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  1. Some questions to ponder:
    How many of us have understood Maha-periyava outside his saffron cloth?
    Do we know that he has existences beyond saffron cloth?
    Do we even understand the saffron cloth beyond the rituals that we are interested in?

    Note on Paul Brunton:
    Paul Brunton was not just a Mahaperiyava devotee. He was a scholar of world religions and philosophies.
    Paul Brunton wrote the largest compilation of world philosophies till date..
    The first time I saw his compilation and start reading his works (of-course it might take a year to digest it) during my college days, I was amazed. I only could only taste the tip of an iceberg.
    He has travelled around the globe not to earn money but to compile these works apart his quest for understanding true spirituality.


  2. Mr.Mahesh puts not only Paul Brunton but also 100 years vedic service by Bramashri Parasurama Ganapadigal to Periyava drawing by 8 year old girl Iniya. Apart from his busy schedule he gives us all possible information about MAHAPERIYAVA which gives us inspiration and increases our BHAKTHI. May MAHAPERIYAVA bless MR.Mahesh with more and more informations to share with us which we see or read easily sitting at our home with out taking any effort.

    • Yen kadan pani seidhu kidappathe!!!

      • One. MASTER. Has indicated. That. Foreign authors. Are very sincere. Enough to seek for truth. ,clarifications, as. To events. Happened. Very. Long. Back in. Sincere longing. ( not. Testing. Dutch. Persons. ). & they help. To. Reveal FACTS this can. Be. Felt. If one. Gets. Exposed. To such. BOOks. They are .ther. Akin to Asimov. Of. Spiritual. Books!, why, this. Net a virtual. Book form. Is also a guide/guru. Tomé.! There. Is. A. Saying. ,,people. Of. This. Region. (East). Has. An. Edge. In. This. Matters. (10 percent. Or. More ) finally. All. Commentators. Here. Are. Done. To. Fine. Tune. My. Thinking!,,,,,,kindly. Bear. My. Typing. Thanks. The. Net(. M). Not. M. Of. Bond

  3. Maha Periyava told in front of Princes of Greece that “because of Paul Brinton many people came to know of me”. This conversation happened when Princes told Maha Swami that they came to know many things from him. Paul Brinton no doubt a Blessed person !!!

  4. Periyava once directed a person to go and count how many many statues were there for the Nayanmars in a temple where Periyava had come with his entourage and the devotee came back and said that there were 64 statues. Then Periyava explained that the one extra statue indicated presence of many more Nayanmars not only in India but also in other countries living and also those who had attained siddhi. Paul Brunton was one such enlightened soul. I heard this from Photo Kannan who has now taken up Sanyasa.

  5. Paul Brunton was an amazingly Periyava Devotee.

  6. Me and my wife just entered the Sri Matam on Pudhu Periyva’s Sathabishegam function day and we saw this. The elephant. paying obeisance to Maha Peiyava. What a sight to watch. We felt really very happy on seeing this.

  7. Yes you right

  8. Any body who has the knowledge of Shri Ramana Maharshigal of Thiruvannamalai wii surely know about PaulBruntan. He was searching in India Great Munees and Yogees to understand them and interact with them.He met so many and atlast He reached our MahaPeriyavaal with his request.Swamigal told him I know your irreastable hungry for the great knowledge to understand ” Who am I “,since i am bind with the mutt and its duties,i have no time to spare with you,you may visit Shri Ramana Maharshigal of Thiruvannamalai at his asram,He will clear all your doubts. This painting of Shri Umesh is very real and i humbly Pray our MahaPeriyava to bless him a lot for more and more paintings of Periyava in Various forms.

  9. Periyava. Had. Indicated. On my. Queries toHim thru my friend hosier amani of adambakkam. M.nono.91769 46999 a person connected with matam. Who. Talked with periiyava often for the benefit of others. Like.me. Books are the guru.susequentlly indicated. Summa. Iru. Among the books brunton ‘sprats pratical&wisdomic!! .br unto met periyava in. Person it isfeltthat Iif any one. Reads a search for secret inindia & Egypt by. Him,,arunachala. On ramanan by. A friar. 99percent. Of. that glimpse can. Be fett..known more. Of. It thou. This net which is. Virtual book form, no comment. On. p.b.pl.

