1963 Exclusive Interview with Periyava by Shri A.S.Raman

Thanks to Shri Venkatasubramaniam for sending this great treasure – great interview – rare photos….Shri A.S.Raman (Aathur Seetharaman)’s relative had sent this treasure to him and finally reached me….There are two interviews in this package..

It is another amazing interview done by Shri A.S.Raman – don’t miss….To me, Periyava’s views on some of the topics are new….

  • Caste System – the swadharma part & secularism
  • How brahmins disintegrated..in fact he goes to the extent of saying that today’s brahmins have no right to preach anymore on what our ancestors said when he is not able to live like a brahmin!!!
  • Banned book “Lotus and the Robot” by Koestler – it seems Koestler had highest regards for Periyava while he ridiculed everything else
  • Cinema
  • Temple renovation – Temples don’t have to look pretty!!!
  • Periyava’s regards for English as a language
  • Rituals
  • Emphasis on moral value for children and how our system has dragged us only into academic achievements

The author sees Lord Nataraja & Buddha’s serenity in Periyava….The author of the banned book sees Christ’s smile in Periyava etc…

Closing paragraph is such a great tribute to this mahan….I do not think it could have been written any better than this…

How informed, intelligent and educated the journalists in those days? How well they are prepared to meet a mahan like him – look at the photo….Their entire family must have prepared for this visit really well – it shows up in the photo where they’re waiting for Periyava….

Today, the journalist spend the previous night in a pub and go to matams/ashrams the next day to do interview!! They have no intelligence, can’t write a quality English or Tamil articles, lack depth in any field, lack of manners..Most of them land up into this area as they failed everywhere else…True and quality journalism is dead long ago.

Thanks to these great authors with whom we can cherish those old days…

Here is the download link for Part 1

Here is the download link for Part 2

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  1. “Today, the journalist spend the previous night in a pub and go to matams/ashrams the next day to do interview!! “. Most of them land up into this area as they failed everywhere else…”

    By these statements, you have made a Samashti character assassination (assassination of an institution or a social group)

    Just based on few true incidents and experiences, commenting or generalizing on a profession or an institution does not seem right.

  2. Great interview never previously read. What is very obvious is the fact that 51 years later, what Maha Periyava has said are all happening now and we find that we are not able to control anything going adrift. If we sincerely reform ourselves and follow His Upadesams, we will be redeemed! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. A wonderful article and so very pertinent in the times we live. Such clarity of thoughts and such ease at explaining difficult concepts are only “God” given. As Periyava said; its important to live for an ideal cos that is what would steer us clear in trying time. Thanks once again for sharing this gem on an article.

  4. thank you Mahesh for bringing out this , an eye opener for every HINDU ,

  5. I am having another article written by Sri A S Raman on Mahaswami in the year 1997 while he was working as Editor in the news paper called Andhra Pradesh Times, published from Hyderabad. The article is titled as ” Brought Divine Grace to Human Face”.It is well drafted and is very valuable information about MahaSwami I want to send it to Sri Mahesh for post in his Blog. Can any body tell how this can be done.

  6. How a Brahmin has to live & emulate others told with such justifications may inspire the people of the community to pull up the socks & start rebuilding the character & dedication to the Lords & Their Messangers like Maha Peiyavaa. Thanks for your efforts in bringing up this article. The Author’s conclusion was stupendous & it makes people like me feel that we have missed a golden opportunity to connect with Mahans like Maha Periyava.

  7. Don’t be harsh to anyone. People living in US and working in IT industry shouldn’t speak about this going to ___ in the night. The __ can be filled to your understanding of society. Every profession has every kind of people because we are all attracted to some kind of a lifestyle and wants. You won’t be in US right now had you not wanted something when you were passing out of your graduation. People realize suddenly something due to grace. That’s when they land up or down somewhere, like how I had landed down to your website right now and writing this comment. Human mind is mostly irrational and thinks it’s liberated to express and do what it thinks and acts accordingly. Today you are doing this noble work. How confident you might be that you will be able to do and stick to your “sath-karma” without “kama” or “krodha” on someone?
    Bottomline, “Naa Irukaen”! Who does what before coming to mutt is not something I expected from this blog author and that too such opinions from you;

    • Don’t take this comment wrongly, just alerted you not to have “dwesh” or “krodha” on anyone! Every work you spell in a virtual temple needs to be careful as you know who you aspire to become really!

