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(Sri Pradosham mama is known to 100s/1000s of anga pradakshanams to Periyava wherever he sees Him and pradakshinam to Periyava with his knees – I have heard that blood used to pour from the knees – he still wouldn’t mind! Devotees have seen him doing 1000s of pradakshinams to Periyava photo in the middle of night – say 2 AM etc!! – He who reached the peak of bakthi with the help of Periyava.)

Hope you all remember my earlier posting on monthly newsletter and prasadam that are sent from Mahaperiyava’s pradhaana sishya’s place (Sri Pradosham mama).  Anusham Jayanthi celebrated with Ayushya Homam and Avahanthi Homam and Swami Purappadu every month at the Periyava Temple in Pradosham Mama house in Kanchipuram.The Rakshai Prasadam will be sent to all the bhakthas all over the world regularly every month along with some very rare incidents of devotees printed along with the prasadam..

I talked to Shri Sriram, grandson of mama to check on the logistics of having more people Smt_Vedambal_pradosham_mamisigned up for this. I also asked him about accepting money at least to cover the postal expenses. Sriram strictly said no to that as it would not be in line with Sri Pradosham mama’s desire – it would be more like doing business with prasadam! Only true and great devotees can think like that.

Sriram said that he and his team are more than happy to send newsletters & prasadam to more devotees across the globe. In order to make it happen, please contact “Kanjira” Ganesh Kumar in his email at and send your address detail to enable him to send the prasadam regularly every month and you can also contact him at his home address if you are in Chennai:
Ganesh Kumar
3 Sankara Apartments
91 Lake View Road
West Mambalam
Chennai 600 033.
Tel: 98844 60904

Most of you might know Ganesh Kumar already as a well-renowned Kanjira artist and close relative to Sri Pradosham Mama. He is one of the devotees who goes to Pradosham Mama house for all for monthly Jayanthi functions for several decades now.

Anyone who wants to contribute to this effort can do so when you visit Kanchipuram and/or mama’s place and during yearly jayanthi / aradhana event that has been celebrated in a very grand manner for the past several decades at their place.

I request all devotees to go to mama’s place when you visit Kanchipuram – a must-see place. Periyava is prathyaksham and doing namaskarams to mami is one blessed moment for all of us.

Our namaskarams to Periyava and Sri mama to bless us with at least a fraction of mama’s bakthi.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!

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  1. Please kindly send me the Prasadam in the below mentioned address. Please Sir.
    458, 13th East Cross Road,
    Chennai 600 039.

  2. I would b very grateful if I receive prasadam everymonth from the mutt

  3. This is great and spreading blessings of Maha Periyava,Thanks a lot Mr. Mahesh, Ganesh and others for this dedication. Mahaperiyava still living with us.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!!!!

    Maha Periyava….Maha Periyava….Maha Periyava….

  4. Maheshji, This is really an eye-opening experiential incident. I’ve never been informed by anyone on this during my previous visit to Sri Math. Can you let us know where is “Brahmasri Pradosham Mama’s Place” in Kancheepuram. Bhagavath Sankalpam, I can get a chance to visit the place next time.

    • Entire Kanchipuram knows the place! Just ask for Pradosham mama house!

      • Thanks. Will do it when I go there next time. I also heard this from Brahmasri Ganesa Sarma’s pravachanam that Pradosham Mama used to conduct Anusham Jayanthi @his residence in Egmore, Chennai when he was in service. Is the Jayanthi function conducted at that residence as well even today ? ? >

      • Pradosham mama moved to Kanchipuram several decades back – hope you know that….yes, it still happens at mama’s place even today…

  5. This is an excellent job,Thanks Mr. Mahesh, Ganesh and others for this dedication. Mahaperiyava will support your job

  6. Dear Mr. Mahesh,

    Thank You so much for posting this. I had emailed Mr. Ganesh and he was kind enough to accept my request. I am delighted that I will be receiving this next month onwards.

  7. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shanakara! MahaankaLukku Namaskaramsw!

  8. “1000s of pradakshinams to Periyava photo in the ” -> Brahmsrhi pradosha mama always against the word “photo”, because He always have pratyaksha dharsanam of Sri sri sri maha periava whether it is photo, Dheepam(light) , homam or anything. So i kindly reqeuest you to avoid using the word “photo” whenever you refer Bhramshri Praodsha Mama.

  9. I feel like requesting for the prasadham everymonth but am worried about the expenses they might incur.

  10. Thanks Mr.Mahesh for sharing all these info. I live close to Mr.Ganesh Kumar’s residence in West Mambalam. I had also been to there place once to get the book ‘Thanthadhu Ennai, Kondathu Unnai’. I will definitely visit them this week.Looking forward to visiting Pradosham Mama’s Place / Periyava’s temple in Kanchipuram.

  11. Mr. Mahesh thanks for sharing the newsletter. I had the great fortune to visit Periyava temple in Pradosha mama house. Indeed a very great experience.

  12. om shree anusha jyothiye potri avarthamm thiruppaadhangale potri potri . we are blessed as the regular receipent shree maha periava prasadham from shri pradhosham maamaa house thank u

  13. We had the opportunity to read the book on Sri Pradhosham Mama . His Bhakthi and dedication in attending pradhosha poojas can hardly be imagined by anyone ,leavealone following .GREAT

  14. anandhakodi namaskharm maha periva.

  15. Dear Mahesh

    One possible way to help with this would be to have Sri. Sriram send the prasadam to one of us and we can mail it to the other people within USA.

    • even while directly sending, i get the newsletter/prasadam almost in the middle of the month…If we become a distribution center, things will get delayed way too much….I suggest them directly sending to each of us….Let us remember to contribute when we go there next time to cover the postage.

      • I think someone can compile a list of international addresses and print/write your address on the envelopes with postage/stamp and give those envelopes to the concerned everymonth. We can limit their work only to posting as they seem to be keen on doing the same. Not sure Mr.Ganesh Kumar intends to do this already. Just in case if some wants to contribute thought they could do it this way.

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