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  1. hariyum sivanum onnu. ariyathavar vaiyil mannu a-lay mans old struthi. but the learned modern scholors creates difference. rashikkanum deivame.

  2. Mahaperiya came into my life through a photo requested by my mother in law. There had been many confusions in my life which got cleared one by one. When ever I stand in front of his photo and have darshan and speak to him (manaseegama) I get my answers. Mahaperiyava I have only one son and I feel he is lonely without a sibling. I do not know what Mahaperiya has in his mind but I want your blessings for another child for the only reason that my son has a brother or sister. I am already 42 year old periya please bless us have another child , peace and good health.

    • Mahaperiyava has always been my strength now. My eyes are filled with tears whenever I meditate on him. Mahaperiyava please be with my parents. You know their personal problems. Please remove their karmic effect and bless them with their ancestral land. Mahaperiyava you are everything for us.

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