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After I posted the drawing of Shwetha, next day I talked to her mother. She is a very staunch devotee of Periyava – always in His smaranam. During my conversation, she narrated an incident about a dream her son (12 year old boy) got recently. In that dream, this boy sees Periyava standing in a middle of an ocean – like viswaroopam – and standing next to Him. This boy,  in his mind thinks “How great a mahan Periyava is? Can I ever become like Periyava?”. Sarvagyan Periyava heard this boy loud and clear and answers, “if you do sandhyavandhanam and samitha dhanam daily, you can also become a mahan like me!”. What more one wants?! BTW – this boy has been doing trikala sandhyavandhanam and samitha dhanam daily – since his upanayanam.

Normally, I do not post individual’s dreams in this blog due to logistics reasons. However I chose to post this for two reasons (1) blessings to this boy (2) message to all of us that doing sandhyavandhanam and gayathri japam is more than what one would need. As Lord Krishna says “I am the Gayathri of all mantras”. Such is the glory of gayathri mantra.

Lucky is this boy and his parents!

Let us take this as an important message and try to do tri-kala sandhyavandhanam. I narrated this incident to my 13 year to motivate him…

Disclosure – I am guilty of myself for not doing my prathas sandhyavandhanam & madhyanikam today 🙁

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  1. Dear Shri Mahesh,
    Its a nice post. The boy is kindly blessed by MahaPeriyava and it is a remainder to all of us. Also I urge all audience of this blog to read Deivathin Kural Volumes. Mainly in 2nd volume and also in 7th volume MahaPeriyava tells the importance and benefits of performing proper Sandyavandhanam. One more thing, for Grihasthas like us it is also mandatory to perform Aupaasanam. I also don’t know how to do it. Like that some more Anushtaanams (AgniHothram etc) are to be done daily. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  2. He is really blessed..very happy for him and his family! Thank you for posting these inspirational messages from Sri Mahan Periyavar !

  3. This child is so blessed! Awesome kiddo!

  4. Upanishad says “Deva pithru karyabya na pramadhi thavyam” Don’t neglect deva karyam like nithya pooja sandhyavandhnam etc and pithru karyam like sraadham, tharpanam etc.As long as there is sraddha in these activities the person is definitely spiritually elevated and inability to perform sandhyavandhanam due to unavoidable reasons can be compensated through prayachitam.But pithru karyam can not be avoided or postponed as long as the kartha is alive.

  5. You can compensate by chanting Gayathri Mantra extra number of times next day. MahaPeriava used to do Parayanam of certain Mantras regularly on a daily basis. There were a few occasions when He used to miss out on some days due to returning late from a Padayatra or some visit. He used to compensate it by chanting it extra early morning sitting in the mena ! After reading about it, I follow this method, and ensure that the count remains constant on average !

  6. I remember having read in Deivathin Kural Shri Maha Periyava telling that those who are born in a Brahman family are having the spark of ‘Brahmaneeyam’ for 7 generations (i exactly don’t remember the number , it may be 21 ). It is our duty to enlarge the spark by observing the ‘Nitya-karma-anushtana’. Even beyond such generation if one does not perform the minimum required anushtana, then he ceases to be Brahman . Few days ago only I was thinking what is the use of chanting so many slokas, bhajans, yagna, celebrations, etc. if one does not do Sandyavandana regularly, which itself will lead us to Paramatma. I am thrilled to read the above post that Shri Maha Periyava also confirms its value. Thank you very much for sharing.

  7. @Mahesh: This is truly inspirational.

  8. Sriman Mahesh, Calm down,…. there are plenty in this country (India) who call themselves as Brahmin just because they were born in the caste and wear Yagnopaveetham. Does it mean they are Brahmins? As Vedam says, ‘everybody by birth only Sudra and all those who adhere to Dharma and rituals are only called Brahmana’. I do miss some days, some time doing Sandyavandanam due to job pressure, I only pray to God, during that time, that forgive me for not performing so and would give a chance without any hindrance in future. The prayer that made from the bottom of the heart would be heard always, that is what I believe. Krushnaarpanam!

    • Mahaperiyava used to tell (to all) do Santhyavandhanam atleast from your retirement period since most of the company working brahmins couldnot/didnot do their santhyavandhanam including i am able to do trikala sandhyavandhanam,. now i am in usa and almost all the days i am doing my sandhyavandhanam except one or two times including brahmayagnam and also doing amavasya tharpanam for the past few years and also performing srarthams to my father and my request every brahmin should do their nithya karmas for the welfare of family.


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