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Shri Sridhar Thiagarajan just wrote to me about a serious situation about his cousin’s daughter (Samyuktha Chandar), first year college student, a national swimming champion in Singapore suddenly had health issues of dizziness, blurred vision etc. Upon investigation, she was diagnosed with leukemia. She is currently undergoing treatment in Apollo, Chennai. How cruel?!

Sridhar believes that all devotees in this virtual temple could pray to Periyava for this young lady would make a big difference. He has unshaken faith. So am I. He is none other than Lord Vaidheeswarar. Can we spend a minute for her in our nithya puja to Mahaswami and request Him to get her out of this crisis?

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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  1. May Periyava bless her and cure her permanently. I would like her to just go through Anatomic Therapy and can call Healer Baskar who gives counseling for curing any type of disease. Anatomic Therapy is a way of taking the food. All 6 tastes should be tasted during every meal and there are some rules available. It is due to the imbalance in the body it may have affected her. For more information u can google search Anatomic Therapy for permanent and quick cure and call Healer Baskar. This gives a permanent cure in almost costless way. Try speaking to him and he will guide you what to do and what not to do.

    Atulya Thiruvenkadamudaiyaan

  2. Hari Om
    Definitely paramacharyal will save Samyuktha Om namashiva

  3. hari om!!!

    Samyuktha Chandar…….see the miracles from today onwards……..சிவ சிவ !!!!!!

  4. Kavalapadathel Mama Unga ponnu Periyava anugrahathalee Kshemama iruppa!!!!

  5. I pray to His Holiness Maha Periyava to shower His blessings on Samyukta and cure her totally from all her problems. Leukemia is totally curable and I am sure with Periyavas Blessings she will be able to lead a normal life. If possible ask her to chant Asmin Parathman keeping Guruvayurappan and Maha Periyava in mind. I am a cancer patient and I chant this 108 times daily which gives me the power to lead a normal life.
    Jaya jaya Shankara Hara hara Shankara

  6. With the prayers of all devotees of Maha Periyava and with His blessings Samyuktha would certainly recover.

  7. Dear Sri Maheshji,
    Please ask Kumari Samyuktha Chandarji to first not panic – stay calm and have courage. Times like these are testing times by God on faith. It is times like these that mind within gets inundated with millions of dooming thoughts and we must not follow the mind, but rather should place faith on lord to cross this painful time with his support.

    Apart from all our ‘prathanas’ to Sri Mahaswamiji, I would request Sri Samuktha to do the following:

    1) To immediately avoid taking any ‘Chemo therapy’ or other allopathic harmful treatments for leukemia.

    2) Ask them to stop the treatment, wait for the medicines to be flushed from the system in 2 days – then first visit ‘Govindhan Goshala’ and request Sri Radhakrishnaji to prepare fresh ‘Pancha Ghavya’ with moola mantras from Veda and recite the proper mantra for the Panchaghavya which literally translates to ‘Let this prasad from Sri Gomatha burn the sin even at the bone level and give me a healthy body’.

    3) Samyuktha should stop taking any tea or coffee and should only drink Tulsi tea – this is available in tea bags from ‘Organic India Tulsi Ginger Tea’, ‘Organic India Green Tea’ – priced at Rs.118 – Rs.128.

    4) Samyuktha should do minimum 12 Soorya Namaskaras daily morning and chant two important mantras – one – to regain vision – the ‘Aasathyena Rajasa’ soorya upasthana mantra from Maadhyaanikam – ending with ‘Pascheyma sarada sadham, jeeveama sarada sadham…ajithas aama sarada sadham’ and do the varuna paasam and look at the soorya at mid day right on top of the head and chant ‘Ya udakaana mahatornavaat..punaathu’. This will help her regain the vision and have a healthy body for 100 years.
    The second mantra is the ‘Aaditya Hrudayam’ – found in Srimath Ramayana – given by Aghasthya to Sri Rama – to bestow the faith in Sri Rama, increase his confidence and regain the strength to fight Raavana. This mantra is powerful containing all the names of Soorya like baanu, mitra, poosha, etc., – which are healing mantras.

