Important appeal – Jata Parayanam@Sri Avudayar Kovil for Periyava Aradhana – Must-read

Periyava had always chosen simple, unassuming people to do bigger tasks. There are so many in the list. I consider it as a honor to write about Shri Ravi (a.k.a “Athirudram” Ravi). A school teacher in Srirangam, a bachelor, comes from a middle-class brahmin family like all of us, has been picked by periyava to do great things. His father retired from BHEL Trichy sometime back and settled in Srirangam. I had a great opportunity to meet Ravi and eat at his place too when I was in India last time!

It seems that several years back when Ravi was at a Dakshinamurthy temple, he saw a vision of Mahaperiyava in the sanctum. Ever since, he has been carrying out some of the impossible tasks for several years. With the blessings of Periyava, Ravi has been conducting Athirudrams in several of divya kshetrams of Mahaperiyava (in several adishtanams etc) for Jayanthi/Aradhana. So far he has completed 16 athirudrams and 11 jataparayanams!!!.  Each run into several lakhs and myriad of complexities in organizing a vedic function like this. With Periyava’s grace, he was able to do this with ease. All these events are blessed by HH Pudhu Periyava and Bala Periyava. As we all know, Pudhu Periyava, despite his health, traveled to almost all of the athirudrams/jataparayanam that Ravi had conducted and blessed the event.

This time he is doing a jataparayanam in Sri Avudayar kovil. Mahaperiyava had talked in length about the greatness of this kshetram. Read the article below to know more details.

Since last two major events, Ravi has been struggling to get enough sponsors. While he leaves it to Periyava to manage, it is our responsibility to shoulder Ravi in whatever way possible in such a noble task. Ravi made a request to see if we can some how support at least the ritwik sambhavanai (Rs 17,000/ritwik) – we have a total of nearly 35 ritwiks. I sincerely request all of our readers to support Ravi AND attend this great event.

Shri Ravi can be contacted at 9443733573 /

I pray our Periyava and Yogambaal sametha  Athmanathaswamy to successfully conduct this event.

Om Namah Shivaya!


Shri GuruhyoNamah:




FROM 8.12.2014 TO 18.12.2014 (MAHAPERIYAVA aradhanai day)

SREE CHANDRA SEKARENDRA SARASWATHY SWAMIGAL KAINGARYA TRUST  takes pleasure in announcing to all devotees, and aasthika friends about the series of JataaParayanam (ஜடை  பாராயணம்) being organized and performed at select temples of South India.




The above Sanskrit verse highlights the importance and significance of Jataaparayanam in particular. JatayantuSahasrakam” – (जटायान्थुसहस्रकम्) goes to extol that JataParayanam, whenever performed, is equivalent to Thousand Vedic sacred acts performed together. To help our community reap the innumerable benefits such a sacred act brings about, performance of “Jataaparayanam” at select ancient temples of South India, is being organized. The chosen temples are both unique in their own historic significance and also share many common features amongst them; apart from being built on sprawling campuses, replete with four majestic tall raja Gopurams, it is also believed that these temples of yore have not had a regular consecration ceremony for a very long time owing to some reason or the other. It is for such reasons that performance of JataParayanam has been prescribed at such of these temples by the divine will of the Paramaachaarya.

Coinciding with the occasion of Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyavaa’s Aradanai celebrations this year, falling on 18thDec-2014 and with the divine blessings of Sri KanchiKamakotiPeetam, it is proposed to conduct


at the famous Shiva sthalam Thiruperunthurai (திருப்பெருந்துறை) –more popularly known as Avudayarkoil, located 14 km southeast of Aranthangi, in Pudukkottai district, Tamilnadu.

It is in this humble town that Saint Manickkavasakar was lived some 1200 years ago. In fact, though the presiding deities of the temple are known and worshiped as Lord Athmanathaswamy and Goddess Yogambaal, there are no idols for the deities; this depicts and emphasizes the formlessness (Aruvam – அருவம் ) of the cosmic supremacy; nor there is Nandi or Navagrahams in this temple unlike most Shiva temples. The Utsavamurthy idol also that of Saint Manickkavasakar’s only, which receives all standard temple protocol respects as well as taken around the temple in ceremonial procession.

It may also be interesting to note that Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyava has stayed in this kshetram, observing his Chathurmasyavratham– performing Chandramouleeswararpoojai under the same kurundai tree  in the year 1934 under which Saint Manickkavasakar sang his famous Siva Puranam, forming the first part of Thiruvaasakam.

On 12thDec-2014, on the occasion of Karthigai Magham – birthstar of Saint Manickkavasakar- chanting of the entire Thiruvasagam, popularly referred to as “Thiruvaasagam Mutrothal” (திருவாசகமுற்றோதுதல்) is planned. On this day as well as on 18.12.2014,  the day of Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava Aradhanai, there will be public Samaaradhanai bhojanam for all participating devotees.

The proposed JataaParayanam is being organized over eleven days, when nearly 35 rithwiks will perform and participate in the chanting and homam. Approximate expenses for the above Jataparayanam is estimated around Rs. 10 Lakhs. This would cover major expenses of dravyam for japa, parayana, homam, rithwik sambhavanai and bhojanam. Ritwik sabhavanai itself is estimated around 5.9 lakhs (Rs 17,000 / ritwik).

