Jeevan Mukthar

If you think about it, our generation had an extraordinary blessing to see a given mukthar in our lifetime – Periyava!! I don’t know when we would see another mahan like Him again!


Sri Kumaresan is one of the anukka thondar who got blessings from Sri Mahaperiyava  that till his last day he’ll serve Sri Periyava. Initially, He was called by Periyava in 1971 for the daily supply of ‘aadai tayir’ prepared by his amma. His elder brother used to bring it but one day Periyava asked whether he has anybody else at home. That is how Sri Kumaresan Mama came into regular darshan of Periyava. One day, Periyava asked him to stay back & it continued for ever…
One day at a camp at Agari, Sri Kumaresan Mama & Sri Srikantan Mama were preparing for the day, Periyava has told “இன்னிக்கி ஒரு நிச்சயதார்த்தம் இந்த இடத்துல நடக்க போகுது… ” (“Today a betrothal is going to happen in this sannidhi”) No one understand what it mean. Some. Visitors have brought some ‘Matta thengaai’ & few other items. Periyava has said items required for ‘Nischayathaatham’ were given by Swami. Again no one understood what it mean… Suddenly, Sri Kumaresan Mama’s father & few others arrived and proposed a ‘nischayathartham’ for Sri Ekambaram Mama. Periyava has blessed all.

One day, during Periyava’s daily enquiry he has told that his brother has bought a plot. Periyava has called for his brother. Sri Kumaresam Mama don’t understand why but called him. “நீ ஏற்கனவே ஒரு வீடு வச்சிருக்கே இல்லையா?” (“Nee erkanavae oru veedu vachirukkae illaiya?”) Brother of Sri Kumaresan Mama has acknowledged what Periyava has told. “அதனால இப்ப வாங்கியிருக்குற பிளாட்-ஐ உன் தம்பி குமரேசனுக்கு எழுதி கொடுத்துடு…” (“Adhanaala ippa vaangiyirukkura plot-ai un thambi Kumaresan-kku ezhuthi koduthudu…”) Next instance the patram was submitted. It begins as, “Periyava utharavu padi en thambikku…”

On a Banu-sapthami, Periyava visited the plot. At a point, Periyava has 93said, “It is too tired…” & was laying on the road! Prof. Ekambara Iyer was requesting saying “ellar aathukkum porel… Enga aathukkum varanam…” Periyava, “Adho porane avanai kelu…” pointing to Sri Ekambaram Mama. Still he was insisting… Finally Periyava was made to come to Prof. Ekambaram’s house. But Periyava has gone directly to a point for his usual japa. No one knows why & what until when Periyava came out of his one hour japa…

When Periyava came out of his one hour japa. Sri Kumaresan Mama saw that Periyava was fully red in color. Being confused, he was trying to pull out the ‘dharba-asanam’. At that point he couldn’t do as the asanam was full of ‘red ants’! Then he realized that Periyava was doing his one hour japa while ‘red ants’ were biting Periyava… Periyava once explained this state as a proof of ‘Jeevan Mukthi’. However, at that instance Sri Ekambaram Mama was bit annoyed & expressed the displeasure to Prof. that we shouldn’t force Periyava as it’ll result in such ‘vibareetham’…
Once PuduPeriyava & another person were learning sastras together in those early times, the other person couldn’t understand ‘Jeevan Mukthar’. Finally, it came to Periyava. Periyava took him to a tree nearby, sat down there & saying that there are few lakshanams told about Jeevan mukthar, like they don’t have any conscious of their body. But the learner couldn’t understand how can somebody be not conscious about their body. After giving few examples, the learner sort of half-convinced. Then they were about to leave the place. At that time, the learner noticed that Periyava’s back was fully covered by white ants. He was shocked & tried to do something. Periyava, “andha olaiya eduthu lesa lesa thattu” Softly, softly to be tapped, meaning without hurting them. Later the learner has understood that here is a ‘Jeevan Mukthar’!


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  1. “I too had the desire to learn from that Sannyasi!”
    a friend had posted this in another site on Sankara Jayanthi day.
    Here it is for our benefit. Thanks
    MC Mani

    It was in the year when Periyava was camping at Karad (Maharashtra) on the banks of the confluence of Krishna and Koyna. There was a temple for Krishna Amba .

    Periyava did His snanam in the confluence, completed His anushtanam and was giving darsanam to devotees in the temple, at the sannidhi of Krishan amba.

    A sannyasi visited the temple.He read the ‘aparokshAnUbhUthi’ of Bhagavat PAdA in full (144 shlokAs) along with the commentary on it by Sri VidyAraNya. After he finished it Periyava asked two vidvAns to state the substance of what was read briefly. They did it in Sanskriṭ. After which the Sannyasi left taking leave of Periyava.

    Periyava later revealed who that sannyasi waṣ.

    “He was the teacher of VedAntic shastrAs to the AcharyAs of Sri Sringeri Mutṭ. At present he does nothing but read the works of Bhagavad PAdA all the time!”

    As Periyava expressed His desire to ‘learn’ from him, the Sannyasi had earlier come to Ugar and spent the entire day in fulfilling His desire. The Sannyasi had moved closely with Sri Chandrasekara Bharathi Swamigal of Sri Sringeri Mutt and taught Shastra pAtam to Hiṃ. He later taught the present AchAryA who adorns the Sri Sharadha Peetam of Sringeri and has earned that AchAryAś’ respect too.

