Hidden Treasures – Great songs by Dr Sirkazhi on Periyava

Thanks to Bharathi for sharing this with me….



Absolutely great lyrics and sung by our beloved singer – beautiful four songs…..I liked Kalavaiyil oru Naal and Bharatham Muzhuvathum the most – the rest the audio seems little hard to follow the lines…..


Kamakshi Thai Madiyil

Kalavayil Oru Naal

Mei Gnana Guru Devan

Bharatham Muzhuvathum



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  1. All songs on Mahaa Periyavaa are wonderful and they give solace to mind and body. Pranaams

  2. All songs are excellent
    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara kanchi Sankara kamakoti Sankara Kamakshi Sankara ohm Shri chandra sekaraya Namaha.

  3. Anybody heard,”Parrthukitte Irukkathonuthu”, “Kanchi Managar Pokavenum” by T.M.S.,? I heard it in Snakara TV some years back…and I am still searching for it….

  4. Superb songs on Periyava.

  5. These songs have got a memorable record by periava.it will be given in future.

  6. Great collections .. Grateful to the person uploaded these

  7. God bless you for these renderings by Dr.Sirkazhi

  8. Excellent songs on periyava. I too liked the same line like everyone.
    Kanneer perugum pechedharkku
    avarai paniyadhavarkku moochedharkku
    Only if you melt for periyava such words can come.

  9. all the four songs, short and excellent lyrics, great voice of Sri Govindarajan, it is very divine to hear songs about Sri Periyava. Thanks for posting

    Sri Periyava Saranam

  10. “Avarai thuthikkamal iruppavarkku,moochetharkku?”..Purest form of Bakthi!

  11. What words – excellent rendition and meaning!!!

    “Kanneer peruhum, pachetharku. avaraip paniyaamal moochetharku”.

    Tears will flow, why need to talk? If you do not offer obeisance to Him, why need to breathe?

  12. wonderful songs. thanks a lot.

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