Organic Farming – Some Useful Links

One exhaustive post on lots of details on organic farming, go rakshana etc. Thanks to Shivaraman for this link…


Lectures by  Nammalwar

Root causes of crisis in indian agriculture IN ENGLISH

In English One man one cow and one planet Biodynamics by Austrain Rudolf Steiner – Very Interesting 

Pathmeda Goshalas 

Largest goshal in pathmeda near mount abu around 1,20,000 indian cows are maintained

Ramchandrapura Mutt in Shimoga where all indian breed are cows are maintained. Swamiji is vey much involved in cow protection

Link to organisation doing organic agriculture  Organic_Farming1preferably state wise , so that people in those states can visit  those places and see for themselves the benefits.
Narayan reddy in English

Success story in Tamil nadu
5 Link( Videos)  of  slaughter houses Viz Al kabeer etc so that people become aware how inhumanly the animals are treated .
MUSLIMS IN COW PROTECTION Satyameva jayate five  episodes on toxic food by amir khan
Pest control without pesticide

Organic benefits
Toxic Sikkim solution
Salman khan’s  father Salim on cows milk seller were treated in Hindi 

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  1. Some more sources are as follows:
    1. Dr.Vandana Shiva and her Navdanya organization.They are doing excellent work in preserving the native seeds and varieties of crops in the Up Himalayan villages. They have a number of excellent publications with international references.. They are struggling against the domination of foreign companies like Monsanto and GM varieties of crops.
    2.The Other India Book Store, Mapusa, Goa. They have a large size, encyclopedic book on organic farming, with lots of drawings. They have also another book called ‘Seed Keepers’ which focus on people who are actually struggling to preserve the indigenous varieties of seeds and actually planting them. This covers people actively involved in this struggle in all the states.
    3. One Straw Revolution- a remarkable book by Masanobu Fukuoka. he was a chemist and left conventional farming on discovering its health and other risks. His experiments and recommendations form an independent and invaluable validation of others’ efforts.His other book ‘The Road Back to Nature ‘is also important.
    4 An Agricultural Testament- a book by Sir Albert Howard. Though an Englishman in pre-Independent India, he did yeoman service for our agriculture, like Sir Arthur Cotton had done for the old Madras Presidency. He discovered its hidden strengths and secrets, the reasons behind thousands of rice varieties found in India, methods of making natural compost etc. On return to England, he recommended these to Englishmen. Commercial, Chemical, corporate agriculture has obscured him.
    5. Wendell Berry – an American authority on non-commercial agriculture. His books provide great insights into all aspects of agriculture- as related to small, cultured communities. He shows that only small farms will preserve and protect families and communities.His books are excellent source of natural and economic wisdom relating to agriculture. eg. The Art of the Commonplace,. Bringing It To The Table )

    One theme which both Fukuoka and Berry stress is the lost art of native cooking and how it is related to organic farming.

    6. “Annam Bahu Kurvita’ is an excellent book , stressing the philosophical aspects of growing and sharing more food, drawing on insights from the Veda. It contains the relevant passages from the Veda..

  2. Lot of thanks for this useful list.

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