I was blessed to visit Keezhambhi adishtanam on Saturday. One can’t find a serene atmosphere than this – in the middle of green fields next to a Shivan Kovil – about 8 kms from Kanchipuram. Went with my friends and had a peaceful darshan. If I am not mistaken, this acharya is the sishya of Govindapuram Sri Bodendral. If you have not been to this place, pl include this in your next visit to Kanchi.

From what I understand, nithya puja is not happening here, which was heart-breaking for me. I have requested few folks to inquire about the details and see what we can do to resume nithya puja, if it had stopped.Will share more once I hear….

Here is the little info about the acharya:: (Thanks to Dr Ravishankar’s blog)

Sri Advaitatma Prakasendra Saraswati : He was also known as Govinda. He was the son of Parasurama, a native of a village adjoining the river Vasistha. His former name was Sruti-Pandita. For some time, he lived in Govindapuram where his predecessor had attained mukti. He was held in very great veneration by Sahaji, , the King of Tanjore. He attained mukti at the village Ambi, near Kanchi on Krishna Dwitiya in the month of Chaitra of the cyclic year Svabhanu (1704 AD). His brindavan at Ambi is in daily worship.
(weblink:history of the kanchi mutt)

The following video was not shot by me – must be  by Dr Ravishankar – found at his blog….


Keezhambi1 Keezhambi4 Keezhambi3 Keezhambi5 Keezhambi2

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  1. a valid and an useful information . jai gurudeva

  2. I was also fortunate and Blessed to visit this Keezhambi Brindavam….When I visited all the Adhistanams and Brindavanams of Kanchi Kamakoti Acharyals….
    Had pass through the marshy field….to reach this Serene Brindavanam….

  3. We are very much interested to laying a proper road to go to Athishtanam Myself and Auditor krishnan and Bombay sundarraman, trying our level best to make proper approach. We spoke to village president also. Effort is still going on. Sri sivarama mama is going daily to do the puja as per the instruction of periava Sri Sivaraman mama only doing puja in the video clipping.

  4. Dear Mahesh
    I am very glad that You could have darshan of the Keezhambi periva’s adhishtanam. Daily pooja is being done sincerely by Sri Sivaraman. Last week he was unwell and he deputed his relative to do the pooja. In this connection

    I must share the info that my father-in law, Dr.S.Kalyanaraman with the permission and blesings of both periyavas has made endowments for daily pooja at all known adhishtanams of the Kanchi mutt periyavas under controlof the mutt since the last few many years and we do get regular feed back from the local persons as well as from the srikaryam agent.

    The video was shot on 14/1/12 when we went there on one of our kanchi trips.
    The shiva temple you refer to nearby is Ambikapatheeshwarar temple where Kamban prayed for and had a son whom he named after the Lord in gratitude, This is the only Shiva temple in Kanchipuram which has a separate Ambal sannidhi as this place was the garden of parvathi.

    • Is there a way to get in touch with Mr. Sivaraman ?

      I am planning to go there in person and hence the request.

      Kilambi is our ancestral village.
      I am hearing from my aunt, that my grand dad was appointed by Mahaperiava to do the pooja here in Kilambi, and he was doing it till his last breath till 1940s. All of them have moved out to Chennai since then, and have lost touch with the place.

  5. can i get the route map to reach this Keezhambhi adishtanam ?

  6. Mahesh, Nityapuja does take place at this adhishtanam but it’s a nitya puja in the literal sense. Each morning a priest from the local precincts performs puja and leaves back. So for the remaining part of the day the Adhishtanam is locked. If devotees start visiting frequently on their way from/to kanchipuram, then a permanent arrangement could be put in place.

  7. Dear Sri Mahesh : Let me first thank you for running this very interesting website. First thing I do in the morning is to open my e-mail to read your postings and that of Kanchi Mahaperiava Forum. In a Tamil book published by Kamakoti Aayvu Maiyam the name of this Aachaaryaa (60th in lineage) is given as Shri Adyaathma Prakaasendra Saraswathi Swamighal and not as Shri Advaithaathma Prakaasa Saraswathi. Since I have found you to be very meticulous, I have taken the liberty of bringing this to your kind attention.

  8. Nama Parvathi Pathaye, Hara Hara Mahadeva. Maha Periyavalin Thiruvadigale Charanam. Har Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

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