2014 Upakarma Details


Happy Aavani Avittam to all of you……

Here are the material needed for this weekend. Thanks to Hari for sending me these details….

Hari had sent me all the great links to Gayathri Japa Mahimai as said by Periyava and veda…

Let us all take a resolution on Monday that we will do sahasra gayathri without fail/break (as much as possible) on every Sundays.

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  1. It should not be a one day affair. I believe this website with it’s user base has an amazing opportunity to inspire people to do regular Sandhyavandhanam.

    On Janmashtami, let’s remember the famous verses spelled by Jagadguru Krishna

    Name Parthasthi karthavyam trishu lokeshu kimchan,
    Nanavapthamavapthavyam vartha eva cha karmani ||

    Perhaps it may be a good idea to do a quick poll on how many visitors today do Sandhyavandanam regularly? And – you might try to supply relevant documents and videos including views of mahaperiyava on Sandhyavandanam to readers to inspire them to re-start. If this blog makes at least one person Sandhyavandanam regularly, mahaperiyava would acknowledge that as the real impact.

  2. Superb article by Major H.Subramanian on the significance of Upakarma. His other works, if uploaded will be useful to Devotees. Thanks to Sri. Hari and Sri. Mahesh for these efforts and great links. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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