Triplicane Periyava Slokha book

Thanks to Shri Sriram Suryanarayanan for sharing this document. I have reproduced his mail here…


” Dear Mahesh,

Glad you visited Angarai Periyava’s adhishtanam at Pazhur. A very peaceful place! Have had Periyava’s darshan in Triplicane a few times. We used to go to him with problems and he gave such simple solutions. His benign smile is enough to calm us. He would suggest shlokas for a particular situation and they have always worked.

I have a book on Periyava and the shlokas that he usually recommends for different problems. Thought it would be really beneficial to all of us. Something to cling on to with faith when we go through troubles…

Please share it with all Mahaperiyava devotees.

It is so kind of him to share this with all of us…That is the beauty of all Periyava devotees. I see our blog is no different from that and we all follow one thing – “யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெருக இவ்வையகம் “! (Let the world taste the same nectar I tasted too – hope my translation is decent!)…

Download link here

(For some reason, the book is scanned sideways. Once you download the document from above link, open using Adobe Reader and you can rotate the document to keep it straight.)

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  1. Ram Ram🙏

    Thank you for the article. The downloadable link does not exist. That is what is response when I click on the link . Is there an alternative way to get the document sir?


  2. Will someone please translate the Slokas into English/ Sanskrit n publish it.

    Will be very useful to people like me who cannot read n write Tamil.

  3. Sri Angarai Periyava Upadeshangal Collection:-

    Kindly listen and share.

  4. wonderful collection of maha periyava’s to get at one place please try to give that to all of his devotees thank you 94444455320

  5. Thank you for sharing Sri Sriram and Sri Mahesh…

  6. Thanks for sending such a very useful Mahaperiava Shloka advises. Immense thanks



  7. Thanks a lot to Sri Sriram Suryanarayanan and Sri.Mahesh for sharing this treasure house of Slokas. The photos of Periyava and His Adhishtanam are a Boon to people like me who never had an opportunity to have His Dharshan physically. Maha Periyava and Sivan Sar are also there to Bless us! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  8. Dear Mahesh,

    Thanks again for another timely article.
    Praying to Sri Bhagavan for his continued blessings and grace.

  9. Mahesh, No doubt it’s a treasure. Request you to let us know where can we get a published copy of this book.

  10. Thanks for the book

  11. If any one right down in English it will be beneficial to more people.

  12. Pradosham is indicated as on 5th. It is shown as on 6th in all other panchangams,
    including a calender I got from Sri Matam, Kanchi.
    Dwadasi exists on 5th Oct. upto almost 44 nazhigai.. acc. to Srirangam,
    Paambu and Vaithikasri panchangams.. almost 11 pm close to midnight that
    is beyond the Pradosham time….Vedanarayanan.

  13. Hi Mahesh Thanks a ton for sharing this precious one!


  1. Sri Angarai/Triplicane Periyava Aradhana – Sage of Kanchi

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