Hats off to you!!

It is absolutely amazing to share that one of our readers’ experience – here are her exact wordings – I don’t have write any intro here!

Thank you very much for bringing these articles of the rare book to us. I have been a Mahaperiyava devotee for a while now and am even an avid reader of Deivathin Kural. However, I had always been in a ‘cat on the wall’ situation with respect to giving up the “salwar kameez”. In the past 2 years, I had felt the urge to give it up and completely convert to sari several times but kept postponing it for “later” as Periyava has pointed out, for the sake of convenience. This sunday, I woke up and read this article first thing in the morning and was shocked to know this is how Periyava felt about the so-called ‘cover-all’ salwar kameez. It gave me the push to make the switch immediately. Donning the ever graceful sari for the past 3 days now and pray for Mahaperiyava’s blessings to continue forever!

Thanks again for the eye-opener. I really had no idea until I read this. (If it matters to anyone reading this, I’m 29. Happily married and mother of 2 kids)

Hats off to you Smt Umadevishankar for what you have done!! It is hard to be a true Periyava devotee – seriously!! This is not an easy change – particularly for women.You took a brave decision – quite laudable.

I am sure Periyava will be with you to guide you.


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  1. Mahaperiyava’s advice-Not to use Silk-Silk is obtained by killing the worms-so ,this goes against the principle of ahimsa.Not wearing salwar kameez is not related to any principle-and is a matter of opinion.In matters of principle ,stand firm with the principle;in matters of opinion,flow with the current.Whether we are devotees of Mahaperiyava or Bhagavan Sri Ramana or Sri Ramakrishna -It will be useful and Practical to see whether it involves a principle or opinion.The Great ones differ in their opinion but all of them are unanimous when it comes to a principle.We need to be devotees of principle and not ‘persons’ .Guru is also the Principle or Tatva,and not the person.

  2. “Thank you very much for bringing these articles of the rare book to us.” This is the opening sentence in this post. Can anybody please indicate in what post of SoK the ‘articles of the rare book’ were published? Thanks.

  3. traditions and sanskars are must

  4. Mahesh,

    I do have a sensitive and controversial topic related question ? . I read in a Dharma Shastra related magazine (based out of Chennai) that even doing “Kshetradanam” (visiting temples / piligrimage places) by means of Motor / Bullockcart transport is against the dictum of “Dharma Shastra”. I’m 10000 % sure that even the author of this article would be either travelling by motor / railway / air transport for his kshetradanam. Now is it not sounding “Hypocratic” (Preaching all, self-practice none), and in this days of “Kali”. Is is better to do “Kshetradanam” whatsoever mean / way / conduit is available / “Is it better not to do Kshetradanam at all given the dictum of Dharma Shastras and do atma dhyanam of any deity from our heart from the place we live ? “

  5. Hats off to you Umadevi.. I have been struggling with this for quiet sometime.. Every year when summer happens (i live in delhi) my determination falters and I end up wearing salwar kameez.. I think ummachi thatha is giving me a clear direction.. let me take inspiration from you and try this..

    and Mr. Mahesh… let me take this opportunity to thank you for your great service..i watch various interviews repeatedly.. that is my satcharitra parayanam.. You have given my family a wonderful opportunity to be a Mahaperiyava’s follower..

  6. He also asked every Brahmin man to sport a TUFT (Kudumi) positively and woman to have ‘Pinnal’ with a ribbon tied at the end as loose hair will attract negative forces. Are we following this? By right we have to follow stictly all His teachings. It will be right to say that I am His follower and take only whatever suits me. Will it be practical now to go to office with a kudumi? This is Kali. He never relaxed the rules at all. He said that only then we may not go to the extreme and will have some restraint. Except very few no one is leading a life as per His wish. With a heavy heart I am not following His order in its entirety. I am left with no option but to pray for His forgiveness for not following His order meticulously and I am hopeful that the Loga Mata will forgive this child.

  7. I am remembering interview of Ghatam vidhwan Vikku vinayakaram mama recalls his experiences with Mahaperiyava and Pradosham mama and advising to wear and Respect for Pancha kacham and hindu tradition in Grammy award function. Let all men flocks also try to follow at least at Home and social gathering.

  8. wonderful.

  9. நிறைய பேர் உங்களை பின்பற்றுவர்கள் என நீனைகிறேன், ஹர ஹர சங்கர..

  10. very v ery appreciable. TTough decision but well taken by the young devotee.

