6th Hindu Spiritual Foundation Service Fair, Thiruvanmiyur

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All are welcomed to attend the 6th Hindu Spiritual Service Foundation Service Fair – 2014. Pujya Shri Sankaracharya Swamiji Sri Jayandra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti peetam will be inaugurating this event.

Date: July 08th to 14th
Timing: Daily – 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Venue: Sri Ramachandra Grounds, Vasudevan Nagar,
Thiruvanmiyur – 600041
( Behind Thiruvanmiyur Bus Depot )
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  1. Dear Maheshji,

    It was Sri Mahaperiyavaa’s krupai that I was fortunate enough to be at the event on all days except on Friday and Monday ( the last day of event).

    It was like the Kumbhamela of South India.

    All the branches of Hinduism were represented.

    Sri Nadu periyavaa gave the anugraha bhashanam and declared the fair open. The opening ceremony also had the presence of other sampradayas like Sri Ramanuja sampradaya represented by Sri Yathiraja Mutt Jeer from Sriperumbudur, Dalai Lama’s English translator and secretary representing Buddhism, two ascetics from Jainism and the head of Pingalwara trust representing Sikhism.

    Shri Gurumoorthy ji and Shri Padmasubhramanyam were also present and they were the guiding force of the event.

    Almost all the sections from the Hindu organizations were there, some which I could recollect are given below:

    1) Sri Kanchi Kamakoti peetam trust

    2) Sri Sivacharya trust

    3) Sringeri Sri Sarada Peetam trust

    4) Sri Sarada Devi trust ( affiliated to Sri Ramakrishna mutt )

    5) Udumalai pettai Sarada Devi trust – their display of morality for girls & woman in Indian society by dolls display was good.

    6) Sri Melmaruavttur Sri Adi Parasakhti charitable trust

    7) Anatha Pretha Samskara Trust (APST) – by Sri Sreedhar sir – who was interviewed in our site for inspiration from ‘Deivathin Kural’.

    8) Sri Gayatri Trust for Anatha Pretha Samskaras

    9) ISKCON trust

    10) Sri Ramanuja Mission

    11) Sri Tridandi Ramanuja Jeer trust

    12) Sri Rama Krishna mutt trust

    13) Sri Vivekananda Kendra

    14) Youth for Dharma

    15) Vanavasi kalyan trust

    16) RSS

    17) Sri Jayendra Saraswathi swamigal Ayurvedic college

    18) Vedha Bharati

    19) Samskrutha Bharati

    20) Saiva Siddhantha trust

    21) Sri Mahaveer trust

    22) Sri Ahobilamutt trust

    23) Sri Arobindo ashram

    24) The Divine Life Society of Sri Sivananda swamy

    25) Sri Sri Ravishankar ji’s art of living group

    26) Sri Satya Sai seva samithi

    27) TTD Devasthanam

    28) Dwaraka Thirumala Devasthanam

    29) Kerala Devaswam board

    30) Tamilnadu HRNC board

    31) Karnataka board

    32) Udipi Sri Krishna mutt trust

    33) Gayatri Parivaar group

    34) Isha Yoga group

    35) Sri Vallalar Group

    36) Sri Govindan Goshala ( http://www.goseva.net)

    37) Kamadugha goshala

    38) Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Yog Peet Trust

    39) Sri Siva Mooligai Trust ( Inspired by Sri Sivan Sir and run by its devotees ).

    40) Goraksha Dal

    41) Alanganallur Jallikkattu games trust – this group was giving information on how they are trying to protect bulls in pulikulam area and how they are trying to save the traditional art of jallikkattu.

    42) Silambalaya – Silambattam – Tamil Martial arts trust. – This group was giving information on how Silambam, which was discovered by Aghastya muni stood against British domination and how they have protected it in temple games in tamilnadu and how they are trying to spread its presence and awareness in modern time.

    43) Sri Vivekananda traditional games trust – this group was giving information on traditional games, how they increase the brain power – they showcased ‘aadu puli – tiger and goats’ board games, pallan kuzhi, paramapadam, etc.,

    44) sri OM foundation headed by bramhasri krishnamurthy sastrigal.

    45) uzhavaarappani groups

    46) REACH fundation.

    45) babasaheb Ambedkar Bodisatva trust

    And close to 250+ institutions featured their stalls.

    The pracharaka vehicles of many temples had come and the deities were there. There was kalyana utsavam of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha swamy and Sri Venkateshwara swamy that I was able to see for some time. On the day of kalyana utsavam of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha swamy, right after the marriage of the divine deities took place, there was a heavy downpour.

    The event inspiration was from two forces – one our dear Sri Maha Periyavaa and the other was Sri Vivekananda.

    There was a big – ‘Viveka Veera Lingam’ – a huge lingam with Sri Vivekananda image embedded inside.

    There was the saiva thirumuraigal ratham next to it – to which haarthi was performed regularly.

    The event attraction was the talking banyan tree – this was the huge banyan tree that was artificially set up to represent all the 4 vedas, the vedangas including the Dhanur veda, ayurveda, etc.,, the sampradayas and seva trusts which contribute to keep this evergreen tree of Dharma in our bharata varsha.

    There were many important people like devotees of Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt,

    Sri S.Gurumurthy sir, Sri Ila Ganesan, Sri Raghavan (BJP Spokesperson), Sri Kumari Ananthan and many other swamijis visited the fair and gave moral support to the volunteers.

  2. Did not know about this going on..
    Missed it as I see only Facebook, n check my emails on yahoo
    given up seeing TV, CINEMA, Papers, long ago as it is not worth paying for unworthy paid news

  3. I am unable to share this in Facebook

    • sometimes it happens to me too – don’t know why!

      • Dear sir, your blog articles are very useful to me as a Mahaperiyava devotee. I share some of them in my face book page too by just mentioning your blog name. Is their any way to mention your name straight in the facebook , viz are you a member there. Regards. V.Chandrasekaran, Manager, Indian Bank, New Thippasandra Branch, Bangalore 560008. +91 7204851344

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