    “I too had the desire to learn from that Sannyasi”, He concludeḍ!

    Translation by Shri Mohan Ramiah of incident from Tamil, published by The Association of Hindu Dharma in 1982-83.

    In the picture are the Padukas of Adi Shankara Himself! Thanks a ton to Sri Sudarshan Iyer who says that, “it is present in our SriMatam only and in no other Mutt. This Paduka, covered with several layers of gold, is actually made of ivory, and has imprints of Srimad Acharyal’s Padaravindam. With this same Paduka, the Bala Sanyasin (Adi Shankara) made Bharatha holy by treading across, spreading Sanathana Dharma and Advaita Siddhantha.The Paduka can be seen during the Deepa Namaskaram every evening!”

    Let us all pray to Him earnestly and be blessed, today being Shankara Jayanthi!
    could not post the excuse

  2. It is A Blessing even to live in a Desam where Jeevan Mukhthars Lived, Live and will continue to Live! Anna Sri. Ra. Ganapati has said that we are Blessed to live and hear about Maha Periyava, HH Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Maha SwamigaL of Sringeri and Bhagavan RamaNa Maharshi, whom He called the Advaitha Triumvirate of 20th century. There are many others also. Our only act must to respect Them all and do Namaskarams to Them all. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Mr. Sai. Jeevan Mukathar from Sringeri Peetam also. I dont want any partiality in this group. Hope you are from south India and you may aware about sringrei mutt and there peetadhibadhis like Sri Sri Chandrasekara Bharathi Swamigal, Abhinava Vidyatheertha Swamigal and current pontiff Sri.Bharathi theertha Swamigal.

    For your better understanidng you can read the Sri.Ra.Ganapathy book about both Chandrasekara Swamigal. Sri Guru Pahimam

    • Shri. Chandramouleezvaran,

      //I dont want any partiality in this group//.

      My intention was not to create any partiality and that is the reason I sent the note there are so many Mahans (Jeevan Mukthas) that existed, existing and will exist in the future that are beyond our comprehension. I just gave a sample, but there are so many others as you have mentioned as well.

      Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  4. let me tell u, this thanglish version is much confusing. it kills the joy of reading. a proper tamil post followed by translation for required few will be much appreciated.

    • I agree that this is a different style of writing than the normally we see here….these articles are typed by a devoted gentleman, Shri Ratnam and he types certain words in Tamil to bring the originality or exact verbatim of the actual phrases Periyava had said. Ideally this should be typed in Tamil entirely. That would disappoint non-tamil readers. I will request him to translate the Tamil instead of transliterating it….

  5. we get MEY SILIRPPU upon going this.May be one have read in books but once narrated by an eyewitness we can have a visual imagination of the happening.

  6. Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  7. //I don’t know when we would see another mahan like Him again!//

    Jaya Jaya Shakara Hara Hara Shankara,

    I understand the above statement is being told in good intent and to hold Pujya Sri HH in the highest esteem, but in Bharatha Desam we have seen and seeing so many mahans including our Pujya Sri HH Pudhu Periyava and Pujya Sri HH Bala Periyava. There are so many great Mahans like Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi, Swami Rama Krishan Paramahamsar, Swami Vivekanandar, Swami Aurobindo. They all lived around the same time as well.

    Jaya Jaya Shakara Hara Hara Shankara,

    • And please don’t forget Gynananda Giri Swamigal, one of the greatest mystic of all times, who took Samadhi in 1972. India has seen hundreds of such Mahans, in every century. Many of these Mahans have helped people dispassionately, didn’t mind taking over their Karma just to bring relief to the sufferer, even when the sufferer was just a man on the street, without any personal ties to the Mahan. One thing, Mahaperiyaval mostly helped individuals, and their families, who are in some way connected to the Mutt and have personally served him. Others, he lets them suffer out their Karma – no interference; which is fine, because that is his philosophy and who is anybody to question what a Mahan can and cannot do with his powers. That is the Mahan’s discretion.

      But I have witnessed Mahans who have helped ordinary mortals out of sheer compassion, even when these mortals have never been in the service of them or their establishment, nor are/ have been blindly devoted to the Mahan. Such is the case of Gynananda Giri of Tapovanam. The sheer compassion in these Mahans for the ordinary crying mortal is reflected in their kind deed to these mortals.

      To such Mahans, I am truly grateful, because, not only was I personally helped, but I have learnt a valuable lesson from them about compassion.

  8. Pranamya shirasa devam, chintayaami hirudayambujae |Aachaaryam SriChandrasekarendram,Advaitaanandasaagaram ||

  9. Dear Sri Mahesh

    Blessed are we… Sri Periyava has directed Paul Brunton to go and meet “Sri Ramana Maharshi”, when he met Sri Periyava and wrote the book on “Search in Secret India”…

    Those who have not had the Bagyam of having the Darshan of them, are Blessed by their Grace through you to read about them… Without their Grace and ‘Utharavu’we can not even think about them, reading about them is next…

    Guru Patha Kamalame Saranam

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