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Back in 1960s itself Periyava talked about the fading agraharams due to the fact that brahmins’ migration to cities. Today, agraharams are mostly gone. When we any nostalgic photos (like the one above – Palaghad Agraharam), we want to go back to those days and live that life….That is all we can do today. Rarely there are one or two places where these agraharams are not fully gone. Sirugumani village is one place i know which is still in-tact to some degree. The one major reason why agraharams disappeared is  primarily due to the fact that the houses were not sold to brahmin buyers when the owners sell in rush. The moment it goes to other communities, then the whole setup breaks away easily.

Recently, I am given to understand that there are two houses in agraharams need some attention from brahmin investors for purchase.

1: Village name : Manathattai, 1 km from kulithalai on the banks of  Akanda    Cauvery.
Approx cost : 20 laks
Area            : around 6000 sq ft
Condition    : can start using after an initial repairs.

2: Village name : Thimmachipuram, 4 kms from kulithalai on the banks  of Akanda Cauvery.
Approx cost : 22 laks
Area            : 3200 sq ft.
condition     : good

These may not be a prime property where it appreciates rapidly like it happens in the city. We need investors who do this for the Hindu/Brahmin community.

If you are interested in pursuing, please contact Professor N Ramasubramanian at +91 94 89 551449.


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  1. we are looking to take up a house on nominal rent for a year in manathattai or in nearby agraharams.those who know of houses available for rent, please contact us. thanks shankar

  2. Manathattai is my native place. We have our ancestors house which will run for 400 mtrs from front to backyard.

  3. Dear Mr. Mahesh

    Is Manathattai,house area 600sqft or more? seems to be typing mistake

  4. sir
    Can i get some pictures of the thhimmachipuram agraharam and the house?

  5. With proud let me write that I hail from Kallidai kurichi, Tirunelveli Dist. where 18 agraharams (18 streets) are there . Recently Mahakumbhabhishekam was performed in the Ekambarapuram Street to three temples in the street, Shri Chakra Vinayakar, Shri Kashi Viswanathar & Visalakshi Temple and Shri Lakshmi Narayanar temple, located in the eastern corner of the Agraharam. Today is the Mahakumbhabhishekam of another famous temple Shri Adi-varahaswamy Temple located in the Western part of this Village near Sannidhi Street. My sister & brother-in-law who spent most of their time in Kolkata are settled down in this village , after their retirement.

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