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I have renamed the “Video Content” to Periyava TV. Although I did it for fun, even in reality, it is a 24×7 on-demand Periyava TV! I hope one day a real TV channel comes exclusively on Periyava and Kanchi Matam.

Click on “Periyava TV” on the main menu to access all video contents.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

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  1. I agree with Vijay Anand.I am one among them for the last two years I am non brahmin and I made my relatives follow him and they got more benefits rather i would say satisfaction , i dont want to say them as miracles because it may happen once in life time but satisfaction in life is more what all we need and controlling desire is much more needed which lead to satisfaction. by some how we were in hands of Him.
    i am here conveying my thanks to Mahesh and Sivaraman who are the eyeopeners of future generation and i m sure the digital world will help everyone to reach Periyava.

  2. hope here you can start by IPTV and the youtube “Mahaperiyava Experiences ” can run 24*7 in that tv .slowly it will reach people and this must be known to every people of the world with subtitles and it must be shown in school too and esp for teachers to save future generation. mainly the iptv should emphasis on deivathin kural

  3. sasiupma
    TV is big business….big business needs big money….big money is under control of politicians …and businessmen….business can thrive only if there is profit…profit in TV is through ads… need not conform to ethics all the time….Finally..viewers who are the target for ads…Big question :can we attract viewers , young ones in particular, to spirituality ? Maybe if Periyavaa performs some miracle…You think he will do ,that ?!

  4. Hara hara shankara jaya jaya shankara Periyavaa will fulfil your dre

  5. Need we invest seperately in another TV station as SriSankara TV gives detailed views of MAHAPERYAVA daily morning from 5.30am and evenings are with Bhajan competitions/festival displays and also special poojas of Sringeri swamigal -Chandramouleeshwara pooja etc.
    I think these should be enough in this fast running life of many working people.
    Episodes on Mahaperiyava’s life is shown in Zee Tamizh in the morning at around 8.15am for only 7 minutes.We have written strongly also to Zee Tamizh to increase time slot to 15 minutes atleast as recap of earlier part and the day’s part is very short.Maybe if all Bhaktas also write to Zee TV (Tamizh) then we maybe able to get some more education on Mahaperiyava.
    But what I see is the slot time given for Saibaba etc in Zee Tamizh shows more money power games at play.

  6. om shree anusha jyothiye potri avartham thiruppaadhangale potri potri .

    superb thank u shri mahesh jee

  7. Thank you Mahesh and the idea is super!! Let is be ” Periyava TV” only since we are all very close to HIM and
    HE is always near & taking care of us with motherly care. If it is ” MahaSwami”, we are distancing ourselves from him.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sanakra Sanakra!!

    • You are so right!!!!! Even in my swami room, I am little nervous looking at a photo where is periyava is having an intense look – can’t take that…I like Periyava smiling or like your gravatar 🙂


  8. I concur with Shri N Sankaran. One more point. Any public TV Channel has to survive on funds. Why not his devotees start some voluntary contribution, otherwise some money bags could take over and usurp the channel by means of the .

  9. Revered Mahesh,

    It’s a great idea to name the video contents as Periava TV.
    But I have small suggestion. The word “Periava” is more of a Tamil world name. Periava belongs to all.
    It will be appropriate to name it as “Mahaswami TV”. (Mahaswami is a Sanskrit word understood by non Tamils too).
    When people started calling him “Paramacharya”, he has told them not to call in that name as it is commonly used to address Saiva mutt pontiffs, not Advaitha Vedic mutt pontiff. (reference Deivathin Kural).

    Just my two cents and I am sure you won’t mistake me. Thanks.

    • I dont mistake anyone as most of you know more than whatever little i know – so, i learn everyday….

      I have heard about the usage of “Paramacharya” before….Like I said, i did this rename only for fun….no serious motive behind it…Someone suggested pitching in money to run a TV etc…Thats not that easy – running a TV is a multi-crore operation…..Let us stay simple with this level of satsang….Maybe one day Periyava send a very rich devotee to start a TV channel for Him…..That is definitely not me 🙂


  10. Mr. Mahesh excellent Kaingaryam to our periyavaa. See one thing i would like to share with you my dear. That is, not only the miracles of periyavaa before he attained mukthi to be posted in this site but also the present miracles taking place of his devotees life also to take place. That is also must. But i dont know who are all the devoteees, their addresses, their contacts etc…. ????. But its must. Our periyavaa kanchi mattam has to become like Manthraalayam and Tirupathi in the coming days. Thats my wish too. Periyavaa has to guide all of us.

  11. Thank you immensely, Mr.Mahesh, for this treasure house.

    Now we can watch in leisure and repeatedly, episodes on Mahaperiavaa.

    May God and Mahaaperiavaa bless you for your innovative venture.


    Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 01:01:15 +0000 To:

  12. awesome 🙂 nice name.. 🙂

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