    5) To pray and visit Sri Vaitheeswaran kovil – take dip in the temple pond for getting rid of leukemia by Sri Vaithyanaathaswamy’s grace and to pray to Thiruvelliyangudi Sri Kolavilli Raamar – this Divya Desam is the place where Sri Vishnu answered the prayers of Sri Sukracharyar and restored Sri Sukracharyar’s lost vision. Perumal here has another name of ‘Sri Netra Narayanan’ – Once she has gotten over all these illness and regains the complete vision by Sri Mahaswamy’s grace and Sri Netra Narayana’s grace, ask them to visit Sri Mahaswamy’s Adhishtaanam and Thiruvelliyangudi – (

    I am sure this is another of Lord’s leela to bring some good thing in everybody’s life – ask Samyuktha to keep calm and have faith and belief on good times to come. ‘Biology of Belief’ states that even un-surmountable problems and ill health are cured just by ‘healthy belief’.
    I am sure this story will be another miracle cure by Sri Mahaswamy.

    Seeking the grace of Sri Mahaswamy,

    Thanks and regards,

    P. Vijay

    • Caution:

      The points I have given are considering Samyuktha is an athletic person from the statement that she was a swimming champion – that’s the reason for going to Soorya Namaskara directly.
      If the stage is slightly more developed, I would rather suggest to seek Aayurveda treatment first – along with Panchagavya medication from Govindhan Goshala ( ) and then proceed with Soorya Namaskara.

      There is one more powerful prayer mantra that I chant everyday on the Sandhyavandana water and sprinkle it on ladies and kids – I am giving it below: Thought might be useful if Samyuktha chants it as many times daily and do pranayama with concentration on the ‘Aagya chakra’ of Sri Dhanvantari holding the amrutha kalasa on his hand. Minimum do 13 pranayama ( anuloma – viloma pranayama ).

      ‘Om Namo Bhagavathe Vaasudevaaya Danvantharaye
      Amrutha Kalasa Hasthaaya
      Sarva Aamaya Vinaasanaaya
      Thrilogya Naathaaya
      Sri Maha Vishnave Namaha’.

      Utter this sloka while taking medicines or any tablets. Contemplate on Sri Dhanvanthari with Amrutha kalasa in left hand and leech on the right hand abhaya hastham.

      ‘Sareerae jarjare bhoothe vyaadi grasthe kalae varae
      Aaushadham Jaahnavi thoyam
      Vaaidhyo Naarayano Hari’.

      Take proper Aayurvedic medication from ‘Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swaamigal Ayurvedic hospital’ – Nazarathpet (near Sriperumbudoor ).

      All the best.

  8. Pray Periyava to bestow all his special blessings on the girl so that her disease stands ‘cancelled’ . Bhagavan Satya Sai Baba used to say that his or her disease is ‘cancelled’ when they approached him. Hope the same happens with this girl too.

  9. “Hari Naarayana Dhuritha Nivaarana Paramananda Sadaasiva Sankara”
    Let us all pray this with full faith and positive good news will be bound to come. By His grace. It is our conviction that Maha Perivaa is Vaidhyo Narayana Hari. As in Srirudram He/Parameswara is both doctor and medicine. Faith matters a lot in prayer and in fact faith gets transcended to prayer. God is kind. Let’s pray.

  10. Joint prayers has more power indeed. Sriman Mahash can schedule a fixed time for this prayer. We all from our places will stop our work and pray for the recovery of girl Samyukhta. Your comments Pl. Sriman Mahesh

    • Great idea. Since we have readers from all around the world, it is not practically possible…If one might insist, I would suggest doing it on coming Monday (Karthigai Somavaram) between 5.30 PM and 6.30 PM IST. .In my opinion, if we all sincerely pray to Periyava for her regardless of the time, that will be heard and she will be fine…Today I read “Thirukkurugavur” pathigam 11 times for her. I intend to read it 11 times till she gets alright…


      • Thanks for the quick response.

