Chidanandhar just entered Sripuram

It was during Periyava’s Madras visit camp at Sanskrit College. He was doing Sri Chandramouleeswarar puja and during Trisati namavali Periyava paused for a minute or two. None around could figure out why, later He continued and finished the puja. Right at that time Periyava mentioned “Sri Chidanandar just entered Sripuram”. Likewise Periyava stopped His pravachanam and looked up the sky and said “Begawan Ramanar just became a jyothi swaroopam”…

Only mahans know another mahan!

In the past few days three different individuals told me this incident of Sri Chidanandha Nathar. Hence, I decided to share this with all of us here…..

I am reading a book called “Sri Lalitha Devi” written by one of the the devi uptakes, our ex-neighbor, Smt Ranjana Balasubramaniam. Following are the pages about Swamiji from that book…

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  1. i want to take disha of srividya from you

  2. Mahaan ThiruvadigaLe Charanam! Extremely informative article about this Mahaan! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!


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  5. Maheshji, Request you to let us know the publication as well as availability details of the above-said book. I feel it’s another treasure to preserve. Looking forward to hear more on this . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    • This is a devi upasana book. The incident I posted here is not in this book but narrated by few to me. However, Pl contact V.Ramamurthy at 044-24902344.This is the number printed on the book….Author is Smt Ranjana Balasubramanian.


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  7. never heard of this MAHAN though have known and saw some works of Sri Bhaskara Rayar .


  1. Biography of Sri Chidanandhar of Guhananda Mandali – Sage of Kanchi

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