Erode Ghosala making progress

I hope you all remember Karthikeyan from Erode, who was actively involved in cow rescue and started a ghosala in Erode with roughly 25 cows. He had sent me the following article on how they are doing and the availability of pure vibhuti. I am glad that he is making progress in his effort, he has gathered a team of college students to get involved in this rescuing cows and progress towards becoming self-sufficient in running a ghosala. Although they are making progress, they would definitely need support in running the ghosala….

As a support from this community, please contact Karthikeyan to learn more on gho-products they sell; buy them and support this team.

Soon will post updates from  Uzhakudi cow rescue team.

It is all Periyava’s grace and blessing we are able to do these!

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!



Vibuthi is the most precious object in a spiritual sense.

The great saint Thiru Gyaana Sambandar did many wonders with Vibhuti and he expounds the greatness of Vibhuti in one of his Pathigams called “Thiruneetru Pathigam” as follows:

Mandhira maavadhu neeru / Vaanavar meeladhu neeru

Sundhara maavadhu neeru / Thudhikkap paduvadhu neeru

Thandhira maavadhu neeru / Chamayaththil ullaadhu neeru

Senthuvar vaayumai pangan / Thiruaalavaayaan Thiruneerae

 In an age-old practice is made out of dried cow dung cakes in a Vaideeka mode during the annual Maha Sivarathri festival.


We preparing the Vibhuti in traditional manner(SIDHARGAL MURAIPADI), only from cowdung and its urine. The cow dung is divinely converted into cakes, were it is dried under the rays of SuriyaBahavan.

The cow dung from Indian breed cows are only used and foreign cows like Jerseys or mixed breeds are completely not allowed.

The cow dung cakes are prepared and dried in days and weeks ahead of the festival. The cakes are typically circular in nature about 10-15 feet in diameter

Karukkai – semi grown grains of Paddy, plays a key role in Vibhuti preparation. Importantly this is not to be confused with Kadukkai – a native nut used in Ayurvedic preparations.


( Pictures showing vibhuti preparation using muttans)

On the morning of Prathosam , the spot for Vibhuti preparation is cleaned with cow dung, Gomaya and decorated with Kolams. The cow dung cakes are placed in layers with Karukkai and hay in a pyramidal or a siva lingam kind of formation called Sivarathiri Muttan. These muttan’s can be of 5-7 feet in height with a similar diameter. Setting up of the Muttan starts with spreading Karukkai on the ground. On that the cow dung cakes are placed in layers with hay, Karukkai and cow dung cakes within each layer.

On the morning, Viraja homam is performed. Then after homam, the fire is placed on the muttan and it burns out after some days. The ember is retained in the muttan for about a week or even longer and that makes the cakes not just burn but get baked, and gives it the bright white colour. Within the muttan, the hay transfers the fire from one layer to another while the Karukkai ensures that the muttan fumes and does not get burnt out instantly. Around the next 5 day, the muttan can be dismantled and the cakes now, milky white can be taken and used. Vasthrakayam or filtering through a white cotton cloth is done

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  1. i want to vibhuti prasatham from which rate sir

  2. Kindly advise your full address with tel no n contact person


  4. I send rs.300 to Mr. Karthikeyan, Erode Ghoshala on 01/03/2016 through icicibank account for one kilo vibhoothi and cow dung powder. On 08/3/2016 I contacted Mr. Karthikeyan enquiring about the despatch of items. He replied that due to some urgency he came to mannargudi and he would send them on reaching erode. Again I called him two days back. He replied that he was riding two wheeler and answer later.

    Neither he responded me nor the items reached me till now.

  5. Great service apart from the religious point of veiw; which of course is the prime motive. I personally see it as a preservation of native cattle and a great step towards walking towards our tradition. I am an agriculture’s by profession and hence suggest that other traditional time tested organic formulations could also be attempted by the Ghoshala. All the best.

  6. Contact Person for ERODE GHOSHALA: Shri Karthik, Mobile No: 08148135081. Got it clarified that the courier charge is Rs.60/- irrespective of the destination or the higher weighment.

  7. Courier charge of Rs.60/- may be applicable only to Bengaluru. Devotees may please contact the number and check the courier charges for other places.