      • I still haven’t forgotten and never will forget (because i am not a mahan) what our dear journalist did to our Pudhu Periyava and Bala Periyava during our trying times. It is the quality of the people who did a character assassination of our acharyas. It is purely due to lack of quality in people, lack of principle and quality of journalism that made all those happen….What people do and where they land up is destiny. No matter what they do and wherever they are – maintaining certain quality is what i am talking about…That applies to me even if I am not doing this work tomorrow….

        Leaving the dharma/adharma side, even if you take the quality of interviews – it shows up…Few months back, I was watching “Namathu virundhinar” in some TV where they were interviewing Shri Ghatam Karthick, whom I know too. He was interviewed by two folks…Both of them are asking questions on “How was your experience with Ilayaraja” “How A R Rahman records?” – it is all about celebrity…The final/ultimate question came when i switched off the TV – “When you play you smile at mridanga vidwan and he gives you some signs, what do you talk/convey?” !!! There was no question about music – because they do not know music – they lack knowledge, they lack depth…this is what i am talking about….

      • While you might believe in the entire guru parampara, there would have been a significant % of your follower base who would believe in Mahaperiyava and not his sishyas completely. Appreciate your detailed point of view and I don’t mean to say what someone else(in this case journalist) does is right or wrong. When we manage a blog of ~3k followers and almost 100k regular visitors what we write is heard in the name of mahaperiyava by a wider audience. We could consider not displaying any “dwesha” towards anyone through our words and opinions.

        In this world of perceptions, grace doesn’t come to everyone. When you have it act gracefully!

      • You’re shifting the topic to elsewhere…Core conversation was about lack of professionalism in journalism as an industry and not about guru parampara or about the readers here and their belief towards sishyas etc…To repeat, I stated the current status-quo of the journalism as an industry. There is an incident where Mahaperiyava corrected a journalist on how wrongly he wrote about someone without proper basis/facts and that journalist apologized and corrected the next day. That is not dwesham.

        I dont know if the last line is a generic statement or addressed to me….Either way, I dont qualify to be part of that sentence….I am far from that…I am a man with lots of imperfections/impurities – have a long way to go…I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel but my journey goes on….

        BTW – Interestingly, you seem to know quite some statistics about this blog…I am starting to guess who you are!!

      • The intention of all these comments is to convey only one thing, didn’t wish to repeat the sentence. But now it demands. The sentence “Today, the journalist spend the previous night in a pub” isn’t required.
        I may not be qualified to guide or correct you. But hope can care for this virtual temple at least.
        If you see a validitiy in it, I will consider myself a dumb trying to speak to a deaf.

      • Grace is pouring on you and you don’t have to be qualified as you are the medium through which something happening which you would soon realise I hope! Never doubt the grace on you! Naa Irukaen

  8. Thanks Mahesh, for sharing this wonderful “Pokisham”….Periyava is “Periyava, The Ultimate”…no other words in my thoughts….it is unfortunate the world is missing such diving souls to be with and guide us all times. One thing I understood reading this article: “whether there is god or not” we need god just as an ideal to work towards, we may have never seen god, but may have seen/heard/read periyava” – For “Seeing is believing”, then HE is our ideal for ever and we all should work towards and together to follow HIM.

  9. i think we should compile these priceless interviews compile into a book and prescribe for not only philosophic studies but also in schools. Amazing are the questions on the relevance and most amazing are the answers for its clarity ; practice comes from belief ; perfection leads to divinity. Blessed are you indeed to put out on the net this interview.

  10. A temple need not be attractive but it should be authentic……….now a days movies have lured………..
    these were the words uttered by periava and also about brahminism in 1963 five decades ago. If HH were to be there to day with so many long serials spoiling everyone (they somehow find time to see the serial while they say they dont have time other things and the worsening of what is happenings with the so called brahmins, i cant imagine. Periavale saranam neethan kaappathanum.


  1. Sri Sri Sankaracharya Speaks – An Exclusive Interview By Sri A.S.Raman – August 18, 1963 – Illustrated Weekly (Complete) – Sage of Kanchi

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