Comparing the incomparables!

Pradosham Mama

Last night I posted about Nochiyam temple and how mami had successfully completed the project with Periyava’s bakthi as the only investment. Out of my love for her, I titled the post as “another Pradosham mama”. One of my closest friends, who is also a great devotee of Sri Pradosham mama, called me today morning to explain why it may not be the right comparison. Having read the book written by mama one would know the peak of mama’s bakthi. There are so many incidents that are not in the book – I know very little of them….There is absolutely no doubt that we, in our lifetime or even beyond, will not see another Pradosham mama. I know I did not intentionally hurt any of mama’s devotees – yet, I did unintentionally. My sincere apologies to all his devotees.

அன்பு மிகுதியால் எழுதினேன்
அன்பாக திருத்தப்பட்டேன்!
அன்பே பெரியவா! அன்பே சிவம்!!

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  1. Both Pradosham Maamaand Nochiam Rajalakshmi Maami are True Embodiments of Total Surrender in their Bhakthi to Maha Periyava and carried out their Great Deeds in an attitude of implicit Faith to His Will! We can only pray to have a small drop of that Devotion to attain salvation.May Maha Periyava Bless us all! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  2. Sri Periyava is Karunamurthy, every devotee feels Sri Periyava is for them only

    Sri Periyava saranam.

  3. Dear Mahesh,
    It is obvious that your title has sprung from a truthfull appreciation. It is a way of expression as no words will be adequate enough to appreciate mami’s work. When I talk about Deivathhin kural to my friends, I compare Shree RA Ganapathy to our lord Ganapathi saying, lord Ganapathi was a scribe to Saint Veda Vyasa and our Shree RA Ganapathy to our sage Maha Swamigal who has given to us the Daivatthin Kural. This is my way of expression.

    My sincere advice will be to close further comments on this.

  4. Dear Mahesh

    I agree with what everyone has said. Periyava is making us do, what we are doing. Given that without his blessings, we are inanimate, it can be said that ultimately, Pradosham mama’s bhakthi, Nochiyam Mami building the temple, you posting this article and me commenting on it, all are Periyava’s actions. Shree Chandrasekhara gurum pranamami mudanvaham.

  5. pPeriyava. Indicated. Strengthening. & renovating. Existing. Kovils that. Are. Iin. Difficult. Means./. Here. Every. One. Connected. With maha. Periyava. Are. Unique. In their. Own. Way. No. Body. Is. Greater. Than. Others. All. Are. Dependent. On. pPeriyava.,,as. Krishna. To. Ku chela. HE. HELPED. SO. MANY. PERSONS. ON. MERELY POSTING. THEIR. PROBLEMS , IN. THOUGHT. TO. HIM no. Comparison. Among. Followers pl this is. Periyava. Has. A.s a. Say. In. This. Matter!,, nobody else

  6. i will quote from Sadasiva Brahmendra, for whom the Paramacharyal had great Bhakthi.

    “kim vachaniyam, kima vachaniyam,
    Sarvam Brahmamayam”

  7. Dear Mahesh
    what you wrote about mami is not wrong, otherwise so many of us would have not known about such a great lady and at the same time your friend devotee of Sri Pradosham mama is also right,, it is only ones perseption, how one thinks and how Periyava wants us to think. As Mr. Ramanan said may be Periyava wanted all of us to know about
    Pradosham Mama’s bakthi and the book writen by him. just because you wrote about mami now i am trying to search for the book writen by Prodosham mama and read. May be this is what Periyava wanted.
    I am too small to even appreciate you for the work you are doing, indeed you are doing great work. Periyava be with us for ever.

  8. Mahesh
    I think the reactions were more emotional than logical.
    There is no doubt that Mami has been a Maha Bhaktha and comparing her to Pradosham Mama is not at all wrong.
    Many temples in Tamilnadu are compared to Kasi.
    Does that mean Kasi is losing its importance or we are downgrading it ?
    I am sure Pradosham Mama would have Blessed you for your article on Mami’s Devotion.

  9. I think there is nothing wrong in comparing Sri Nochiam Mami with PrADOSHAM mAMA. OR FOR THAT MATTER WITH ANYBODY ELSE. wE AS DEVCOTEES OF sRI mAHAPERIYAVAA, JUST BECAUSE our bhakti is not known to the outside world, it does not mean we are in any manner lesser in devotion to Sri PeriyAVAA AS COMPARED TO X Y OR ZEE. cOMPARISON IS JUST AN ADULATION. I BELIEVE NONE SHOULD TAKE EXCEPTIONS OR OBJERCTIONS TO ANY THING IN THE FIELD OF BHAKTI. nOCHIAM mAMI IS OF COURSE — IN MY OPINION — IS SECOND TO NONE IN HER DEVOTION TO sRI pERIYAva! Namaskaram Mami!

  10. I got closely associated with Mami by providence. but i could not devote much time excepting talking to Mami and meeting her on many occassions. the Building got completed within 12 months and Kumbabhishekam performed. all with Mami’s staunch Bakthi and belief on Periyava. Ellam Periyava Pathuppa is the only word Mami inform when anyone questin her. she is comparable to a Saint and we affectionately call her As Kanchi Periyava Mami. T R Sivaraman. Srirangam.

  11. அன்பு மிகுதியால் எழுதினேன்
    அன்பாக திருத்தப்பட்டேன்!
    அன்பே பெரியவா! அன்பே சிவம்!!
    vERY NICE WORDS – No further explanation needed

  12. Maha Periyavalin Thiruvadigale Charanam. Sarvagna Sarvavyapi Periyava Charanam. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  13. Dear Mahesh

    Everything Happens as per His Directions… So you have written as He has directed… Might be Sri Periyava wanted all His devotees to re-read Sri Pradosham Mama’s absolute Bakthi & Un-Comparable Bakthi… Hence nothing to worry and as Periyva says, we all direct what comes to us to HIM.

    Om namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

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