        Time taken, will pray for her that time. Requesting my fellow followers of this blog and their close relatives to be present at that time at your place to pray for Samyukhta.

        May God give her confidence to recover quickly!

      • Hi Mahesh from yesterday I have started chanting Asmin Paratman 11 times for Samyuktha during my daily pooja…will continue to do so till I get a good news from you that the child is alright…will pray at Adhishtanam too….if possible let’s all chant this for the child….

      • Dear Mahesh: Performed abhishekam between 6-7 PM (IST) to my Banalingam (part of the Panchayathana Pooja at my home) with Rudram & Chamakam with sankalpam for the early cure of Samyukatha. This Banalingam has been with my family for quite long time (more than 200 years) and has specially blessed by Periyavaa at Hampi by keeping it in his head for quite sometime and in his hand. I’m sure within a short time we will hear the good news of Samyukatha resuming her normal life and activities.

      • “Thirukkurugavur” pathigam எங்கு உள்ளது? தயவு செஇது சொல்லவும்.

  11. Our Prayers to Maha Periyava as Lord Vaitheswarar to cure her and with his blessings!!

  12. Sri Sri Maha Periyava Thiruvadigale Saranam

  13. I think, there are two Sridharan Thiagarajan. I am from NZ and I think the prayer is for Sridharan from Chennai. It really does not matter. Let us all pray for Samyuktha Chandar.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  14. Definetely I pray for her. Kamarasavalli Karkoteeswer temple and Manikandi kala bairaver temple is mainly for cancer disease. I will ask priest to do special prayer for her

  15. I will also pray to Mahaperiyava. I am extremely confident with so many good people praying to Mahaperiyava, Samyuktha will recover quickly. Mahaperiyava is the doctor of all doctors.

  16. பெரியவா சரணம். கூட்டு ப்ரார்த்தனை சத்யமான நற்பலனைத் தரும். ஸ்ரீசரணாள் சொன்னபடியாக அனைவரும் அவருக்காக நாளைய தினம் 28 முறை காயத்ரி ஜபம் செய்வோம். வேதமாதாவின் பரிபூர்ண க்ருபை அவர்களை சத்யமாக காக்கும். பெரியவா கடாக்ஷம்

  17. KaarunyaMoorthi Sri MahaPeriyava will surely cure her and she would recover fast with His Boundless Grace and Blessings.

  18. sure periavawill help her
    my prayers will be there for her

  19. Prayers to our Mahaguru to heal the child and make her normal again…am sure our prayers will help her overcome this…am going to kanchi on anusham…will ask the mama at adhishtanam to whisper our prayers into His ears….please keep me posted on her recovery…Guruve Saranam…..

  20. Certainly our prayers will appeal to Periava to cure the girl of the disease and make her NORMAL

  21. with the grace of maha periayava, she will be cured. Further fortunately leukamia when diagonsed early is 100% curable with treatment and with maha swami blessings this treatment will be 100% successful and she will lead a normal and healthy life. I am sure.

  22. The invincible faith on periyavaa by itself will take care. Defenitely mahesh will be posting abt this miracle. Jaya jaya shankara

  23. Our heartfelt prayers to Periayava for Samyuktha’s speedy recovery. Kanchi Periva Forum site has the verse from Sriman Narayaneeyam in Sanskrit.
    Here is the site,
    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  24. பூரணமாக குணமானதும் நேராக பெரியவாஅதிஷ்டானதுக்கு அழைத்து வருவதாக பிரார்த்தித்து கொள்ளுங்கள். அவர் அருளால் எல்லாம் நல்லதே நடக்கும்.

  25. Sri Maha Periyava thiruvadigaley saranam.

    I will also pray for Samukthya.
    Also, is it possible for Samukthya to chant the slogam from Narayaneeyam, which was recommended by Sri Maha Periyava?