  10. O nreshouud read A srarch for secrret in infia, arunschala that covers 99 percrnt of THAT Knowlefge!!!

  11. The painting just brings about a moment where Paul Brunton must be experiencing absolute bliss.

    I want to share something I found on FB. I don’t know what to say. See it to experience it.


    • Thanks for sharing this amazing video link….i am trying to download this video so that we can post it here for non-FB readers too…

      • It is a daily event in Kanchi Sankara matam. It is called “Theevatti Salaam”, normally done in the evening between 6 & 7 pm.
        Elephant saluting and fanning the Saamaram to Chandramouleeswara, Tripurasundari and Adi Sankara. After Mahaswami’s Vidaeha mukthi, it is now being performed in Adhistanam

  12. Dear Mahesh,

    Namaskarams. It is in Indian ‘tradition’ we lap up whenever a foreign name is mentioned. Who is Paul Brunton? Just another devotee much less devoted than a Ramachandran or Venkatraman or Sundararaman or Viswanathan. Let’s get over this white superiority complex. PLEASE…

    Vish Iyer

    • I beg to disagree. Paul Brunton is truly a realized soul. Periyava bakthi is nothing to do with race and this forum does not decorate someone based on the status or skin color…

      • Actually, Paul Brunton was just on his first lap of spiritual journey, been shown the way by Mahaperiyava. To state that he was a ‘truly’ realized soul is carrying it bit too far. Most Indians seem to arrive at this conclusion simply after first reading of his book. How easily Indians are impressed by white man’s trials than non-white’s trial. But, neither you nor I are realized enough to know whether someone is/was truly realized or not; but a white man on his journey does seem to bring about quicker admiration and applause from Indians. Maybe, we need to stop this hero worship. To Mahaperiyaval, Paul Brunton was just someone on a spiritual journey – thus, Brunton was no more special to him than any of his other devotees. So lets stop with the trifle silly adulation.

      • No – Paul Brunton was not just someone. Periyava identified people with real passion for atma gnana / vichara….He guided those people, Paul Brunton, a French guy to whom Periyava gave a portion of His vasthram as rakshai etc. This is not limited to foreigners alone – for lots of us too. To me, Periyava guiding Paul and also coming in jyothi swaroopam on a night to give an advice is not something – it is something really great. Only highly highly blessed souls will have that fortune.

      • I thought that it is appropriate that I give a reply in addition to you Mahesh, for the query/statement of Mr Vish. Dear Vish to come to a conclusion on the special status given to Shri Paul Brunton, please refer to two works – “A Search in Secret India” by Shri Brunton himself and to the magnum opus of Shri Sivan Sir (the poorvasrama brother of Mahaperiyavaa) “Ennipadigalil Manthargal”.
        Yes we do suffer from a fixation of the need for sanction from white skin but this is special and is not in the same category…

        N Subramanian

    • Dear Vish V Iyer M D – Before you make a statement like this, I beg you to do some research about Paul Brunton and his devotion to Maha Swami and also his association with Ramana Maharishi as guided by Maha Swami.

      In Maha Swami’s sannithanam, there is no caste, colour, creed or rich status. He blesses and showers his blessings on any soul who just thinks about him.

      Kindly do not make statements like this without any research.

      With best wishes.

      • Namaskarams,

        My intention was certainly not to offend anyone’s feelings, let alone diminish noble souls’ evolutionary status. I am certainly not anywhere near these great Athmans. And I agree what I know about Paul Brunton is only through websites and books. A Pollachi Jayam patti or someone of that stature evokes great respect from this perspective. My point was to state the fact that one with a white skin got/gets preferential treatment in India. My aim was certainly not to displease or hurt any devotee. I am sorry if I have inadvertently done so.

        Maha Periyava Thiruvadigal Saranam

        Vish Iyer

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