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Saw this FB but forgot to post. I got this an email from a friend who observed how humble our PM is by removing the shoes while sitting with spiritual leaders and mahans….It is time that we get a PM like this to protect our religion and show how to respect sadhus…..

Here in this photo, PM Shri Modiji is sitting with HH Dayanandha Saraswathi Swamiji.


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  1. After a long time India has witnessed a veteran supporter of the Hindu culture no matter about cheap vote politics.At least this government should unearth bundles of money poured into our motherland from the western countries and Arab nations to wards conversion to their religionand divert that money to improve the industrial development of our country.

  2. I liked what tamizh chelvan wrote at the end –I am an indian and a hindu too [with humane feeling for all others] and I hold in high regard whar our maha periyava had told —secularism does not mean weakening Hinduism to strengthen other [for that matter even respect] religions

  3. just sharing a thought in response to mr sudhakarudu – no hard feelings, please.
    one of the duties of a kshatriya is to protect the country’s boundaries with all its wealth- viz citizen, spiritualism/ religion, places of worship (temples etc) which is a part of its culture,material wealth, etc and administer the country well.
    in the present day’s context, the politician is the kshatriya.
    as the name itself says, sanatana dharma is eternal.but it is not always in its full brilliance or at its best.
    it waxes & wanes. can anyone say that it is at its best today? what is happening to sanatana dharma since the kaliyuga started? can’t we see that islam & christianity have been flourishing & growing because of their powerful rulers and money power? people should know their religion & to live it. a politician is very much required directlyor indirectly to protect & patronize any religion and a super faith like sanatana dharma. but that does not make him the protector of God.
    have our indian politicians under congress & other small time govts ever bothered about hinduism? many political parties have gambled for vote bank in the name of pseudo secularism and at the cost of hinduism & hindus and have tremendously harmed & are harming both.
    successive govts after independence have supported minority religions and given a step motherly treatment to hinduism as if hinduism does not deserve it & is wrong . if modi is taking efforts to give its due to hinduism also, in some way, let us appreciate it and be happy about it.
    as Periyava has said, secularism does not mean weakening hinduism to strengthen other religions.
    who will support sanatana dharma- the west or arab countries or any other country other than india with in india? it has become a taboo to do anything for a hindu/hinduism in india. let us respect all other religions, and more importantly, let us respect our religion too because, you cannot expect a man from other religion to do it, if a hindu does not do it himself.
    i am an indian & i am a hindu too.

    • It seems once Vivekananda was upset to see the destruction of a devi temple in kashmir (i may be wrong in some details). He then `told’ the diety that he will build beautiful temples for her. she then `appeared’ to him and said something like `don’t trouble yourself. I don’t need any help’.

  4. According to predictions of Great Yogi Veera Brahmendra swamy many centuries before who was famous in AP, this country will be ruled by a Widow who would be killed and followed by her son who also would die premature. Then a SANYASI would rule it for long years. The country would prosper tremendously under his rule. Pujya swami Dayanandaji often says a SANYASI need not wear a saffron robe and could have [inner] Antaranga Sanyasa. The present PM who has no family, no vested interest and nothing more to accomplish in life could be that Sanyasi[?] In all probability and with the blessings of Pujya swamiji may he rule this great nation for minimum of two decades. Hariom

  5. To add what our MahaPeriyava has said about secularism, it is not being indifferent to all religions, secularism is respecting,promoting, developing all religions, without bias or favoritism to one religion. I don’t remember the Deivathin Kural book number or chapter. But, roughly translated, this is what he has said. Looks like our current PM is just doing that.

    Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

  6. hats off to PM

  7. The greatness of this picture is that even though the two mahatmas are wearing padhukas, Modiji is not!

  8. One more trouble for Shri Modi! Anything done by him or his party is looked at with a secular (read anti-hindu) prism by the main stream media and the most leading among them is none other than The Hindu newspaper – what an irony 🙂

    Even when the Indian government took Pakistan to task for talking to Hurriyat party which does not swear by the Indian Constitution, the Indian Government is isolated by many main stream media saying that it is a standard practise and Shri Modi is an irresponsible leader for having jeopardised talks with our neighbour.

    Now this photo means trouble for Modi in some form or other be rest assured.

    N Subramanian

  9. true hindu will behave like this only.WE are atleast got a hindu primeMinister

  10. Can we restrict this group to discuss only Mahans and not politicians, however humble they may be

  11. How gullible can we get? Can’t the tokenism be seen for what it is? Do we need politicians to protect Sanatana Dharma? It is high time that we cogitate and seperate the false small-self-seekers from the true followers.

  12. Dear Mahesh in continuation to my earlier comment I would like to add that —-what I mean of my Hinduism is although not hating Christianity and islam etcbut also BEING FIRM IN MY HINDU RELIGION —loka samasta sukhino bhavantu

  13. THANKS very proud of our pm may he rule our country very well like SWAMI VIVEKANANDA wanted our country to be let nobody try to erase OUR PAST CULTURE OF HINDUISM

  14. pranam priya PM jee Namashe shree swamijis . Exactly shri Mahesh jee we are blessed to.It is time that we get a PM like this to protect our religion and show how to respect sadhus….. Here in this […]

  15. om shree anusha jyothiye potri avarthamm thiruppaadhangale potri potri

    pranam our PM jee

    shree mahesh jee namasthe exactly we are blessed to .It is time that we get a PM like this to protect our religion and show how to respect sadhus….. Here in this thank you jee

    * Hemalatha. *

  16. Thanks for sharing this. The Main stream media in India is so biased that anything related to Hindus and Hinduism is projected as demon and unsecular. Time to reclaim our golden past and teach our kids about the greatness of our great civilization and culture. Unfortunately, our history is injected with poison, highlighting our culture in poor light.

  17. Our Country after a long gap of time regain a person who respect Tradition and Values. This is the begining of the resurgence of our culture from “Hello,let us go for a Drink”

  18. Can one make multiple 5-star ratings to this post!? 🙂 Such is the Quality of our Honourable PM Shri Modi Ji. So humble and showing greater respects to SAdhus. One more notable point is that PM has addressed and wished the people on the occasion of Krishna JanmAshtami. Have you heard any of his Predecessors done similar thing? Modi Ji is proving in every step that he has tremendous love and respect for Hindus/SanAtana Dharma.

  19. can the sadhus themselves foot wear…………….i dont know.just seeking to get clarified

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