Shiva Deekshai

அரிது அரிது மானிடராய் பிறத்தல் அரிது
அதிலும் அரிது சிவபக்தனாய் பிறத்தல் அரிது
அதிலும் அரிது நித்தம் அவன்மேனி தீண்டல்

Like Vaariyar swamigal says, one who had accumulated punyas in 1000s of our janmas only can worship Lord Subrahmanya and Parameswaran. Our puranas and agamas keep Sivacharyars at a highest level…I do know that Sivacharyars are given Siva deekshai before they start to do swami kaaryams…Once they get the deekshai they are not supposed to do namaskarams to anyone other than Parameswaran – including any sadhus, gurus etc….We have read Mahaperiyava stopped Sivacharyars doing namaskarams to Him but they still did as Periyava is none other than Parameswaran….

I have not seen/read about the actual process of Siva deekshai to Sivacharyars. I am sure that each state might have a different culture. Recently Shri Shivaraman saw one such event in Sri Kalahasti where deekshai was given to a doctor, who comes from a sivacharyar tradition. Interestingly, in their culture, they carry them in a mena and take them around the city!! He shared some photos…Here are some for your viewing pleasure!!!

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  1. very nice.blessed

  2. Om Nama Shivaaya! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Simply beautiful! I learn something everyday. Do I see a Shirdi Sai Baba vigraham in one of the photos (#2). If so, it shows the broad mindedness of the Sivacharya. I hope you will publish my comment even though it may differ from yours!

    Our great Paramacharya touched everyone’s heart and mind. He was INCLUSIVE of everyone. That is a remarkable strength and security of mind.


    • The answer to the view on other gurus is also in “Divine Thoughts – 15”. We can already see how periyava is answering queries in this virtual temple, which might be looked as just a normal post.

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