Renovation of Saptharishi matha temple

Shri Badhrinarayanan sent me this appeal while I was in India. He has taken up this initiative and requires support from all readers. For further information, please contact Shri Badhrinarayanan directly.

As a standard disclaimer, I will not be in a position to provide you any updates/acknowledgements on your contributions and only Shri Badhrinarayanan is responsible for acknowledgements, clear communication to avoid confusions etc.


Appeal 1 - 4 Appeal 2 - 4 Appeal 3 - 4 Appeal 4- 4chelli amman temple status of Jan 1 2014 without mun mandapam temple during the construction of Mantapam Visible 5 deities of Sapthamatha

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  1. Dear Mahesh I have updated the photos in a seperate mail to you to update in this blog. we have got good response and work is progressing as expected. please post the updates also to get more contributions.

  2. We have got the communication from Mr. Ramesh Mahalingam that he has sent his contribution by courier after reading this post in Mr. Mahesh blog. We thank both Mr. Mahesh for posting this appeal in his blog and Mr. Ramesh for his contribution….

  3. The construction work is already started and we are updating the progress in the facebook page

    you can also mail me to my mail ID for any clarifications.

    Please add these info too Mr. Mahesh.

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