Experience of Cine Actor Vinu Chakravarthi

Must-listen interview….Although we have read the story that he grabbed Periyava’s feet, hearing it from him directly with all the emotions and other details in that incident is just great. Surely, he is a blessed soul.

What a mahan’s sparsham can do to us? He explains in this interview on how he was pushed into a meditative state for hours!

As Tiruvalluvar said,

பற்றுக பற்றற்றான் பற்றினை அப்பற்றைப்

பற்றுக பற்று விடற்கு.

We attach ourselves to Him who has no attachments to rid ourselves of our attachments.


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  1. Thank you sir for posting this video and honouring my website. Do keep up your good work. Maha Periyava’s blessings will be always there for your and your readers.

  2. Lucky man

  3. He is simply a great devotee of SRI SRI SRI SRI MAHA PERIYAVAL
    Thanks for posting.

  4. What a touching talk. Great insight from a knowledge-able person. I recall having heard a short intro about him during the release of Periyava Kural, but did not know he is such a devoted person.


  1. Actor Vinu Chakravarthi passed away – Sage of Kanchi

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