Nerur – Sri Sadasiva Brahmam

It was such a blessing to visit the jeeva samadhi of Brahmam last week and sit and read about His divya charithram written by HH Sivan Sir!!

I am sure everyone knows about Sadasiva Brahmam – if not, there are lots of articles in google…I will try to post the divya charithram written by Sir on this same post at the earliest….

Here the photos from the adishtanam…..I have seen only one or two common photographs…I took more in and around there (after obtaining clearance from folks there)

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  1. Mahesh Anna, Did we miss your post on the Divya Charithiram on Sri Sadasiva Brahmam, Please indicate its link to enable us to read, Thanks

    May Guru bless your home in abundance for the great service rendered, Aum Sairam

  2. There is a great Mahan at Nerur now. You seem to have missed His Holiness during your visit there….

    • Sabitha Gopalakrishnan, Can you please mention more information to visit and get blessed, Thanks

      • Nerur is 11km from karur,and can be easily reached by bus ,auto or car.there is an young ascetic,with extraordinary gnanamfor His age, at the agraharam there.anybody there will guide you to His ashram.

    • Ms.Sabitha, Thank you for your reply, We did visit Nerur Dec 2015 that was a day of Laksharchana, we were blessed, but were not fortunate to seek blessing of saint.
      Thanks, Venkat

    • Sabitha Gopalakrishnan can you please tell the name of great Mahan.

  3. sivansaar’s enipadigalil mandhargal contains a lot of information to improve us.

  4. One interesting fact I thought should be brought to the notice of readers. I had the good fortune of visiting this place of internment of this Atma Gnani’s sthoola sarira thrice (the shookshma sarira I have read was cast off at Manamadurai and Karana sarira at Karachi). When I visited the place i observed that the vilvamaram which sprouted on top of the jeeva samadhi as predicted by the Gnani had wilted with no leaves and now to my absolute delight I see that the great vritcham has got back its foliage.

    I humbly salute this savant who as per sivan sir had climbed to the eleventh and ultimate stage of human evolution

    N Subramanian

  5. Sir, Thanks for writing about Sri Sadhasiva Brahmendral. I am looking forward to His divya charithram written by HH Sivan Sir. I have many times searched the internet, but could not find Sri Sadhasiva Brahmendral’s divya charithram. Is it available in his ashramam in Nerur???

  6. Great pics Mahesh, especially the one quoting Sri Ramakrishna’s words that seem to reveal that the Mahatma giving darshan to Sri Ramakrishna was none other than Sri Sadashiva Brahmendral.

  7. lots of thanks for bringing the Samadhi of Sri Sadhasiva Brahmendral in this presentation and u earn the punyam of having done so

  8. Real life painting. I could not resist and shared it in FB. Thanks.


  1. Jata parayanam @Nerur for 25th aradhana – Dec 23 to Jan 3 – Sage of Kanchi

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