  11. wonderful. may she live happily for ever and blessings from an octogenarian

  12. Thanks Shri. Mahesh for the nice gesture and your words of encouragement. I still have a long way to go in following several other teachings of His.

  13. MahaPeriyava padma Padham Charanam Saranam

    As long wearing salwar with dupada and with observing MahaPeriyava’s graace would not be a problem. These days we have hectic life, we have take our wife in two wheelers etc. would be good to wear Salwar and very safe as well. I am man, I struggle when women wear saree short short sleeve jackets (bit troubling man) –Please excuse me for saying this — My apologies if anyone gets offened by it. I am saying honest opinion — Even though it is Afghani dress — Accordance to me everyone is Hindu. You have to consider at what time Periyava told as well. But I sincerely appreciate Smt.Uma madam’s Bakthi to Periyava in such a age.

    • ethiswaran,

      Salwar Kameez is a muslim dress – period. I am a Hindu at heart etc are all statements we can say to ourselves to convince. I am not arguing about the convenience of it. Wearing a shorts and tank-top is going to be even more convenient. Periyava’s concern here is where are we going to draw the line? That is the essence of this article….Unlike all of us, He sees 100 years in the future on various things before He says something. As He predicted, we have lost all dress culture. Even paatis wear salwars, even elderly people do not know to wear pancha kachcham 🙂

      What we need to do is two things (1) make changes as other devotee did (2) continue to do whatever we are doing AFTER realizing that we are violating what Periyava said.

      The only thing we should not do is “What Periyava said is not practical – He said this in 50s/60s”.

      My 2 cents….

      • I ahve already commented on the appreciable act of the young devotee. This raises another question, this time with respect to men.What about dhothi- forget panchakaccham. What we see, even the elders, is shorts. Dhothi is another dress that is vanishing.

      • very true…

      • In my opinion, dress code is applicable to both genders.
        Mahaswami never approved men wearing a trouser and shirt. People conveniently forget this.
        Also for married women, he meant 9 yard saree (Madisaar kattu), not the convenient 6 yard (Aaru gajam).
        Sarvagna Mahaswami words must be followed in true spirit. All of us are sorry, for not following his words, due to present day life demands or not having the right mind set to change.

        Also Mahaswami was against Silk Saree, Coffee and Dowry in marriages.

      • Do you wear shorts,jeans and pant-shirt? Is that a Hindu dress? I see lot of men replying to this thread with hardly few ladies coming out and sharing thier views on this.

      • Yes, change should happen to men also – we should start wearing veshti at home – stop wearing shorts – except when we play games/sports etc.

      • Dear Mahesh I 100% accept with Mahaperiyava’s views (He is a thri-kaala-gnani) .. Periyava spoke in detail and shared his anguish .. We all must respect his views on dress code and must must follow atleast after retirement .. The first thing I did is to forward this e.mail to my young daughter who does not drink coffee and dead against dowry system .. First the change should start from me, my wife and then my daughter will also change her mind in due course .. It is really a shame that our brahmin ladies speak so eloquently about Jagadguru and but when it comes to pattu pudavai they lose their self-control. It’s a pity. I take a vow that atleast from now onwards I shall never buy pattu in our family .. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

      • Mahesh, the follwing point is purely controversial, but my intent is to expose the ground reality, and not hurt the sentiments of genuine followers of your blog. If you find it sensitive, request you to modify & publish it as per the changes you feel it deems to fit.

        Mahaperiyavaa not only spoke on dress & behavior culture, but also paradesa pravesam (visiting foreign countries) as he did not approve “Crossing the seas” and spoke highly on conducting karmas @Bharata Kandam as it is not only “Gnana Bhoomi”, but also “Karma Bhoomi”. The Moot point is should we all be debating on this ? (Why should we be debating on this when we are not following 100 % ? ) What authority do we have / earned to advise others on this ? (When we do not follow it 100 %) ? Who should be certifying / awarding / rewarding us as so-called Qualified / Certified “Followers” so that we can preach others ? Primaface why should we even preach others on this ? My simple point is that “We should be true to our conscience”. If we are unable to practice whatever is ordained for us by Periyavaa, we’ve no morality / right to criticize / condemn it. The Kali Yuga Karma will handle the cases of so-called monks / deformed reformists / preaching “Something” and practicing “Otherthings”.

