Ekadasarudra Japam for Mahaperiyava @ Chicago

Recently the devotees of Mahaperiyava did a sankalpam to do a monthly ekadasarudra japa parayanam at each of our houses with abishekam to Mahaperiyava padhuka. Today we did our first such parayanam. We hope to do this without break with His blessings….

Here is a small 2 mts clip….

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  1. Sir, This is a very laudable effort. RUDRA PARAYANA is known to all, and so as many as possible can join in this parayanam. Youngsters must be encouraged to join this, so also, those in well-settled and prosperous positions, there. I would also suggest SURYA NAMASKARAM on Sundays, as SURYA is pratyaksha Devata. In fact, Sri Rudram itself extols the SURYA DEVATA as visible SHIVA, to us daily. UTAINAM GOPA: mantra refers to Surya only. Another is AVAHANTI mantra japa and Homa. HH Sri Maha periyava is fond of this particular mantra. In fact, this mantra extols, NOT INDRA as many believe, but SHIVA. I have heard late Mayuram Brahma Sri Ramanatha Dikshtar mentioning this. S. Chidambaresa Iyer 9 11 2014

  2. Shodasa Upachaaraani kritvaa, pranamya Shirasa,
    Namo Namo Guru Paadukabhyaam, punappunah||

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