Lord Shiva’s face in Mount Kailash captured by Google Earth

Saw this on FB a week back shared by someone (don’t remember who it was)…Thanks to Shri Ramesh who sent an email on this today….When I saw this without reading the text, I thought I saw some faces and later when I read the comments etc, it seems that everyone could see that! How amazing this is!!!

Most important thing to note is this person goes to google earth daily and do a round of Mount Kailash – daily!!! This is true Shiva bakthi!!!

Om Nama Sivaya!!!

கைலாய மலையில் இதுவரை காணா அதிசயம்! – ஆச்ச‍ரியஅபூர்வஅதிசய‌காட்சியுடம் படங்கள்…

Google Earth ல் தினமுமே ஒரு முறை கயிலாயத்தை சுற்றி சுற்றி வந்து பார்த்து சிலிர்ப்பது என்வழக்கம்.  இன்று அவ்வாறு செய்த போது இதுவரை காணாத அதிசயம் ஒன்று திடுமென என் முன் தெரிந்தது.

கயிலையின் மேற்கு முகத்தில் சிவனின் முகம் மிக அழகாகத் தெரிந்ததுபுருவம்கண்கள் ,புன்னகைக்கும் அதரங்கள் ஜாடாமுடிதோள்கள் என கம்பீரமான சிவனின் தோற்றம் தெரிந்ததும்அதிர்ந்து போனேன் ஒரு வினாடி.. என் தேகம் சிலிர்த்தது.

இக்காட்சி இதுவரை நான் காணாததுமிக வித்தியாசமாகத் தெரிந்த இந்த அபூர்வ கட்சியை நீங்களும்காணவேண்டும் என விரும்புகிறேன்யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெருக இவ்வையகம்.

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  1. It looks like hanumanji’s face.

  2. I think it is right and trou.jai siv shonkor jai baba himaloiya.

  3. I wanna read messages to see Shiva….
    Cant understand the language. Can someone translate in to english plz..??
    Thank you

  4. Faith in Lord Shiva is further strengthened. We are humble before HIM!

  5. A wonderful blessing and tribute to all Hindus to receive the blessing of Lord Shiva in their homes who are unable to travel to Mt Kailash Thanks to the technology and the people involved in placing this on the internet. God Bless

    Lord Shiva’s face in Mount Kailash
    God is Nature and Nature is God

  7. Wonderful. Having had the grace of Lord Shiva and Periva Anugraha to have gone to Mt Kailash for doing parikrama and also had the darshan of Atmalingam in front of South Face, I am blessed now to have the
    darshan of Lord in human face !

  8. We love Lord Siva! We woship Lord Shiva! Our Namoh Shivaya!

  9. Ohm namasivaya , unbelievable but remarkable thanks a lot

  10. Om Nama Shivaaya! God Gives Dharshan in various ways! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  11. Smt vidya subramaniyam is my friend for past 10 years. She has gone holy Kailash also outer and inner parikramas. She posted this.
    True bakthi shows..


  12. mahadeva mahadeva

  13. awesome !!

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