Acrylic Painting of Periyava by Kravmaga Sreeram

As I understand, Sreeram is a very well-known martial arts teacher, who teaches Kravmaga (an Israeli style self-defence) young women to protect themselves from sexual harrassments/abuse etc. Sreeram happens to be a great artist as well. I looked him up his paintings in FB – just awesome!!! One of his students sent me a drawing of Periyava on acrylic. I looked him up and found a little better version of his painting.I will try to get a good one for our records….

Thank you Sreeram for painting the greatest sage of our times…

Here it is::



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  1. When great artists like Sri Umesh Sadasivam and Sri. B. Narayanan have appreciated the painting, what words do i have to say. dont find words to appreciate.

  2. Marvelous job! I wanted to do this painting myself !

  3. Very nice work!!


  4. It looks like that Lord Shiva is sitting with one hand folded and another hand stretched. That is the first impression I got when I saw this painting.

    The painting reminds us to remember always, “Even if I appear to be sleeping, I am watching out for you!!!”

    To the one who never sleeps, but yet completely immersed in the blissful sleep, we offer our salutations.


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