        When we can afford to have the so-called present “Sastrigals” / Veda Pundits chewing “Tobacco” / “Smoking” / “Drinking” and indulging in other heinous sins and yet continue to perform Vaidheeha / Apara karmas, When we have few upanyasakas who render beautiful renditions of mahakaavyas and practice the contrary to what they render (treating the upanyasam as their part-time hobby / business) what’s the big deal if a house hold lady wearing a chudidhar reciting “Vishnu Sahasranamam” whether it is from Saidapet / Seattle as long as her intent & conscience is right and clear ! ! !

        My 2 cents to expose our own Hypocrisy (I’m not sparing myself) ! ! !

      • Not sure what makes you think that someone else is preaching. This article is Periyava’s preachings. He is not a hypocrite. Just by me posting this article here, it doesnt equate to Mahesh preaching. At the same time, you/me/anyone don’t have any authority to say that Periyava is wrong – wearing chudidhar and chanting vishnu sahasranamam is ok by quoting other things you mentioned. Like I said in the past, we can do whatever WHILE realizing that we are either following/not following periyava’s advices.

      • “Periyava’s concern here is where are we going to draw the line? That is the essence of this article…. ”

        How True ? ? ? and similarly How selective are we going to incline further ?

        When it comes to conduct of present day so-called “Monks” / Pontiffs / Spiritual Gurus Where did we draw the line ?

        When it comes to people who are supposed to follow Sanatana Dharma, crossing seas for their personal career & family & materialistic development, where did we draw the line ?

        When it comes to the personal probity, integrity of present New Age spiritual discourse renderers / Preachers (in their preaching & personal conduct), where did we draw the line ?

        When it comes to the sheer commercialization of vedas / spirituality / vaidheeha / apara karma services by the so-called veda pundits / shastrigals where did we draw the line ?

        When it comes to the personal character of the so-called veda pundits / shastrigals (indulging in unethical habits & principles), where did we draw the line ?

        When it comes to Commercialization of Bhakthi & commoditization of God in Temples & Pilgrimage places, where did we draw the line ?

        When it comes to Slaughter of Cows (even supported & encouraged by Hindus & Priests from few temples), where did we draw the line ?

        The Moot point is why is there such a specific selective & targeted hue cry only for this dress culture having left all the other ones where prioritized due importance should be given for “Drawing the Line” ? ? ?

        My simple submission is “TO ASK OURSELVES / OUR CONSCIENCE” on our credibility, integrity, eligibility before preaching Periyavaa’s teachings to Rest of World.

      • Message from Periyava is “start making changes” instead of waiting for something else to happen. This applies to all – vaidheekas, women, men, loukeekas etc…

      • I stand for all that I said except deeming that “You Preached”. With due respect to you, your intent, I never interpreted your postings as your preachings and will never never ever do so ! ! ! Also, with due pranams to Periyavaa I’m no one to comment bad on his preachings. I only meant that We only talk about “Dress culture” forgetting the “BIG PICTURE”. Due importance has to be given to all others, and “Dress Culture is just a small proportion in the “Big Picture”. We are giving undue importance only to “Dress Culture” forgetting the “Big Picture”. This “Dress Culture” is just a tip of Iceberg, and we are being illusioned by the “TIP” forgetting the magnitude of the concealed “ICEBERG” which unfortunately is a magnanimous “BLIND SPOT”.

      • Changes should start from within/individuals. You are trying to change the world – you can’t – you will fail. Instead if each one of us changes and follows each one of what Periyava preaches, we will learn from each other, appreciate others for doing things like that and that becomes a massive transformation. It is always bottoms-up – not top-down.

      • Thanks for accommodating my views although it is sensitive. To your recent response to my comment. It is never my intent to change the world, nor there is any impending duty / obligation on me to do it whatsoever it may deem to qualify. I’m just an ordinary CM (Common Man) constantly involved in an internal fight (with regard to the external events / happenings / experiences) to figure out the mystery behind this complicated puzzle & balance the proposition & mix of legally ethical & ethically legal dilemma involving spiritualistic materialism & materialistic spiritualism in different facets of our life.

    • I really cannot understand how we can muster the courage to counter Periyava’s instructions, by saying He said it for a different time. What makes us to adore Him, and yet speak contradictorily in the same breath?

      • Even Periyavas Instructions were countered by people who lived during his generation, and it was Mahaperiyavaas magnanimous quality that he took everyone along without hurting anyone during that time. If we look at the present, we continuously remain in denial at either sides. This is Kali Yuga, and more the familiarity, more the contempt breeds ! ! !

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