Dr Radhakrishna Sastrigal of Srirangam reached lotus feet of Periyava

It is sad to share that sastrigal has passed away yesterday. He has been an exponent in sanskrit, dharma sastram, ayurveda, veda and a great Bala Tripurasundari upasakar..He has given lot of mantra upadesams to several devotees…Spent lot of time with Periyava. He has written lots of books – the most important book to note is “Adi Shankara Charithram” under the guidance of Periyava. I still remember that wonderful 2 hours of my time at his house talking to him….

Rare to find someone who lived a complete life as per sastra, accomplished so much that are helpful to astikas like us – now rests at the feet of Lalitha Devi!

Here is the interview of mama::

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  1. Many books and Audio article are available from his Official Web Site of Dr.S.V.Radhakrishna Sastri

  2. I am sad to learn that the learned scholar Sri Radhakrishnan Sastrigal passed away. When I first got in touch with Mr Gopal of Sri Mahaperiyavaal Trust who had released the books compiled by him, he was stating that Sastrigal was not doing well and hence could not spend time in publishing more though his intellectual propensities both in Sanskrit and Tamil were exemplary and extraordinary. Apparently from the introductions that he had given in various books, I could only infer that his Guru Bhakti was supreme and his understanding of Advaita was beyond imagination. His Tamil was classic and literary; free-flowing and crystal-clear. Those who claim today that they championed the cause of Tamil language must beg at his mastery over the language. My respectful obeisance to the departed soul with prayers to my Lord Shanmukha that he be born yet again in this world for the cause of Hinduism and its literature.

  3. Dear Sri Mahesh: Three of us from Bangalore were fortunate to meet Sri Radhakrishna Sastrigal on July 24, 2014, and would like to share ouf experience.

    A short write-up about our meeting with Sri. S.V.Radhakrishna Sastrigal of Srirangam, a Vedic Scholar, who had a very long association with Sri Maha Periyava, on July 24, 2014. Sri. Radhakrishna Sastrigal has authored many publications including the Smruthi Mukthapalam, (a compilation of all the 6 Khandams of Dharma Sastram consisting of about 4000 pages in 7 volumes) published by the Mutt, (few copies of which are available with the Mutt now), only available Sahasranamam on Paramacharya etc.
    He was narrating an interaction between a Vedic scholar, Sri. Ramakrishna Dikshidar (from Sri Appaya Dikshidar lineage), and the revered Paramacharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, on a word in Lalitha Sahasranama Dhyana slokam i.e., ratna ghatastha raktacharanam .
    Sinduraruna vigragam, trinayanam, manikyamaoli spharat
    Taranayaka shekharam, smitamukhim, aapinavakshoruham
    Panibhyam, alipurnaratna chashakam, raktotpalam bibhratim
    Saomyam ratna ghatastha raktacharanam Dhyayetparamanbikam

    Sinduraruna vigragam, trinayanam, manikyamaoli spharat
    Taranayaka shekharam, smitamukhim, aapinavakshoruham
    Panibhyam, alipurnaratna chashakam, raktotpalam bibhratim
    Saomyam ratna phatastha raktacharanam Dhyayetparamanbikam

    The verse means that the Lokha maatha is “keeping her feet on a ghata made out of rathna” ( pot out of rathna). But then her feet may pain after some time since the ghata is not soft as anybody could conceive.
    Under the circumstances the Paramacharya asked the Dikshidar how he would like to interpret the verse?. Sri. Ramakrishna Dikshidar expressed that it could be ratna phatastha, instead ( silk worn with ratna). Pleased with the response from Sri Dikshidar, the Sage was extremely happy and convinced and kept asking Sri Dikshadar what other interpretations he has. What a “Kaaruinya Murthy” our Periyava has been and what a classic response from the most respected Scholar, who is presently 92 years and is staying near Kamakshi Temple, Kanchipuram.
    We feel extremely blessed with the turn of events of the day.
    Enjoyer of the bliss.
    T.V. Ramakrishnan/K.Sundar/D.T. Thyagarajan

  4. Along with his own elder brother Sri Swaminatha Athreyar Maama, Sri Radhakrishna SasthrigaL also has merged in Maha Periyava’s Lotus Feet! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. Maha Periyavaa saranam.

    Where can I get the books that is being discussed here?

  6. Does anyone have the samskritam script of mahaperiyava sahasranamam composed by RadhaKrishnan sastrigal.

    • || Namo bhagavate Kamakoti chandreasekharaya ||

      I have been working on getting Pujya Sri Mahaperiyava Sahasranamam book published. It should be ready in 2015. I will inform you all when the book is ready, through this forum.


  7. it is a sad news. great sanskrit scholar.May his soul rest in feet of Mahaperiava

  8. This is very sad news. He will continue to be remembered by people who have read and benefited by his books. Two of them are very valuable. One is ‘Vinayaka”, a compilation of all the talks of Mahaperiyava on Vinayaka found in the ‘Deivatthin Kural’. The other is his exposition of Vishnu Sahasranamam which is encyclopaedic in scope, the best book in Tamil that has been published so far. It is hard to believe that Sastrigal is no more.

  9. Dr Sastrigal had published sahsranams of Vishnu, Durga, Lalitha and ganesh pooja pathathis in four volume. He has published halasya mahathmayam on Madurai. He has also done good work in creating Sahasranamam for mahaoperiyaval Asthora on Pudu Periyava. Above all he was guiding factor in bringing out the Gajaranyha mahatmayam. A great source of inspiration and guidance has amalgamated with Maha Periyava. May his soul rest in the lotus feet of Mahaperiyava

  10. Sri.SVRadhakrishna Sastrigal had published a compendium of slokas on Ganapathi in four volumes,Bhashya for Vishnu and Laitha Sahasranamam and guidance on leading a healthy life with ayurveda tips and another pocket size sastra book.
    He was also related to Late Swaminatha Athreya of Kamala stores,Tanjore. A great soul who had clarified lot of doubts in Mantra sastra to me

  11. Amongst his greatest acheivments is to edit the Mooka Panchasati and publish it. In away I respect him like a guru for that.

  12. May his soul rest in lotus feet of Mahaperiyava.

  13. Its a sad news.A great scholar .We miss him ..gparthasarathy

  14. Great Samskrit scholar ! Great MahaPeriava devotee ! And a Great human Being ! I remember those days in Trichy when I used to go to his Vaidhyasala for consulting and getting medicines for my mother and Grand father ! Great souls are leaving us one by one. MahaPeriava should always guide us! Let us surrender at His lotus feet.

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