Kumbabishegam of Agasteeswarar Temple in Orikkai Completed

It is a great pleasure for me to reproduce the email I got from Prabhu Mahalingam regarding the completion of the temple kumbabishekam.

I can only appreciate Prabhu’s patience, determination and strong faith in Periyava and Parameswaran (they aren’t different!) in successfully completing this project…

I have enclosed the old photo of how this temple looked and the new photos as well – how beautifully it looks now! It would give a great sense of satisfaction to all who involved to see the end result. Great job Prabhu & team!

May Lord Agatheeswarar bless all who were involved in this great project with health, wealth and all the prosperity.

I thank all readers who contributed to this effort and part of this great shiva kainkaryam.

All who are visiting Kanchi Matham and Orikkai should visit this temple to get the blessings of Lord Agateeswarar.

Om Nama Shivaya!


Hi Mahesh,

By god’s grace the Agasteeswaraar Temple Kumbabishekam is completed. Around Rs 9.5 lakhs was spent on temple construction. This includes Main Temple, Artha Mandapam, Chelli Amman Temple, Sastha Temple, Mahamandapam etc.

Nearly 50% of the funds came from the readers of Sage of Kanchi.

 A committee of villages people have been formed to look after the temple. This committee is taking up construction of Compound wall, saraswathi temple (Idol found during construction).  A prominent institution near by is  taking care of the Nitya Pooja in the temple. Mandala Pooja is happening and there is good participation from villagers and outsiders.
This mail is to share this good news with this great Blog readers.
As we all know thro this web site lots of good deeds are happening. It should continue with the blessing of MAHA PERIYAVA.
It’s a true collective acheivment by one and all of us. 
This mail is to appreciate the good thoughts and deeds of all the people who have made this temple a reality.
With Regards,
Prabhu Mahalingam
P1010347 P1010384 Temple Kumbabishekam1

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  1. Nice to see the active participation of many bhakthas in this Kumbhabhishekam.Let me know the location as I had not seen it when I recently visited Orikkai Mahaperiyava temple recently in Kanchipuram.

  2. Hi Mahesh

    I sent you an email on july 13th about Kanakadhara Lakshminarayanan mama who merged with Periyava early hours of July 13th IST. Kindly see your gmail and also pass on this info to all the devotees.


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