lively. keen observation, deftness and devotion have done the wonder.

  8. Beautiful sketch sir!


  9. This paintings of our Bala Periyavaal is very beautiful and enchanting. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Sankara.

  10. Beautifully done Sir! The smile on His face is Divine and reassuring to the mankind !

  11. Continue your good deeds

  12. Divine. Thanks for sharing

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