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Bindu is one of my favorites when comes to being fully blessed….I tried to meet him this time when i was in India but he wasn’t at home – may be next time!

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1987-88, Periyava Jayanthi – (1) 1987-88, Periyava Jayanthi @Kanchi. Sri Bindu Sadhakan have just completed his education & have come for the Jayanthi. During his younger days, he used to have lot of ‘sowlabyam’ & talk to Periyava, as if Periyava is his own grandpa. But now, he has grown, got a lot more reverence & begin to maintain a distance. However, Periyava Jayanthi is a mahotsavam he’ll never miss out. All the celebrations are over, it was late evening & he is in the queue to take ‘utharavu’. Periyava has said something unusual…

Bindu Sadakan have been there with Periyava during many important incidents. Once when Mrs. Indira Gandhi came running & literally fell at Periyava’s feet when Periyava was at Sivasthanam in Kanchi. He never bothered who it was but all he recollect is someone of importance have came & fell at “our Periyava’s feet”. Similarly, he has witnessed Atomic Engineer, Mr Kasturi Rangan’s interaction & so on. So, for him Periyava has been always special. So when Periyava says something, it is of prime importance. So after the Jayanthi celebrations, Periyava was saying something before giving ‘utharavu’…

Being a youngster & also a bit aggressive personality Bindu if provoked, have a tendency to slap the opponent irrespective of who he is. Because he is always confident that Periyava is with him & guiding him. Even today he believes so, whether it is a journey on the road or the journey called ‘life’… Now at this juncture, he is not sure why Periyava, instead of giving ‘utharavu’ have said, “அவன கோப படாம இருக்க சொல்லு… கோபம் வந்த ‘ராம! ராம!’-நு சொல்ல சொல்லு!” (“avana koba padama irukka sollu… Kobam vandha ‘Rama! Rama!’-nu solla sollu!”) Not knowing how to respond,Bindu nodes his head, took the prasad & left. Amused by what Periyava has said… He has reached Chengalpet Railway station but he missed the train. So he tried & got a seat in Thiruvalluvar Bus. Last seat, Number 36! But a Window seat, so he is happy. However, the person came & sat next to him in seat 35 was too disturbing. He has begun to spit crossing Bindu, quite often. Anger was brewing within Bindu & he was sort of ready to slap him next time if he does it again. While thinking so, the person in the next seat sort of stood up & leaned to spit & Bindu got really angry.

Was about to show his anger by slapping the person but just Periyava flashed in the mind & he just remembered what Periyava has said while leaving… “Rama! Rama!”Bindu said. “இன்னாபா?” (“What paa?”) asked the next seat, stopping the spit. “இல்லை… நீங்க இங்க வந்துடுங்கோ! நான் அங்க போயிடுறேன்!” (“Illai… Neenga inga vandhudungo! Naan anga poiyiduraen!”) Generally, no one gives up a window seat . but they swapped the seats & both continued what they were doing.but shockingly, within 2-3 minutes…

“Bang!” A huge sound heard. “Aaa… Ooo…! Loud cries heard. No one could see what happened. Slowly they realized that a Lorry hit the bus while turning & few seats have just vanished! Seats 36 & 2 seats before it were literally stripped off the bus!

Bindu was shocked. He is still sitting in seat number 35 & not even his armrest was disturbed & he don’t even have a bruise… He got down. STD booths were quite sprung up at that time. So got one & called his appa. Told him what Periyava had said & the awful experience in the bus. His appa advised him to go back to Periyava. He got a bus & went back to Periyava. Anxiously explained everything to Periyava and Periyava was just smiling as if nothing happened. Blessed Bindu & gave prasad and gave ‘utharavu’ to leave. He came back.  This isn’t the first time Periyava has saved his life. Once Periyava even ordered to tore off his train ticket when he tried to come back on time for his board exams. Coromandel fell into the Godavari river & S5 in which he booked was not even traceable. So he knows, Periyava is there all the time for him.

He says “Whoever believes in Periyava, it is Periyava’s ‘headache’ to take care & why should we bother?”

“If you’ve had darshan of Periyava, you’re blessed! Talked to Periyava? Then, still more blessed! Got a reply from Periyava? Even more blessed!” Bindu says.

Probably, if we have the ‘smarana’ of Periyava, we too are blessed. Prayers to Periyava to give us that bakthi,show us that protection, lead us to the right path.


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  1. Mr. Bindhu Sadhakan is fully Blessed by Maha Periyava. We are also Blessed by Him when we read about his experiences. Can you post a photograph of Sri. Bindhu Sadhakan? Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  2. Felt touched by reading this article! Thank you Mahesh!

    Periyava thiruvadigale sharanam!!

  3. Dear Mahesh,

    Wonderful experience shared and we all got Blessed by reading this. Periyava Patha kalangalil saranam.

    From the Land of Chamundeswari, praying for Periyava’s Blessings be Showered on every one on this auspicious Dasara festival Times

    Namaskars to every Blessed feet of Periyava’s Devotees

    Body Named L Ramanan

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