Atma Sodhana

We can’t do thapas as saints did in those days..The best we can do is to develop the mindset to treat any tough time as exercise for our inner purity and inner strength and perseverance as Periyava advised….


What would one get to undergo the difficulties or even tortures (more of mental)? Sri Mettur Periyava in his poorvasrama (before sanyasa) was called Sri Mettur Rajagopal. He has left Mettur Chemicals & came as full time service to Periyava. That was very testing times as he couldn’t fit with other parishadars in the mutt. He felt highly uncomfortable but for his longing for Periyava, he could’ve left the mutt long ago. Mettur Rajagopal was considered to be having a high level of purity in his mind & deeds but once you don’t fit in, you’d begin to be felt like tortured. Once it so happens that he has mentally decided to leave…

He has come for some work at Chennai & decided to stay back. Before that he had gone to have darshan of Sri Sivan Sar. Sri Sar gave darshan & told Sri Mettur that it is better for him if he is with the mutt. Sri Mettur was surprised at there was no discussion on this topic but the direction came to him. So he has dropped his idea of staying back & went back to the mutt. There Periyava was waiting…

Periyava & Sri Sar are the same with different rupa is the conclusion of Sri Triplicane Periyava. At the mutt, Periyava was waiting. When Sri Mettur Periyava has arrived for darshan, Peroyava looked at him & said…

Periyava has said, “உனக்கு ஏற்படற கஷ்டமெல்லாம் (இடையூறு, அவமானமெல்லாம்) ஆத்மா சோதனைன்னு எடுத்துகொள்ளேன்!” Sri Mettur raised his face & looked at Periyava. Sometimes communication could be beyond what we hear or what we see… especially when the creator is at work. Also it seems whatever has to be transpired has got transpired. Periyava has asked him to bear all the difficulties (including insults) as ‘atma sodhanai’ and as a true devotee Sri Mettur has taken it. Result?

Because Sri Mettur has gone back to mutt, he has become Sri Mettur Swamigal, the sanyasa given by MahaPeriyava himself! Also Sri Sivan Sar has told that both Kuvalaikkal & Mettur are his ‘kuzhandhaigal’. What else one need?

Sri Triplicane Periyava has said that Sri Sumitra Devi was such a good lady in spite of showing partiality publicly by King Dasaratha. Sending her ONLY son Sri Rama to the forest. Even then she was good to King Dasaratha. All becuase not that she’d gain something. She’s is good because just that she wants to be good. Sri Triplicane Periyava has said that’s the way for any ‘nallava’. Prayers to Periyava, Sri Sivan Sar & Sri Triplicane Periyava to shower their blessings for us to have strength all the times to…

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  1. In mettur we saw the humbleness of Periava. when i asked him once very seriously how he could manage to be without food for many days how he could walk all over hills etc. without feeling tired his reply used tobe ‘ it is pure endurance’ and endurance pays. endure and periava will give strength. have faith, faith in yourself.

    • Ganesan, Chennai-33
      Sept 28, 2014 8.38 AM
      several years ago i went to meet Maha Periyava at Kanchipuram. Iwas told ishould not go empty handed. So i took apples and grapes. I was asked to give them all to the mutt and go to meet .Maha Periyava. I was hesitant since i wanted to give to Maha Periyava directly. When i happened to meet him, He asked Dayi, Avar pazangal konduvanthirukkar, yen kanle yavadu kattungalenda yendru sollivittu, he asked me “yenna vendum?” I asked Maha Periyava “vungal Asivaadham vendum”, At that time i did not know much about Periyava, since i did not have access nor time to read such books or articles. It is only now i realize the mahatmiyams and feel refgretfully i missed opportunities to meet him again and again, but nowdays perhaps he answers me from Eternity, when i am in distress, thus i happened to this mail today for
      1) to take things of negative action as Atma Sodanai
      2) direction to meet great sages after him, as called in this article as his children i) Metturswamigal.,ii) Kuvalaikkal Swmigal., iii) the reference of Sivan Sir, If he is another great sage not Paramasiva referred.,

      I request Sri Mahesh or anyone to give details of whereabout of the three great sages and i can meet them and have mental satisfaction of my sins in not meeting Maha Periyava subsequently.

  2. Great post! What a Mahaan HH Mettur SwamigaL is ? Forbearance, Patience, Total Surrender to Maha Periyava brought Him abundant Grace from both Maha Periyava and Sivan Sar. I heard that after looking after Maha Periyava Brindavanam at the Math for some time, Mettur SwamigaL went to Thiruvidaimaruthur and was involved in the Maha Swamigal and Kanchi Acharyas Thapovanam Temple construction and upkeep. The Chronicles of the arduous Pandaripuram Yathra and the painstaking scouting trips He made by bicycle prior to Maha Periyava’s Visit to any village, described in Sri Ekambaranathan’s book on the Yathra are legendary. Now the Mahan is with Maha Periyava at the Thapovanam and in Eternity! May He, Maha Periyava and Sivan Sar Bless us all! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Dear Sri Mahesh

    Very guiding instructions, “Athma Sodhanai”.. It is an advise to take things of tough times and things.

    Thanks for sharing


  5. Shri Mahesh –
    The last para says Sri Sumitra Devi instead of Sri Kausalya Devi.

  6. I could not follow the last para. Can anyone explain or is there any mistake in the sentence formation as reported here.

  7. Let periyava give the strength for us too to treat our difficult times in the same manner.

  8. Dear Mahesh,

    I had written a comment when you posted the article- naan Kai Vida Maarten
    Today again this is one such article that seems to speak directly to me.
    Humiliating oneself by oneself is possible and is very shaming. At this time MahaPeriyavaa says that it should be taken as Atma Sodanai.
    Again you have been a messenger on His behalf and saved me


  9. om shree anusha jyothiye potri avarthamm thiruppaadhangle potri potri

  10. A simple directive producing life transforming effect.
    Mahesh Ji your service by way of wonderful post is phenomenal can you please arrange to detail about Kuvalaikkal swamigal and if possible please arrange an interview with swamiji

  11. We should always think of and pray to Sri Periyava and all our miseries will vanish

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  12. I think this is a lesson for all of his Bhaktas. Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  13. all periyava and MAHA PERIYAVA will give the strength to bear all the obstacles in the life battlefield. pranams all periyava. DEIVAME lead kindly light.

  14. what else one needs on earth, other than this. let periyava takes care of us.

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