145th Vidhwat Sadhas @ Kanchipuram


Please find attached the 145th Vidhwat Sadhas invitation, to be held at Sri Matam from August 31 to September 2, 2014. Please forward to your friends and family and try to attend if you are in India.

Kanchi Kamakoti matam has been conducing this sabha since 1895! Year after year this sabha conducts invites jambhavans in advaita to discuss various topics in advaita honor those vidwans.

If you have an opportunity to attend any of these, please do so…










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  1. Dear Mahesh

    Namaskars. VEDHA RAKSHANAM is MAHAPERIYAVA’s one of directions to HIS DEVOTEES… Would love to share a recent Incident Happened relating to this… Request Pl. do not share my identity, which is not essential…

    During the Varamahalakshmi time, I was Blessed to be at Kanchi due to personal needs. I was Blessed to plan that with Sri. Periyava’s Birthday ahead and have Both Acharya’s Darshan relaxed.

    I am Blessed to serve by His Grace as a Member of Advisory Board in Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Centre for advanced Research… I had a meeting with the Director during this visit to Kanchi at the holy University on Thursday. Though I refused to accept the fuel cost & sambavana and did not plan to submit my claims and did not take my bills… It was THURSDAY, I was Blessed to accept the Money… The count of money is unimportant as it is worth Tons and Tons of Pookisham… I kept the cover safe… I was Blessed to worship Bala Periyava Pooja on Varamahalakshmi day and also had early morning Gaja Pooja, Cow Pooja, Abhishegam and Aradhana of Sri. Kamakshi. We returned back to Bangalore in evening and performed Varamahalakshmi pooja with the fresh flowers from Sri. Kanchi and I kept Sri SCSVMV Universtity Sambavana Cover at Her Foot and after that kept in my business cover as is.

    The Divine miracle / direction on accepting His honorarium happened on Monday…. The incident is… we went on Tuesday 12th August 2014, shop a T Shirt to be sent to our son, studying outside the country with His Grace, who left after taking their Holyness Permission and Blessings an year back… We messaged him, exchanged photo thro viber what we procured and confirmed his size… we came back home, in the afternoon by 3:30 PM my son called me and said the size is L and not M and hence needed a change… On normal day, we would have left home for YOGA class by 4:30 PM. His call made as to think to cancel Yoga class for the day, and have little tiffin like dosa at home and go & change for L size of shirt… We finished our tiffin and 5 to 10 mins before we leave home for exchanges, someone was knocking at the door… I was in my Mobile exchanging mail, went casually and opened the door… OUR SURPRISE 2 VAIDHEEGAs (father and son) from CHIDAMBARAM, whom we had last met 4 years back… They did not have our number, but got exactly at our home with the address in a Big City like Bangalore and we live in rural Bangalore… We were so happy, we offered to cook tiffin and they Blessed it and offered them our Blessings. While dining the Younger Vaidheega, said this is the first food in the day and annam.. he asked for rice and we were Blessed to offer full stomach as cooked rice was in plenty with Sambar, curd etc… Then we offered our namaskara, DAKSHINA from the Sambavana received from the University… Believe me the SAMBAVANA amount was exactly if tallied with the Shirt Cost as a Blessings of Him to my Son and offerings made to VAIDHEEGA’s…

    Our life incidents are with only Miracles by PERIYAVA, RAMANA, BALAJI and only with DEIVA SANGALPAM…

    I thought this incident to write to you as soon it had happened, but left it… But this post on VIDWAT SADHAS, made me write how Holy is the act of VEDHA RAKSHANAM and close to MAHA PERIYAVA’s herat… Who knows, VAIDHEEGA’s arrival at my home and SAMBAVANA to them by HIM… We were only postman / courier boys in this incident… Few minutes here there or purchasing correct size etc, the house might have been locked… I am chocked with my eyes recollecting Bagawan RAMANA MAHRSHI’s words “AYUR ENTHA ROBATHLA EPPA VARUVANNO allathu VANTHURUKKANNO THERIYATHU’



  2. Please check the dates 1895 and who established?

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