All are requested to benefit from the above divine endeavor by personally participating in these events; all are also requested to support the cause by liberally donating, contributing in cash and/or kind. The above fete is conducted essentially using voluntary donations and contributions of individual aasthikaas and not on any institutional sponsorship.

For further information please contact :

  • Sree Chandra Sekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal Kaingarya Trust, 
  • DAF/4, Bharat plaza, Moolathoppu,
  • Melur Road, Srirangam, 
  • Trichy -620006.
  • Contact:  Sri. T.K.Vaidhyanathan, Ph: 0431-2434553 and Sri. Ravi. 9443733573

Details of the bank account for sending donations and contributions are as given;

  • Name       :  Sree Chandra Sekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal Kaingarya Trust,
  • SB a/c No:  115001000358340
  • Bank        :  City Union Bank Srirangam Branch, Trichy 06
  •  IFSC no  : CIUB0000115.  

The donations to the above trust are eligible for tax rebate u/s 80 G of Income Tax act. PAN number of the trust (needed for claiming tax rebate benefit) is – AAGTS4379A.

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  1. Made a contribution of Rs.17,000 today (i.e 1 ritwik sambhavanai ) by Electornic Money Transfer and will send an email to Sri Ati Rudram Ravi . Today ( Thu 4 Dec 2014 ) being Pradosham day as well as Thursday I felt it very auspicious to donate today . Have forwarded this link to a few friends of mine .

  2. This is for the Moderator of this Blog for Mahaperiava. My Request is to have a Tamil version also for this . This is Humble suggestion.

  3. Thanks to Mr.Ravi!
    Your mission is great.with blessings of periaval.
    Please spread the spirit and message to all temples
    and temple goers
    .Please include Thevaram and Thiruvasagam also
    in your assignments and bring the Hindu fold under the blessings of Periaval!
    see my blog G.PARTHASARATHY

  4. This blessed man – Athirudhram ravi visited my house an year back.Frankly speaking i didnt knew about him till this very moment- till i read this article! Shri dhinakara sarma visited my house to complete his sayam sandhyavandhanam and he told me one gentleman will come to visit him,if so to guide me inside.
    I waited and guided him as directed.I was blessed to make coffee for both of them!
    When I asked my wife who is that,she said he was Athirudhram ravi! Since i reside in srirangam I see him for some events that happens here around!
    As Shri.Mahesh says,,Periyava periya vishayangalai namma maadhiri manushaa moolamaa dhaan nadatharaaaa!!!

    Periyava kadaksham!

  5. Very good job!
    People/devotees attending temples should concentrate more on
    Establishing contact between them and God/Diety along with volunteering !
    Simply visiting many temples every day spending 5 minuteseach should be increased to
    chanting/praying for more time.
    Rudram chanting has revolutionised the bakthas mental health
    Many temples are barren and unattended and unlighted!
    Please select such temples and start chanting sanskrit mantras and tamil thirumurais.
    periodically like Temple cleaning and divyadesa yatres.
    Dont spend money on big prasadams…A simple KANJI willl be a good prasadam
    Revive our tradition of chanting in all our temples
    Especially seniors need this program instead of oldage homes!
    I am doing it under Periavas blessings and guidance in a local temple in virugambakkam..Chennai
    in a simple way in Thirumurai chanting since 6 years .
    chanting !

    See my blog

    • Fantastic thoughts! It also kills the loneliness when their son’s and daughter’s are away. Besides, killing time by watching TV serials is going to lead nowhere.

  6. திரு மகேஷ் அவர்களுக்கு, வணக்கங்களும், வாழ்த்துக்களும். இன்டர்னெட் தகராறினால், இன்றுதான்’ஜட பாராயணம்’ பற்றி அறிய முடிந்தது .நேரில் கலந்து கொள்ள முடியாவிடினும் இயன்ற அளவு காணிக்கை அனுப்ப முயலுகிறேன். பெரியவா அனுக்கிரஹம் தான் உங்களுடனெல்லாம் நட்பு வட்டத்தில் இணைய வைக்கிறது. இந்தியா திரும்பியதும் திரு ரவி அவர்களை சந்திக்க ஆவலுடன் இருக்கிறேன் . நன்றி.

  7. Dear Sri Mahesh


    I have seen this message and I shall be contributing to this great event –

    Important appeal – Jata Parayanam@Sri Avudayar Kovil for Periyava Aradhana –

    I trust i can directly mail my contributions to the accounts mentioned in the mai

    I shall send a message to : Shri Ravi (a.k.a “Athirudram” Ravi) Shri Ravi can be contacted at 9443733573 / once the online transacion is completed

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

    s k raman

  8. Good cause and it is nice that you have posted this. With God’s grace,will remit to Mr Ravi’s bank account.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  9. Excellent work being done by RAvi. I talked to Shri Vaidyanatha Iyer and told him I will send my contribution for the Jata Parayanam. If possible, I will also attend it in Dec.

  10. Good.
    All seniors who are able and doing nothing in their houses
    to be motivated to take such assignments in temples near their houses
    without disturbing anybody
    Instead of thinking of oldage homes they should consider temple chanting ..
    of course food and shelter is free!

  11. Truely said Sri Ravi is conducting the athirudrams and jadaparayanam with the blessings of HH Mahaperiyava and HH Pudhu periyava and HH Bala periyavaa with total dedication. I have met sri ravi @Echangudi Athirudram and continously in touch with him. Surely Periyavaa bhakthas will do their best.
    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

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