Promise to Ranganathar!

I think this is a repeat…

Interestingly yesterday I was talking to a close friend of mine, who is going through a situation, although not exactly like this and I was mentioning the gist of this message to him.  Just coincidental!!




Once Periyava was traveling to a Divya Kshetram (one of 108) where Sriman Narayanamurthy gives darshan as Sri Ranganathar. There was a serene agraharam. One of the resident was always abusing the resident in the direct opposite house. One in the opposite house is maintaining patient & was non-responding to any of the provocation. He is a bhaktha of Periyava. Periyava was visiting the diva kshetram, so the devotees were preparing to receive Periyava. Everyone was thought of informing Periyava to control the abuser at this time. They were waiting…

Periyava has come. It was a grand reception, as the entire village has come together including abuser, abused, witnesses etc. Periyava as usual asked about the Kshetram, it’s  magimai etc. All were detailed to him. Periyava was taken to the Koil and was visiting sannidhi by sannidhi & the crowd was slowly reducing…

Now, Periyava is having the darshan of Sri Ranganathar & slowly one of the resident has found time to inform Periyava about the situation about phenomenal abuse of his devotee by the one who is residing just opposite to him. Periyava heard everything & looked at the one who is abused, his devotee & then…

Periyava, “இது திவ்ய க்ஷேத்ரமொன்னோ…” Everyone nod their heads, folded their hands “ஆமா பெரியவா! ஆமா!”. “இங்க இந்த ரங்கநாதர் சந்நிதி விஷேஷமொன்னோ…” Everyone again nod their heads with folded their hands responded “ஆமா பெரியவா! ஆமா!”. Periyava, “இங்க சத்யம் பண்ணா மீற கூடதோன்னோ…” Everyone again responded “ஆமா பெரியவா! ஆமா!” They’re pleased with Periyava’s quick response but equally confused as the abuser is not in the scene. Will Periyava give ‘utharavu’ to bring the abuser here & make him to promise not to abuse the innocent devotee anymore? They were waiting for the ‘utharavu’…

When Periyava gives ‘utharavu’ to get someone to his sannidhi, even the parishadar in his very close circle used to shiver. When Periyava says “உம்மனசுல என்ன நினைச்சிண்டுருக்கே நீ” in an usual tone, even Jamindars used to shiver. Even ministers like Moopanar from a tradition of Kanchi Mutt supporting family for generation, used to shiver when ever comes to Periyava & even his voice won’t be feeble. So if Periyava calls the one who abuse, then that’s the end of it, everyone was just awaiting for that but who can predict Eswara Chittham? Everyone was praying in their mind & was awaiting silently. Even one second seems to be one yuga. And Periyava has ordered the most unexpected…

Periyava looked at the innocent devotee who was all along abused & said “அப்படீன்னா அவர் என்ன பண்ணாலும் நீ அவர கோவிச்சுக்க மாட்டேன்னு இங்க சத்யம் பண்ணு!” Yes. Periyava has asked the one who was abused to make the promise at the sri Ranganathar sannidhi! Devotee is a devotee. He did. Everyone there were stunned, deeply silenced than before. What to say? How to respond? Everyone was looking at other’s eyes for some clues but ended up without an answer. Periyava moved. Slowly, the crowd moved along. Whatever Periyava does & gives is an anugraham, the true devotee knows, so he also moved along without any odd feelings…

The goldsmith checks a piece of metal. If it’s not worth he throws it to the scrap. If it’s worth he heats it! Beats it! Pierces it! Heats, beats, pierced over & over again! Finally, the piece of metal becomes an ornament. Oh Periyava! Heat us! Beat us! Pierce us! Give us strength to go through it somehow. But never throw us away…

Ram Ram!

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8 replies

  1. Beautiful! How the saint has built the tenet of patience in front of extreme adversity into his Bhakta. Amazing lesson for me. Hope He blesses us to deal with such situations. Sri Gurubhyo Namah

  2. > Oh Periyava! Heat us! Beat us! Pierce us! Give us strength to go through it somehow. But never throw us away…

    Wow. Absolutely terrific!

  3. Can you please translate Tamil words in between the Enlgish words? I don’t know really what Paramacharya Swamulavaru said. I missed the entire exchange. Thank you so much.

  4. When God Speaks, everyone listens and complies. Maha Periyava KaruNaiyee KaruNai! I am sure the abuses stopped straightaway for the Blessed Devotee! Hara Hata Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. Only Our Periyava Can think and act like this.. He indirectly stress the point to every one ” Kuttram Parkil Shutram Illai” So forget the hatred from your mind and tongue.

  6. Oh, Oh, What a nice and thought provoking/making us to do self analysing incident. Its very difficult to live a pious/good hearted life. I mean to live in a dharmic way its pretty tough. May the Almighty bless us the strong mind to lead a life in the righteous and kind hearted way, enduring the odds and difficulties of life.


  7. Periyava is periyava. Everyone is same to him .what a karunyam even for the abuser.

  8. Wow … second time in a week I am reading a similar recollection – the first time was in facebook where Periyavaa asked someone abused even inside the mutt, to take it as ‘Aathma sothanai’ – think it was Sri Mettur Swamigal

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