Final update on Agatheeswarar Temple


Lord Agatheeswarar temple construction project is finally over.  Prabhu and his team has done a phenomenal job in tirelessly working to make this happen. As usual, he has put together a good presentation for us to review…It is absolutely beautiful to see how it transformed from a make-shift temple to today’s shining structure with colors and majesty. When looked at the presentation the two things struck me::

1. Thatha Ummachi just by laying down in that canvass chair made this dream come true! Effortless for Him!! Not just this project – each and every wishes/dreams of us are taken care by Him sitting in that easy chair!!!

2. About 100+ local villagers are coming to pradoshams after the renovation. Isn’t this the most important benefit of this whole project? I am sure this would have made Periyava happy!!

Thanks Prabhu and team for such a great job..Your team’s devotion to Siva kaingaryam is just amazing!!

Acknowledgement/thanks to all donors from this blog is appropriate. However he could have avoided my name there.

I request all devotees who visit Mani mandapam to visit this temple and get the blessings of Lord Agatheeswarar.

Periyava Padham Saranam!!

Sambho Mahadev!!

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  1. Divine happening ! Pl. publish the contact details for participation in this Siva Kaingaryam .

  2. The best part is the participation of the locals! Normally locals stay/kept away away from such projects.

    Inclusiveness is the only way to go.

  3. Excellent… Everything Happens by His Grace… Maha Periyava said, we have to collect / offerings whatever possible from every individual…

    Tears roll down my eyes when an year plus back when this body was at Sri Ramanashramam to offer its little for the Kumbabishegam work, when a old lady came to offer her might from her little collections of every day… this body vacated the seat and offer her to sit and offer her offereings… Bagawan Ramana has said “Ayar Entha Roopathla eppa varuvannu theriyathu”…

    It is a good idea to give the contact details for this noble causes…

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramananyah

  4. Inspiring efforts! The name Mahesh has been syonymous to none other than Ishwara. Hence the name “Maheshwara”. When someone mentions your name, especially without hailing any specific personality traits or photo to glorify you, it’s not for “you”, it’s for your mother, who is again an incarnation of the supreme.
    A tamil classic says it too: Eendra pozhudhinum peridhuvakkum than maganai sandron ena ketta thaai!

    Let’s hope more sons get inspired through “Sage of Kanchi” blog and do some sathkarya to make their existence benefit larger community. A vision or belief without action or practice is waste of time. Let’s go to this temple during pradoshams and educate those 100 people on Mahaperiyava’s teachings, Dharma and create a Dharmic Village.

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