Pazhur – Angarai Periyava’s Adishtanam

Our next stop is at Pzhur – in the banks of Cauvery towards Musiri, where HH Anagarai Periyava’s adishtanam is located…We had a blessing of having a aganda Cauvery snanam.

I have to mention my typical silly question from me “Can I use soap?”. shivaraman gave me a virtual kuttu on my head saying, “soap is for those who take bath in Cauvery and not for those who snanams”. He still has patience to travel with me and bear with all these things 🙂

Railway gate was closed due to repair that made us walk about 0.5 kms to the agraharam – beautiful morning walk in the lush green fields with no air pollution whatsoever….I really missed my Canon 6D. My iPhone did a great job for most part…..

A beautiful agraharam – reminded me of Sirugumani…mostly brahmins are still living there…

Mahaperiyava had mentioned four people as Mahans – Sri Sivan Sir (by birth), Sri Pradosham mama (by bakthi), Sri Musiri dikshitar (by karma), HH Anagarai Periyava (by pravachanam). He had also mentioned Angarai Periyava as as an avatar of Adi Seshan.

One interesting thing – Angarai Periyava had never lived in this place etc. Even before attaining siddhi, some volunteers asked Him about this location for adishtanam etc and He approved this place…Adishtanam has the photo of Lord Guruvayurappan that Periyava prayed all His life. On its left hand side is Mahaperiyava padhuka and a rare painting and on the right is Sri Sivan Sir’s photo!

To know more about Him, please read the article here

Here are some adishtanam photos!! Those two kids wanted a picture – also there was a little girl who was too shy to come in front of the camera and hiding behind a pillar!!

Next time, when you all go to Trichy, please visit this great place!!

Ram Ram!

(Next stop is Nerur)

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  1. My dear Shri Mahesh, ஜய ஜய சங்கர ஹர ஹர சங்கர

    Attached is the intimation of the 11thAaraadhanai of Shri Govindara Damodara Swamigal at His Adhishtanam on 19th January 2015, for your information please.

    மஹா பெரியவா திருவடிகளே சரணம்.

    Yours Devotionally, R Venkataraman of Chromepet, Chennai presently at Pittsburgh USA.

  2. Am blessed to be closely associated with this Mahan from my childhood, At my Upanayanam, Brahma upedesham to me was done by him, The God and the name Guruvayurappan was induced by him in my blood stream from the day I started understanding what the world around is, he has witnessed my childhood pranks, the teacher who taught me alphabets of Grantham, he was the best teacher, but I was a very bad student, Lord Rama too underwent strains and pains of mortal life that was a different yuga, In this Kaliyuga but this Mahan underwent strain/pain and what not in this mortal life, we may just say it has course or curse of destiny but he lived his life with his Guruvayurappan ,pravachanams of Navahams and Sapthagams, his soothing words, today at 60 when I look back at the memories of ANGARAI (Kalyana Rama Sastrigal) PERIYAVA, tears rolls down my cheek. I very humbly pray to LORD GURUVAYURAPPAN to bless his soul and his generations

  3. Hari Om. Om Namo Narayanaya. Maha Periyavalin Thiruvadigale Charanam. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya jaya Sankara.

  4. Main sannadhi in the Adhistanam is Mahalingeswarar (the lingam) for which vaidika puja is being done every day without fail for the past 10+ years by Sri Balasubramaniam. The most beautiful pancha loka Guruvayurappan vigraham swamigal worshipped for more than 40 years is also installed there. We used to feel this Guruvayurappan talked to swamigal.

  5. it is indeed a great blessing to be part of this forum since one comes to know about the adhishtanams of various Mahans, and One can take an opportunity to visit these, once u go through the location.

  6. Sri Mahesh, Aangarai Periyavaa, Sivan Sir and Musiri Sri Anathanarayana Dikshidars form the trinity who were held in high esteem ny MAHASWAMIGAL. glad you had the opportunity to visit the adhishtanam of Aangarai periyavaa. narayanaswamy,tiruchy

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