  8. Called Erode Goshala Charitable Trust @ 08148135081. To get a KG of Vibhuthi a courier charge of Rs.60/- has to be added to Rs.200/- towards the cost of the Vibhuthi.. Totally, Rs.260/- has to be transferred to them. For kind information of all those who are interested to get the Vibhuthi by courier.


  9. Dear all,

    A list of places where Vibhuti is prepared on traditional basis (i.e. Indian cow dung / Muttam / vedic procedure – Viraja homam) is available at Primary focus is on country cow dung. Few like Gudalur Govindan Goshala, Mayavaram Nagarajan and Thiruveezhimizhalai Go Rakshana Samiti follow vedic procedure while others do with some religious observation.

  10. Where is the location of the Ghoshala,so that we can visit

  11. Ordered Vibhuthi and also made some contribution for the Goshala. You are a good catalyst Mr. Mahesh.
    Thanks a lot. Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  12. Very useful information and very well done for your efforts. Please inbox me your contact details. Thanks

  13. my immediate reaction, speak to them n order one kg and neft transfer the amount . thanks mahesh

  14. Very good effort. I thought Vibhuti is prepared after performing Viraja homam every month on Sivarathri day and not on Maha Sivarathri alone. I shall be buying one Kilo soon.

    • You are right sir. Viraja homam and vibhuthi from it are made every month on shivarathri Vibhuthi is mahalakshmi swaroopam. Its very presence in home will bring auspicious results like valamburi conch shell. Taking vibhuthi a pinch every day morning in empty stomach chanting god’s name is recommended in ayurveda for balancing the three doshas and having a healthy digestion. Regular application of vibhuthi over the center and left side will cure heart ailments. There is a great science of agnihotra ash turning even deserts into forests. Check out the documentary on tests performed on homa therapy in south america and germany.

  15. This is a Great news, Some kind of service of this kind not takes place in our country. The spirtuality of this country will vanish permanently and the countries future will land in the hands of certain butchers only. Our royal salute to Sri Karthikeyan and his team. Karthikayan is the lame of Lord Muruga. Muruga will never fail and our karthekayan too. Jai Matha Bhavani and Gomatha Lakshmi devi. I am sure any one who extend a supporting hand to this project,even there contribution is less will never fail in there life and God will surely bless them many fold to help more in the future. Please cooperate.

  16. Good to see mahaperiyava ghoshala taking roots.
    By the way, the images of viraja homam are from govindhan ghoshala in madhuranthakam run by a mahaperiyavaa devotee who saves old cows going to slaughter jouse as per mahaperiyava’s command. Sivarathri muttan is done there every month second half. Giving more photos of this year mahasivarathri viraja homam below. Pure vibhuthi from native cow dung cake got by viraja homam is available in chennai at our various volunter’s home. Pls give us a call and we can arrange to get it to you.

  17. Great News Mahesh. Happy to see that the cause we contributed is taking a good shape and progressing day by day. Thanks for posting. I was able to do my small bit for this great cause with the Blessings of Maha Periyava.

  18. Great service. WE used to tell our friends and relatives …to bring Nendrangal varuval from Erode Jn Station.
    Also RastaaLi bananas. If a stall could be opened in Erode Jn. we could arrange to get it often. and also gift to
    nearby temples for abhishekam. ..kamala vedanarayanan.

  19. Respected Sir ,

    Here Enclosed the Bank Details for Erode Goshala. If Vibuthi Order Please Call : 08148135081, 09715252217, 09500580590

    Erode Goshala Bank Account Details :

    Name : Erode Goshala Charitable Trust,

    Bank : City Union Bank, Thindal Branch,

    Current Account Number : 510909010010503

    Ifsc Code : CIUB0000205

  20. Dear Mahesh. The article is very good. It’s really hard to get the good quality ‘Vipudhi’ nowadays. Unwanted and unnecessary additions, adding for fragrance and color, can cause skin related troubles which defeats the main purpose. So, Karthikeyan type of activities should be encouraged and preserved for the future. I think, it is ‘moottam’ [மூட்டம்] instead of muttan, means a collective mass for firing aspects.

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