Vibhoothi Painting

I really wonder what is the limit of Umesh’s creativity when it comes to Periyava drawing! Drawing after drawing, he has creativity – simply unparalleled..Amazing work!!!

For the first time, I had a great opportunity to talk to Umesh couple of days back. Very humble man and had a very great conversation. Hopefully I will get to meet him soon to see him in action while drawing/painting!!

Here is his latest – a fitting drawing on a pradosham day!

42 Mahaperiyava in Viboothi Painting 20092014

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  1. Shri Umesh is a born artist and his works on Maha Periyava is innumerable. He find total peace while drawing Periyava’s Pictures. May God bless him.I met your father and mother at Annanagar 23rd year RadhaKalyanam. Function was grand. Met your father and Narayanamama ,GopalaKrishnamama,Sundararajamama. Very nice.God Bless you.
    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  2. Dear Mahesh Ji,
    It is nice painting by shri Umesh. O.K. Here I want to ask you one thing. How do you people in USA manage for getting proper Vibhoothi? Do you get while coming to India? Actually its quite difficult to get in India itself, the right Vibhoothi. Normally in shops what we get is really not made from cow dung. It may be some other adulterated material.
    If you want the right Vibhoothi there are places, near to Go saalais where they prepare from cow dung and as per shastric way. But we may not be able to get them in huge quantities. So I just want to know how people all over the world manage getting the correct Vibhoothi. Even for the temples here, we are not sure of getting the right Vibhoothi. Think over it.

  3. Beautiful and with such original creativity !!! .

  4. Periya smaranai brings the best out of every one. Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara.

  5. a feast to our eyes


    SUch painting only can lead us all to anubhoothi.- experiencing the divine.tks

  7. Wonderful Painting.
    Thanks to Umesh for regaling us with his paintings of Sri Maha Periavaa.
    Expecting more and more in the days to come.

  8. WOW!! Outstanding!!! Chandrashekara Pahimam Chandrashekara Rakshamam!!!

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