Rare photo of young Mahaperiyava

Thanks to Shri Nagi Narayanan for posting this rare photo in FB….Wish this were a color picture to see the shining vastram etc.

So majestic He is!

Description of the picture detailed by Vanjiyur Shri Siva::

This Gold shawl  was offered by the Tanjore King Sivaji Raja II,  when he performed Kanakabhisekam to the  Acharya of the Peetam soon after the Tatanka Pratishta at Tiruvanaikaval… The Gowri Shankar Rudraksha with Diamond pendant, a rare jewel, was offered to the Acharya by  the Great Maratta King Nana Saheb (Hero of the 1857 rebellion)  during his brief soujorn in Nepal, immediately after the Indian Mutiny..!  Nana Saheb’s letter to the Acharya  evidencing his acknowledgement of the receipt of Mantrakshata and Blessings from the Acharya and  despatch of Nana’s Offerings such as Rudraksha, Kasthuri Chamara  etc.,was later published under the Divine orders of Sri Perivaa…


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  1. Sri Mahadevendrasaraswati Swami ( Sri Elayathangudi Perivaa) was the Acharya at that time ( Nepali Samvat 1946, 1890 A.D), Please note..

  2. This photo would be around 1930 maybe. Because one can see Sri Mahaperiyava wearing the silk robe. Later in HIS life, HE stopped wearing silk as we know due to Ahimsa reasons. I think HE used to wear silk till HE was 60 or so and stopped when Sri Pudhu Periyava was anointed in 1954 or so. Any references in books/discourses of Sri Mahaperiyava?

  3. படிச்சுகிட்டே இருக்க தோணுது!பெரியவாளை பத்தி படிச்சுகிட்டே இருக்க தோணுது!

  4. Great Dharshan! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  5. It is mentioned that nana saheb offered rare jewel immediately after 1857 ??? Acharya was born in 1894 and became a peetadhipathi in 1907-08 ??? Some typographical error i suppose.

  6. Mahaperiyavawas always young .No doubt about.Only due to our Maya we were seeing him as old.

  7. the sitting posture and thelight in the eyes resemble to Lord Dhakshinamurthy

  8. very rare and wonderful photo. Thanks for the posting

  9. Sri Gurupyo Namaga

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