Guru Pradosham on 20th November 2014: Chance to Remove Guru’s Curse

Thanks to Sri Sankar for forwarding this important email on the significance of the upcoming pradosham..


The special significance of a Guru Pradosham  is that it allows us to clear a Guru’s curse (teacher, educator, mentor or elder). Of course, not everyone is afflicted with a Guru’s curse but if we are, it’s serious, because no matter how smart, how educated or how connected we are we will never rise in life.

 Additionally, two powerful Yogas will form on  Guru Pradosham. On November 20th, the Moon will be in the sign Libra and in the star Swati. The planet Rahu will be in the 12th sign from the Moon, this is called Maha Shakti yoga, a yoga that gives courage and leadership qualities. It will give the confidence to overcome any difficulty. The  Guru Pradosham on November 20th (IST) is a waning moon pradosham so it will clear karma creating obstacles in our life and with your Guru. The yogas that form on the day of Guru Pradosham are a manifestation of pure grace. Propitiating Lord Shiva on Guru Pradosham will clear the karmas that block complete blessings that come to us from our Guru. Finally, Guru Pradosham will give us clarity, a sense of confidence and empower us to gain victory over our enemies.

Do not Miss not attending the next  GuruPradosha Pooja on 20th Nov 2014 ( Thursday) at your nearby temples.

Om Nama Shivaya!!!

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  1. Very useful information for those like me. C.ranganathan.

  2. Pradhosham as per Panchankam, falls on 19th Nov. as Thrayodhashi starts at 4=35 pm that evening. This is a little confusing. Can somebody clarify this ?

  3. Sir, very kind of you and thanks a lot.I attend pradoshan invariably, however your mail denoting the special significance of guru prodasham is noteworthy.

  4. please tell me what we should do exactly.

  5. Om Nama Shivaaya! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  6. Thanks for the information to attend Guru Pradosham on 20th Nov

  7. Thanks for sharing this very important event. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

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