    Asmin parathman nanu paathmakalpe
    Thvamithamutthapitha padmayonihi I

    Anantha bhooma mama roga raashim,
    Nirundhi vaathalaya vaasa vishno. II

    அஸ்மின் பராத்மன் நனு பாத்மகல்பே
    த்வமிதமுத்தபித பத்மயோனிஹி

    அனந்த பூம மம ரோக ராஷிம்
    நிருந்தி வாதலய வாச விஷ்ணோ

  26. She will be in our prayer,gurus blessings will make miracles

  27. Kindly give the young laddy’s name for specific inclusion in my prayer. I am visiting this site every day

  28. தாயாய் வருவார் ஆதிசிவ சங்கரர்!

    தவமாய் நிற்பார் பரம சிவ சங்கரர்!

    சங்கரா சிவசங்கரா!சங்கரா சந்த்ர சேகரா!

    குருவிருக்க பயமேன்!

    கவலயதனை விடுங்கள்!

    குருவின் காலடி சரண் புகுங்கள்!

  29. I also join in Prayers by Maha Periyava devotees and pray to Maha Periyava to make this child recover completely and have a long and healthy life! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  30. we join all our banduvon for a prayer for the ailing lady’s speedy recovery with the blessings of MAHAPERIAVA

  31. Sure. Is it not our duty? Unshakable faith in Maha Periyava will definitely answer to our collective Prayer. Not this day, all days to come till this young chap is back to normal, we will continue. Sridhar! Be positive.

  32. thanks to all of you and firmly believe that our perivaa will help the child and the family

  33. Her name is Samyuktha Chandar from Chennai.

  34. Hello Mahesh You have confused me with the other Sridhar, am from Chennai, India sridhar

  35. Maha periyava’s blessings will definitely cure her…..our sincere prayers to Maha periyava to cure this young girl!

  36. Sir, I read this mail after nithyakarma. Will pray to MahaPeriyava in evening nithyakarma for the speedy recovery of my sister.
    MahaPeriyava,Sivan Sar Padham Saranam

  37. I have added my prayer to Him for His blessings for the child.

  38. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara…

    I pray His Holiness and Sri Mahaperiyavaa, The Saakshaath Parameshwaran and Sri Bala Tripurasundari swaroopam to bless the young child and cure her of all the troubles and grant her a healthy, prosperous and long life free of all troubles.

    Sai Saravanan

  39. Will pray for that girl. Periva will definitely save her life.


  41. Today morning I had a dream, in our street, devotees carrying Sri Periyava Photo for anusham jayanthi, I saw Sri Periyava Photo, calling my mother to carry out plate, rice, and other pooja material and am hurrying to see Sri Periyava comes in front of my house, then without waiting came out just one house before saw Sri Pariyava and am waiting, dream just ended.

    This morning while reading this mail, “….who started anusham puja” it struck to me this dream, don’t know what it is, so am sharing this.

    I pray to Sri Periyava, the Parvathi Parameshwara to take care of the young lady

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  42. My Sincere Payer to Mahaperiyava for her speedy recovery

  43. What is her name so that I can pray for her speedy recovery.

  44. Name of the patient?

  45. Prayers have very great healing effect and,I am sure,the young lady will soon recover with Mahaperiyava’s Divineers Blessings. We will offer our humble prayers to Mahaperiyavaa.

    An ardent devotee


    • My prayers to Maha Periyava to save the child If need be take my life and spare her. This life of mine is due to Maha Periyava granting extension when I was 15. So he has a right over my life. Karunamurthi Paramacharya will save her life.

    • MAHA PERIYAVA CHARANAM SARANAM <3 Plz save her if you desire swamigal n I know you bestow on her your grace~ plz make it work miracles,…as your love n kindness on us is ever unending swamy ji,plz bless us all premamayi~GURUVE SARANAM <3

    • We all in our family offer our sincere and humble prayers to Mahaperiyava for the very
      young lady for the speedy recovery from all her health problems including her eyesight.

      Hara Hara Shankara and Jaya Jaya Shankara

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