BN Mama’s Pradosham present

BN mama sent us all an amazing pencil sketch of Periyava. Great details….Looks like a B&W photo…..Thank you mama for a wonderful art.


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  1. Namaskarams Mama!! Lot to learn from you to bring accuracy in pencil sketches..

  2. உன் திருவடி தனை தந்து காத்திட வேண்டும்

  3. Thathroopam

  4. Soopar 🙂

  5. really nice!

  6. Maha Periyava is simply Pratyaksham in this. Thanks so much for sharing. Maha Periyava Thiruvadi Charanam!!!

  7. This picture looks real. it is surely ” Tatroopam ” Good work.

  8. wow, tatroopam..

  9. good

  10. Really beautiful capturing the essence of periyava…

  11. Excellent.Hara hars sankara jaya jaya

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