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  1. Dear Sri Mahesh

    Thanks for this share… this is the reasons our elders have taught us “kovil illa ooril, kudiyerukka vendam” (do not live in a town where there is no temple)… “Gopura Darisanam Kodi Papa Vimochanam” (Seeing the Gopuram shall get rid of all sins)…. Let us make it a point to do what Periyava said Gopura Darisnam & Coming around the temples once a week atleast, more particularly cultivate in next generation.

    During a recent camp of Periyavas at Bangalore, after Viswa roopa Darisanam, we were Blessed by Bala Periyava to be with him and advised us to sat beside Him… One of the advises Sri Bala Periyava said was to take the habits to next generations, take them to temples….

    Jaya Jaya Shankar, Hara Hara Shankara

  2. The temple towers are spiritual power grids/centers and we must recharge ourselves by looking at them in reverence and worshiping them. When we look at these towers, we will get immediately transported to the isthalapuram of the temple and our minds then get immershed in the divine events. This is how we must keep the spiritual fire alive in us.

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