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  1. Wonderful kuttimaa. Keep it up. – Vijay, Vellore

  2. Just a glance is sufficient and even a non-devotee will say that the picture is that of MahaPeriyava. So thatroopam..so real.

  3. It shows your deep sense of Bakthi and involvement . in Maha Periyava:s Arul Asi will be always there with you Baby.

  4. The Child has MahaPeriavva’s Blessings and Protection.

  5. The karunyam in the eyes says it all. It is indeed Periyava’s great blessings that the child enjoys.

  6. saranya has the implicit blessings of PERIYAVA to do the painting. let her journey continue with more
    laurels to achieve

  7. It is wonderful. It is really fortunate that the young girl could picturize mahaperiyava from her mind may be after seeing some of His pictures.Her concentration is awesome.She has the anugraham of Mahaperiyava.

  8. the deekshanyam in the eyes !periyava saranam.

  9. Dear Saranya, Excellent painting. I think you have extracted your love of periyava from your heart and bought it as painting. Keep it up. And friends, Periyava must be speaking to some of his very close devotees still. Do you know any of them contact details ? If so, without fail let me know please by writing in vijay_anand_gopal@yahoo.co.in – Thanking you, Vijay, Vellore

    • If you speak to your self and if you self replies (without you “talking”) then periyava speaks to you too.
      If we understand “who is mahaperiyava?” then we won’t have this question. “Naa Irukaen” and “Abhayahastha Picture of Mahaperiyava” should be registered in mind and you try thinking to yourself. It will do the magic!

      • The reason why I am sure about this, Truth and Dharma is the essential nature of every self. And what more one can think or get when they recall words “Naa Irukaen” with “Abhayahastha”. Only Truth and Dharma will speak to you which is “Mahaperiyava”! The more Dharma and Truth prevails in your thoughts, that leads to our choice of words and actions. That will slowly lead to us interacting-> experiencing -> living with and eventually becoming(ambitious goal) one some day.

  10. Excellent drawing/painting.

    PS: Please consider not using “Great Job” for respecting artists. They don’t work or do job for anyone.
    I understand the corporate email language makes us comment “Great Job” on blogs as well.

  11. wow!!! Outstanding work!!! Wish Maha Periyava shower his bliss to little Saranya for many more to come!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!!!

  12. I can see the Karunai in periyava’s eyes.

  13. Wow. Looks like a professional artist’s work. Blessed kid. 🙂

  14. Nicely done, Saranya ! Keep at it ! MahaPeriava will guide you !

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